VinciWay - First Steps

VinciWay - First Steps
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    VinciWay - Mobile Application
    Let's start :)
    Run VinciWay application
    You could chose from login by your Gmail or Facebook account. You could also mark to keep you sign in for 7 days without asking for your credentials
    Once you read and agree on the License Agreements please expect confirmations with verification link send to your email
    Just click confirm login and we are ready to go :)
    Please remember you only need to do this once
    VinciWay starts with uploaded map of your present location
    It is highly recommended to start with configuration ( icon on top left on main map)
    You may get a proposal or route whenever you start application. You get it when you set up it.
    You are ready to start. Click on menu button ( middle bottom )and chose Shape. In this movie we picked Triangle from the current location
    Depending on your default settings proposed route would be aligned for cyclist or runners
    You could easily adjust number of km/miles by scrolling the bar on top right
    Switch the proposals of routes by clicking on right/left arrow
    You could easily modify pins, just click on the pin , press for a while and modify it's position
    Click on Route in Menu and Save on server your route
    You could clean your routes on map by clicking Reset (icon below Route in Main Menu).
    Pick "Draw your shape" from Main Menu to be able to draw your route by finger on the map
    When you're ready just accept it , VinciWay will find optimum route to meet the shape for cyclists or runners
    You could also pick initial point on map, when your run or cycle route will start and end
    Easily came back to your saved routes and shapes. Load routes from server.
    When you are ready with the route just start your run or cycle tour . Press the Start button
    Once you done , press Stop button. You could then share your results on Facebook or Messenger.
    Enjoy being sport's artist with VinciWay !
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