What are the steps of root canal treatment?

What are the steps of root canal treatment?
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    After a thorough examination and an x-ray and on some occasions possibly even a cone
    beam CT scan, the tooth is numbed using a local anaesthetic solution. This is going
    to make treatment more comfortable for the patient and supplementary anaesthesia may
    be required for the gums around tooth area. Once the tooth has been fully numb, a rubber
    sheet or vinyl sheet is usually placed over the tooth. This is to make sure that the tooth
    is as sterile as possible. As saliva is full of bacteria and we do not want root canals
    to be infected where possible. This is also makes it much easier for the patient to tolerate
    treatment. There'll be no water in the back of his throat, and we can actually make treatment
    easier for the dentist as well and more efficient. Once this has been placed, a small hole is
    made at the top surface of the tooth. This is to allow access to the pulp so that the
    inside of the root canal system can then be thoroughly cleaned out. This is washed out
    with disinfectant solutions and very fine and delicate instruments with using a hand
    and rotary are used to clean and shape the inside of the root canal. After further disinfectant,
    the root canals are then sealed either with a rubber-based material or a lot of more modern
    materials that are available that the dentist may find suitable at that time.
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