MOTIVATION: Damage Control: 3 Steps To Repair Damage And Hurt From The Past

MOTIVATION: Damage Control: 3 Steps To Repair Damage And Hurt From The Past
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    Motivation For Legends!
    They don't see all the tears.
    They don't see all of the sleepless nights. They don't see all of the bills piling up.
    They don't see how hard you work to just get up and face the world.
    They don't hear your cries of agony. They don't see your struggle.
    They don't see the abuse. They don't understand why you feel so crowded.
    And they don't see you begging that one day all of your hard work will finally pay off.
    And you will finally have a chance to just breathe.
    Just a little space. That's all you need.
    Just to breathe. They don't see any of it.
    They can't because it's not their burden to bare.
    It's yours and yours alone. And you may not want to hear this but
    No one is coming to get you out of this. It doesn't matter how you got yourself here.
    But its time to stop and get ready to move. Just know, if you keep doing what you've been
    doing, You'll keep getting what you've been getting.
    It's time to re-evaluate. It's gut check time!
    The walk of a Legend is a difficult one. Now that your focus is on building your Legend,
    you start to see that the house you're building already has damage.
    Damage from everything you've been through.
    Damage from abuse, Bad relationships
    Layoffs Failed businesses
    Bullying Depression
    Death From having just straight up bad parents!
    The damage may look severe, but listen, the structure is sound.
    The house has good bones. Everything that's damaged can be ripped from
    it And you can rebuild on the same structure.
    Just start with these three steps.
    Step 1: Assess the damage.
    You have to evaluate those things that have damaged your house.
    You have to process those emotions. But when you do,
    Don't look at it from where you were when it happened.
    Look at it from where you are now. You're on the outside looking in.
    Process it Evaluate it
    And rip it from your structure.
    Step 2: Check the blueprints
    Every building starts with Blueprints. And so does your Legend.
    What's the Legend you want to build? What does it look like?
    Now that you've removed the damage, build what you want.
    Go ahead and write it down. Plans can always be amended.
    So just write the whole plan and adjust as you go.
    Step 3: Put in the work Now that you have the plan, start the work.
    Sometimes its hard to put the work into steps, but the first step is always, always to START.
    Focus on what you can do from where you are now.
    Then start. Your Legend is counting on you and you can
    build it. Focus and use your time wisely.
    Wake up an hour earlier. Stay up and hour later, and WORK,
    WORK and WORK.
    Keep pushing forward as you walk into your Legend.
    You Are The LEGEND!
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