Steps in Praying

Steps in Praying
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    Hey we're going to visit my friend Becky Edwards today. For the show we're going
    to talk about steps in praying now if you have ever been angry or frustrated
    that your prayers are not being answered or maybe you feel like there's just this
    big wall there there's this curtain where you just can't seem to get past it
    you can't seem to get to God and you're not getting your your prayers answered
    well maybe what we have to share today will help you maybe if you actually
    understood the steps in praying that you can get those answers that you want how
    is it we can do some amazing and sometimes unexplainable things like heal
    our own bodies by the power of our thought mother's intuition the law of
    attraction can we really tap into our subconscious
    mind can we really create our own realities it begs the question are we
    novice gods
    alright hey thank you so much for joining us I'm really excited to share
    my next guest with you this is Becky Edwards we connected what last year she
    was on a summit that I did and she is an expert in knowing how to get your
    prayers answered okay anyway she's fantastic at that and we're going to
    talk a little bit about the steps to praying because I don't know for me I
    really want to get better at getting answers to prayers feeling guidance and
    just before we start we were kind of talking a little bit about how how
    guided do you feel in your life and I was feeling like I'm not as guided as I
    want to be and I want to improve that and you were saying oh I'm totally
    guided all the time not all the time but definitely better than I used to be yeah
    so how did you get there you know how that's a great question that's a great
    question and you're not alone with feeling frustrated just so you know it's
    very common I get a lot of feedback about that and I'd like to share with
    your audience a little process that's actually really simple but it's also
    really powerful and it has brought a lot of people from feeling like I feel like
    my prayers hit the ceiling they don't actually bring answers back from God I
    don't know what to do differently I do everything I've been taught what can I
    do differently and this little process has broken that barrier for many people
    so I invite you to try it and I have a little visual here that I will show you
    and it starts with it well I made it into a sandwich in in my faith I believe
    that scriptures and prayer is like a feasting opportunity that we get to
    feast on this this wonderful feeling of being filled with joy and peace and that
    the things that God brings into our hearts as we do this process so the
    first little step is to start with a prayer in this process and that is where
    we first start with thanking and I have really learned through the years of
    experience that thanking opens up a conduit of inspiration from God there is
    something so powerful and such a high frequency and a high energy
    a very holy feeling about thanking what have you experienced that Scott
    yeah no are you talking say I differentiate between thanking and
    gratitude like for me gratitude is is the magic key because gratitude what
    gratitude is is recognizing you were the recipient of deliberate kindness hmm so
    it's recognizing that exchange of love because I know I get into a problem with
    thankfulness sometimes because thankfulness to me I often get into
    indebtedness you know oh you know I'm less than who I could because I had to
    borrow a truck from a friend or something and so I thank him but really
    I feel indebted but when I feel gratitude I feel like that love between
    you know me and whoever that they have shown me deliberate kindness and when I
    feel that love that's when I feel like my vibration goes up does that make
    sense yeah then Scott for you I would change this to gratitude okay because
    that is the vibration that's the dusty energy were after is is just to
    acknowledge God's hand in our lives and as we do that it opens us up to see more
    of his hand and to receive more answers so that's the first step is to pray and
    think and then ask and what I would suggest is that every day consider
    bringing a question to God like whatever your question may be it could be little
    like well what's the most important thing I should do today you know what
    will make the biggest difference or it could be really big like I kind of feel
    like I'm supposed to change careers oh that's scary right Scott is this is this
    the right path for me you know it's this is this where you're guiding me it could
    be little things that have to do with relationships or finances or health or
    you know I I sometimes have asked in fact I'll share an example I asked a few
    years ago what can I do to help heal my relationship with a 14 year old son if
    you ever had a 14 year old son and the answer I received back was so simple it
    was offered to help him clean room isn't that so simple and I thought
    well I can do that that's not a problem here's the interesting thing I did that
    I offered to help clean his room and he refused he wasn't rude about it but he
    said no it's okay mom but here's the cool thing it shifted how
    he felt about me and how I felt about him and that's what I really wanted was
    for us to have a better connection so so asking and what I suggest is that you
    you expressed gratitude to God and then you ask in your prayer as well as in a
    journal it can be cheap a little cute you know any inexpensive notebook or
    something fancy I personally just last month published to heaven journaling
    journal but it doesn't have to be anything fancy
    then you open your scriptures anywhere and that can be like I'm going to
    pretend this is scriptures and I'm going to say all right my question was let's
    just say it was what's the most important thing for me to do today I
    could go like random just just you know let it fly open to some page which
    sounds kind of crazy and so we've done this and it works yeah it is and and the
    sauce the first idea the other idea is just chronological say you're in Matthew
    chapter 5 to yesterday open to Matthew chapter 6 God can answer you through his
    holy spirit anywhere another one is to be intuitively you know inspirationally
    guided where to go so you may you may feel like yeah I cut in fact I'll share
    an experience I was on my phone where I have a little scripture out and I felt
    going to the New Testament would be the place where my answer would be so then I
    I scrolled to through the books and it felt like it was in Matthew okay open up
    Matthew and I looked at the numbers of chapters and it felt like his either
    five or six hmm which one I couldn't decipher so I just started in five read
    a part way into six there was an answer for me now answers don't always come all
    in one big puzzle all put together sometimes it's a piece or a few pieces
    at a time and as you gather those through writing your puzzle starts to
    assemble itself so the next step is to write and I it's pretty simple I just
    write where I found an answer maybe Matthews
    620 through 25 or something like that you know this little passage and then I
    write it in my own words here's kind of what it said you know if you want to
    take it to the next level you write about what it meant to you okay like how
    did that answer a question for you what is it you know does it remind you of
    something how do you feel or think about it and then of quote of course the last
    step is to close with gratitude I don't know about you Scott you have teenagers
    have you ever made a meal where you put some time and effort into a meal and
    then your teenage or your kids in general complain if you ever had that
    happen that's not very fun right and I don't know about you or you Scott but I
    have sometimes I don't want to cook for that child again so when we are
    expressed gratitude I just imagined that that our God is very happy that he wants
    to give us more and that's been my experience so I called out a sandwich a
    heaven journaling sandwich this starts with prayer gratitude and asking and
    then scriptures writing and a prayer of thanks and and I'm not saying it works
    for me every single time but almost all the time and it's been a process of
    developing that that's helped me be more inspired throughout the day so little
    little inspirations will come and I feel like doing this process in the morning
    it is ideal but you know any times better than not and it opens a conduit
    to receive other inspiration in the day that's really cool can I share one thing
    that absolutely right now so I've been doing this becky's pointed me in this
    direction and it's been really helpful the last and this is really only the
    last few weeks somebody gave me an idea to do for you know because I felt like I
    wasn't getting the inspiration that wasn't getting the direction that I
    wanted and they gave me an idea to do to keep just a little book with me and
    inside whenever I get a prompting I write down the prompting and then right
    below it I put like so I put a P and about a circle and then I will write
    down what I'm prompted to do and then right after that I will put an a short
    for action and I leave that blank until I do something about it
    but the interesting thing as you talked about like kind of the
    little promptings like to help your son clean his room you know I was feeling
    like I'm not getting the promptings and then I find out they're really small
    little things we sometimes don't recognize it yeah because I'm waiting
    for the big stuff you know I was big stuff to happen in my life so anyway so
    hopefully that helps you as you're thinking about what you can do to follow
    some steps in praying to get your prayers answered more regularly more
    consistently this works right absolutely and I've taught it to thousands of
    people both in the United States and in other countries and I've had people say
    kind of what Scott has said like I just don't know I don't know if it'll work
    for me because I have a hard time just receiving answers I've already
    discerning I don't know and they're scared to even try it because they're
    scared to be disappointed and so often I've heard back from them saying oh oh
    my goodness I can't believe how simple it is and yet how much it works and and
    it just brings this connection and this two-way communication with heaven that
    is so delicious that brings more power and peace and purpose into your life
    from God and who doesn't want more of that I do want to touch on one more
    thing before we go the the questions that you asked somebody told me in fact
    if you watch back to a previous episode Tyson Thacker we interviewed him he said
    the more specific your question or the better your question the better your
    answer have you found that and and what what counsel can you give us about the
    kinds of questions that you ask yeah absolutely and so some of the people who
    have been have been practicing this haven't journaling sandwich that I call
    they have said that they'll ask a general question and not really be
    receive a lot of guidance and then they'll tweak their question to be more
    specific sometimes their question needs to sometimes when when they tweak it
    it's something like what do I need to do to be more in line to get the answer you
    know is there something I need to clean up in my life to be more of a clear
    conduit maybe I need to forgive someone maybe I need to ask forgiveness maybe I
    need to stop eating junk food all day long so I can actually you know be a
    little more clear-headed and and that that some of those
    foundational questions to clean up our ability to be a conduit of answers then
    can then lead us to answers but but yeah getting more specific in your questions
    and you can even ask for guidance with that like how many do you are
    specifically what could I ask for what would you have me ask and that's
    powerful well that's super helpful so hopefully that helps you is you're
    figuring out how can I follow some steps you know kind of a formula to get more
    prayers answered that's a great way to go just real quick how can they get in
    touch with you if they have more questions or want to go deeper into this
    absolutely Purpose Driven motherhood or excuse me that's my old brownie
    purpose-driven mentoring com is is my new branding my name is Becky Edwards
    and heaven journaling is the process we've been talking about alright so
    thank you so much make sure you catch another episode because we're gonna talk
    a little bit more about this thanks we'll see you next time what do you
    think you've heard our thoughts now let's hear yours in the comment section
    below share what impressions came to your mind what did you get out of this
    if you have had thoughts to take action please do so always listen to your inner
    voice it's your ultimate guidance system of course the best place to take action
    is at Scott Wilhite calm because if you join me for a free web class I will
    reward you by sending you my purpose planner so you can have a physical guide
    to help you get in touch with your inner guide what if you are a God in the
    making that would mean there's purpose to your life meaning to your challenges
    you have a great work to do may you have the courage faith and power to become
    who you are truly meant to be see you next time
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