Morning Routine Steps | 10 Morning Routine Habits of Successful People

Morning Routine Steps | 10 Morning Routine Habits of Successful People
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    hi guys welcome to becoming a better you by skeed today in today's video we are
    going to be seen the 10 do's and don'ts of your morning the morning before you
    leave your health before you start work before you take the kids off to school
    whatever it is you do 10 do's and don'ts very very important if you're interested
    in them keep watch
    okay guys the 10 do's and don'ts number one if you don't have a
    meditation practice start setting your alarm to wake up 10 minutes earlier then
    don't get out of bed you know the lie down if you aren't
    gonna fall back to sleep if you think you're gonna fall to sleep back to sleep
    then just sit up in your bed nice and snug with a duvet of it's cold whatever
    or put on a dressing-gown sit on your bed for ten minutes don't think about
    the day don't think about anything hopefully you have before you move
    you've done a little bit of dream recall if you had any dreams at any takes 30
    second and then just sit on the bed or lie on the bed maybe face up mind empty
    breathing in the pram sound breathing breathing in here mind clear nervous
    terms for ten minutes just this one thing aloe is amazing but let's go on to
    number two stretching now I'm not talking about necessarily
    doing a yoga practice or doing some you know mobile mobility exercises I'm
    literally talking about stretching so again this doesn't have to be
    immediately after you stand up after your ten minutes of a meditation bit but
    it can be whilst you're cleaning your teeth it can be whilst you're in the
    kitchen waiting for the coffee or coffee to warm up or the tea the water to boil
    or whatever it is you know there instead of staring at the microwave if you use a
    microwave as me I don't have one but you know just 30 seconds stretching your
    back stretching your chair stretching your arms stretching your legs
    it's amazing stretching out your neck especially it's amazing just doing that
    every morning for five ten seconds your body especially in the morning when your
    bodies are okay where'd you want me to go the parasympathetic nervous system or
    the sympathetic nervous system do you want me to relax today is it a
    relaxation day or is it stress stress stress stress stress no stress and just
    that stretch is saying to your body let's go parasympathetic let's go
    relaxation let's go healing and especially when
    that's built on top of ten minutes of meditation in bed before you run up wow
    it's huge yeah as number two let's go on to number
    three no buts
    what I mean nobody know but I said ten minutes of meditation oh but no no but
    stretching oh but no did you clean your teeth in the morning right so as you're
    cleaning your teeth stretch okay you might have to salt pans for a second
    but I can't clean my teeth with my other hand no but learn it's a great skill to
    learn to do both sides you should learn to do everything with both hands but it
    was cleaning your teeth with it was writing whether it's playing tennis
    learn to do things with both hands when you equalize the coordination of both
    hands you equalizing those brain hemispheres you are increasing the power
    of your memory you are addicted no bats no no no buts
    do it yeah but is a limiting belief it's actually a negative belief because as
    soon as you say but to someone or to yourself you're negating you're throwing
    away everything previously said for me it's actually one of the rudest words in
    the English language so all the swear words it's I say
    something but because you just basically said let I'm not listening to you yeah
    no buts okay let's move on to the next one okay number four in the morning no
    medium this might be a very obvious one but it is very important because as soon
    as you click into medium and I don't care whether that's checking your
    Facebook status watching the news reading a newspaper it doesn't matter
    what it is as soon as you get that what society's
    program to do is to get you into that stress State
    and by picking up your phone by picking up your tablet by turning on your
    computer by turning on your TV by turning on the radio whatever it is
    you're immediately jumping into that sympathetic nervous system state yeah
    you want the parasympathetic no media daddy that's it
    just get up calm excetera simple one yeah next one number five no
    conversations all let's say be as quiet as you possibly can use the time
    barstool having your early morning cup of coffee your early morning cup of tea
    if you take the dogs out for the walk in the morning or whatever having breakfast
    you might be sitting there with the entire family but just sit down and we
    okay you can have one liners but it's sitting down contemplating keeping him
    cut mind calm not thinking about social media not thinking about ration staying
    calm contemplating perhaps summarizing very quickly the positive aspects of how
    you're going to go about your day not what you have to do not the restrictions
    on you not the stress creating just how you're going to solve things how the day
    is gonna be how nice it's gonna be how easy it's gonna be now you might think
    yeah but it's not going to be yeah but we said no buts right
    practice practice practice if a thought comes into your head and it's should
    must could maybe might any of those no not Wow get rid of them it's nothing at
    all or it's positive contemplation and know
    as I said conversation let's move on to the next one no arguments well of course
    we've just said no conversations so if it's no conversations if Pat also means
    no argument now you might have by tonight you might have teen kids you
    might have a stress husband or wife or partner
    no argument if it's oh but again no no buts remember rule before you have to
    get your kids to school your kids are slow their kids are okay so you talk
    through the night before the routine in the morning if your kids aren't doing
    what they need to do in the time they need to do it set them alarms say you
    know this is your wake-up time okay you take ten minutes to get up in the
    morning you take 20 minutes take up in the morning or set the alarm 20 minutes
    before then the next alarm is they get up a lot
    the next alarm is you need to be dressed by this time the next alarm is you need
    to have cleaned your teeth by this time the next is you need to have eaten your
    breakfast whichever whichever all you do obviously cleaning the teeth should be
    after he's in the breakfast but whatever the routine is and just set them alarms
    and so there could be ten alarms in the morning so don't make them stress will
    be be be be because we want parasympathetic yeah maybe you set an
    alarm with a nice relaxing song that vey light
    just to let them know you know this is scheduled and then there's the last
    alarm where it's you need to be walking out the door if they're not doing it
    they're not doing it but don't have an argument about it yes but I have to
    drive my children to school before I get to work and I have to end up shouting
    well no you don't if by the last alarm they're not by the door by the car it's
    very simply and very calmly okay you're grounded this weekend or okay
    you've got extra chores or okay no allowance whatever it is you didn't need
    to get stressed about it you know the rules were there you set the announced
    for the moon aired everything simple it wasn't they're not there they're gonna
    make you late for work okay you grounded them that's it no argument little bait
    no buts nervous that easy if it's your spouse that it's the same
    problem you go to Karl go with them in the car to work or whatever you know
    same things nobody's get stressed about it everyone knows what they have to do
    if it hasn't been done right okay well this then this situation it doesn't get
    done it's there's a consequence that's it no stress no yeah no arguments in the
    morning keep it simple keep it positive move on to the next one hugs all around
    mm-hm again if you live with other people yeah they could be housemates
    they could be flatmates they could be family and so often you see work on the
    good morning morning mmm stop the good morning just gonna give them a hug
    nice big hug that for everybody for you for them it stimulates endorphins okay
    if in your family you're not very used to physical contact it might be a bit of
    shock in might be a bit of a change but help start it
    if you live with animals well you know dogs are always there to give you a nice
    embrace in the morning sometimes it can be stressful but help give you a double
    hug if you live alone then they'll be full give yourself a warm embrace
    literally okay sir yeah it's not difficult yeah sort of words in the
    morning sort the language in the morning just the hugs actions speak louder than
    words we all know that okay now this one is an obvious one and a lot
    of people do it if you don't drink a glass of water in the morning
    it could be just before you leave the house it could be as soon as you get up
    drink a glass of water now obviously if you take supplements vitamins mineral
    whatever it is then you're gonna take them with water so there's your glass of
    water it's nice and easy but have at least one glass of water in the morning
    if for no other reason to remind you to start growing in the habit to then have
    another glass of water later in the day you know we know how much water we
    should be drinking and I need to tell you that it's more than eight glasses a
    day huh the watery day obviously you know uncorrelated etc etc etc filtered
    water you know not out of a plastic bottle because the plastics we know all
    this stuff you know if it's has to be bottled water then it's out of a glass
    bottle and a plastic what obviously to the extent that you can
    afford to do it in cetera personally I have filtered water we're lucky enough
    to not be in the United States here so we don't have fluoride in our water and
    we have a great water filter it's the there's you know very very good and you
    know it activates all the water and yeah next one that monkey mind in the
    mornings for some people is okay if you haven't found anybody and you're doing
    everything previously in the list you will find your monkey mind isn't going
    as nuts in the morning anyway that inner voice that conversation did a little bit
    however if you do still have a bit of monkey mind in the morning use it to
    your advantage by making sure going back to the Linguistics with everything being
    said to yourself by Yosa is positive is stimulating is reinforcing which means
    you can't have in your monkey mind and he knows any knots and he fears any
    doubts any shoulds any musts and it could any again takes practice and if
    you catch a sentence that there is one of these words and or that is a bit
    fearful or a bit negative or a bit stop the mind and think to yourself how do i
    rephrase that to be a positive reinforcing statement at the beginning
    it might take you half an hour but you'll get there you can literally
    change any statement and negative or anything like that into a positive one
    think about it play around with it use if you do have a little bit of monkey
    mind left over to your positive advantage let's move on to the next one
    the last thing to do in the morning but I highly recommend you do is a little
    day manifestation call it larva traction
    call it power of consciousness whatever you want to call it do it in the morning
    and I'm not saying you know the typical way they're selling law of attraction
    and Laura manifestation for the materialistic world no manifest a nice
    relaxing morning manifest a super busy day at work but everything flows like
    clockwork you might have a very busy life a very busy schedule and if that
    part of your life and the way you work it's not saying well I'm suddenly going
    to say I don't have to do any of it if you want a man that fast that by
    changing manifesting a new lifestyle for yourself etc changing job fine that's a
    bigger one it might take more time but if you just manifest this morning it's
    gonna be busy it's gonna be hectic but everything's gonna flow like clockwork
    start with the morning start with small and over time where as you see it were
    cooking it might be I'm going to manifest that my journey to work there's
    less traffic today or despite being traffic I'm going to be relaxed or
    despite traffic I'm not going to I'm not going to I'm going to be able to drive
    with nobody trying to cut me up or fix it little by little by little by little
    by little just a little daily manifestation and then it can go into
    your whole day my whole day is gonna go wonderfully now there are main
    manifestation or of Attraction techniques to use but the one that I
    love to use and especially because it coincides perfectly with one of the
    either of the ten is the water method no he said you're gonna drink a glass of
    water in the morning yes so JIP if we drink it cold glass of
    water got videos on this you know in your hands as it's the color is the more
    path it'll be unison the magnetism into it send
    positive vibes the things you want into that water go check out the video to cut
    method that I've got on my channel yeah powerful man a step and manifestation
    technique parallel universe quantum shifting etc tall on there
    so put into the water drink it maybe with your supplements with it and go
    about your day and those are the 10 things do's and don'ts / morning routine
    and so all of them before you leave the house okay thank you very much
    click the like button comment below subscribe to the channel and please
    share this video with as many people you know so they can start having a more
    relaxing morning a more relaxing day and a more relaxing life it can be that
    simple thank you very much
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