The Steps To Real Delegation In Your Lawn Care Company

The Steps To Real Delegation In Your Lawn Care Company
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    I often joke with people that my spiritual gift is delegation I like
    to tell people what to do. I like to give them the power to do it.
    Delegation is a very important thing because unless you want to continue to
    do what you're doing or keep your hand in every different aspect of your
    business and continue micromanaging everybody and everything you're going to
    have to learn how to delegate. So how do you delegate and how do you get it? Well
    I think there's a failure on the part of those who would not delegate in two ways.
    Number one is they lack vision and number two is pride. Why would you lack
    vision for delegation? Because everything seems to be important today. You're not -
    you don't have a vision for what your company needs to look like ten years
    from now. When people ask me "what do you do?" which I have that happen to me quite
    often, I respond almost all the time as "as little as possible." I look at my
    businesses as opportunities for me to give the opportunity of work to somebody
    else. They can then build their own little business inside of my business.
    But I don't need to tell them exactly how to do it - what to do - every little
    step of the way. I want to give them freedom to be able to do it themselves.
    Because in the long run my vision is to have these companies where there's
    opportunity for the employees, where there's a service to the customers, and
    where things work without me having to be a part of it. On an aside, you should
    always be trying to work your business so that it's attractive for somebody else
    to buy it. Xo they're not going to be able to buy it if you are the main
    person involved and everything has to come back to you. If you make most of the
    decisions of the day you are not delegating very well. So first off you
    need to have a vision. The second thing you need to get is - you need to get rid
    of your pride. I know how it is I've started a number of businesses.
    I started all these businesses myself. I understand at first you think I'm the
    only one that can do it and in some cases you are the best person to do it...
    do this job. But you have to look at it and you have to say do I really want to
    be doing this job for the next five years 10 years 15 yrs? Or do I want to be
    able to delegate it out? Well you could probably make more money you can it be
    more probable if you were the one doing everything. But you'll never be able to
    grow your company that way - and it'll never - you'll never be able to stop being
    outside and sweating. I had a friend of mine that said "okay Dave I'm learning
    about delegation. I'm gonna figure this out" and we went to pick up some plants.
    And I said "why are you picking out the plants?" like "well I want these plants to
    be just right." And then we drove over to the customer's property and I said "well
    we're just gonna unload the trailer right?" "unload the plants." "we're not gonna
    set him out or anything like that?" He's like "yeah, that's all. I'm gonna let my
    guy do it because he's been with me for years and he's been doing it." I said "okay
    that's what we're gonna do" When we did it he couldn't stop himself. And he had
    to go and place the plants. Turn them just rights that they were facing the
    right direction. You really want to be doing this the rest of your life? You're
    not gonna be able to sell the company like that because nobody else knows how
    to put the plants out. It doesn't make any sense.
    So pride - you gotta get rid of your pride. You've got to think "you know what? There are
    people out there that know how to do this job. It's not that hard they can
    figure it out." And you might not make as much money at the beginning. But when you
    start multiplying it and say "well I can have two companies, I'm gonna have three
    companies, I can grow my company by ten times, I can get much more and more
    people involved in this and we can do more and more for
    customers." You start figuring out that actually you will make a lot more money
    when you give up. Get the vision. Figure out where that vision is going to go and
    then lose your pride and figure out somebody else is going to be able to do
    it as well. And then get ready to go on vacation.
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