Recreate that Vanilla WoW Experience: 5 Steps! (in response to McCuck)

Recreate that Vanilla WoW Experience: 5 Steps! (in response to McCuck)
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    So I was sitting there watching the boy asmongold video when the McCook crawled out of his cave
    and made some very interesting statements about people that want to replay or relive
    that classic wow experience here's the clip 2007 those were the f****** days man those
    are the really old dudes like 40s or 50s like still
    trying to chase his high school football game like it's never going to happen like you're
    never going to get to go back to those day like there's too much information available
    now about games before they even come out like you know how big the world is you do
    comparisons on how big the world is compared to other games like Witcher 3 and other s***
    dude like it's never going to have that mystery in that excitement never going to come back
    man you're never going to get to play a game like that again okay so just drop it it's
    never going to happen you need to come to terms with that it's pathetic is it good time
    alright so now that you've seen the clip you have asmongold he's your typical classic Fanboy
    right now I'm totally with him you want to relive some of those experiences go to experience
    the things you missed because you were too young and yeah you're just really psyched
    for it and then you have McDonald I don't even remember his real name and he's kind
    of your classic retail player right now they think you can never recapture that vanilla
    experience the only reason people want to play vanilla wow is for Nostalgia and I'm
    not denying that's a fact but that's the only motivation and that's one of the big critiques
    people give of this so what I'm going to do right now for Yuma McDonald is I'm going to
    give you and anyone else watching five steps to recreate that vanilla experience cuz I
    believe and have done along with others we've we've recaptured that feeling that feeling
    that made vanilla wow what it is so off we go I guess talk I don't know how to alright
    so the first step is not to use a leveling guide so I know it's really easy to just like
    installs eyegore or pull up Jonah's classic wow leveling guide follow it step-by-step
    hit 60 in like two weeks of game time I get It's a Grind but I think you're missing the
    point of vanilla wow it was the experience who is each step of the way that made it special
    not the ankle so here's what I'm recommending don't install a Quest helper don't follow
    Jonah's classic wow guide and just play the game enjoy the moments at least on your first
    character after you hit 60 and you want to level up your alts I get it you don't want
    to play through the same quests back-to-back it's very repetitive 10 download the guys
    before your first character on Lyons and your first character on The Horde if you're into
    that hole by faction thing and after you've leveled up those characters and download the
    guys get all your different classes up to 62 saver that that experience of not having
    anyone Hold Your Hand all right so step to read the last text I'd recommend scrolling
    text but I guess that's not for everyone that is one kind of goes without saying since I
    said you can't have a quest guy which means you're going to be forced to find her all
    that s*** is the game and it is not where it makes sense so read those Quest carefully
    and when you don't have the answer that leads us right back into step three and step three
    is just don't look up sheet online I know that seems like a foreign concept especially
    in this day and age of Wowhead and just you can Google anything but back in vanilla Google
    anything you had Alakazam which was you know Fairly reliable but it is sometimes people
    post like folklore but you just don't Google it if you don't know go to a main city you
    yell in general chat will people troll you hell yeah but that's part of the vanilla experience
    that's what we're trying to recreate here so don't have a quest helper read the quest
    text and if you still can't figure it out engage other players go into main cities gallon
    General chat there's going to be so many people playing and here's what I found from the vanilla
    Community is there more likely than not going to try to help you if they want people to
    enjoy the game playing cuz it's what makes their servers healthy so that's step three
    step four is optional hang up Alright by yourself one of these so it mine is completely beat
    up destroyed but if you play classic you have one of these you got it at GameStop mom and
    dad did when you went to buy the game hi this is the one I have from 2005 it's a piece of
    garbage as you can tell at the moment but if you've been watching my channel this is
    what I've used to make all my dungeon Quest guides this is not original material this
    was published by games with help from blizzard go pick up yourself a dungeon get companion
    that's always fun and enjoy the game it'll teach you about the mobs it'll tell you what
    else oh just wait here do you need them know do you want them hell yeah you do so good
    man that's another video onto itself pick up the guys instead of going on to Wowhead
    or classic DB you just get the guy it'll tell you what levels you can get each of your abilities
    second guides what's after some of the patches hold out but yeah I mean get some of the LG
    content try to avoid the internet cuz that's what's going to make the game seem streamline
    overly Sims because guess when you hit 60 are there cookie cutters that's how you maximize
    the call of reek is there a progression and Game Raider when you're not watching my video
    One to begin with into what's fun going to have this idea in your head of being like
    this hardcore end game, a player and then you're going to realize you're not and you
    just wasted the whole time you've you know what's the next Zone to go to xcetera this
    will tell you where s*** is get one of these guys ask around that's just for get some of
    the OG Quest Albers none of this garbage online and number five is to group up it seems simple
    you do it in retail so why am I am are you going to level faster no but you're going
    to create friends maybe even join a guild and she it's hard to kill in classic wow if
    you don't remember that defies pillagers especially with a lot of starting zone mobs that some
    class is almost can't one V1 so just team up with a rando make a group of friends Adams
    and they're actually I don't know if they're going to Battlenet ID volume to your friends
    list quest with them later drive to each dungeon I'd recommend storing each dungeon once as
    you level up get all those quests together go into a main city maybe with a buddy find
    those other three people and run the instance it's going to be fun you're going to White
    you're going to learn you're going to hate the game you're going to love it but that's
    that's classic wow so those are the five five steps to recreating that experience but caveat
    there's one thing you can't recreate and that's like that childlike experience of playing
    an MMORPG for the first time if this was your first maybe you played RuneScape but World
    of Warcraft felt like this whole other world it was like a way to escape stepped into this
    new game and it felt huge the commute I mean I was level 14 when I decided that I'm just
    going to spoil the world is that a bad idea yeah I got nowhere but I enjoyed it so try
    to group caveat was just you can't recreate the childlike mentality but what can you do
    not use a quest guide read the quest text boy online materials get some of the OG game
    helpers and you can group up with friends and random people that's how McLaren McDonough
    that's how you can recreate that vanilla experience and I encourage everyone to give it a try
    when the game comes out so that's all I've got until next time au revior!
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