10 Simple Steps to Effortless Elegance

10 Simple Steps to Effortless Elegance
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    hey guys how are you happy Sunday for me and happy whatever day of the week it
    is for you so today's gonna be a bit more fun than my usual virtual
    mentorship videos because today I will be getting my makeup and hair done by my
    roommate Blanca so Blanca is training to be a hair
    stylist and on the side she's really creative and she's really talented in
    terms of makeup so today she is kind of testing out this new look on me that
    she's eventually gonna be doing on her client and here I am kinda barefaced
    and my hair is pretty just normal on its own and she'll be doing my hair and my
    makeup so before we start I am definitely not the most experienced
    person in terms of makeup you guys know that on my regular videos that I don't
    really have that much makeup and I'm pretty much looking very normal and
    average in terms of my makeup application but this time I am thinking
    I would look pretty different because she would be putting quite a few of like
    interesting products on me but not only that she says she's gonna be putting
    some fake eyelashes on me and I know that eyelashes really bring up one's eye
    and really brightens up the face and just lifts the whole face up so I'm
    pretty excited for that because my lashes are pretty downward facing so I'm
    excited for the upward facing flashes coming my way
    alright let's welcome Blanca Ruiz come in she's so camera shy guys please be
    understanding to my friend Blanca so first off we would start with our hair
    this is a GHD curling iron I love this curling iron it takes
    30 seconds to heat up that's pretty fast and it's good for people that do their own hair
    sometimes other curling irons they burn you if you go slow this has
    sensors so you can even go slow and it won't burn your hair it would just
    adjust - oh that's pretty cool - the levels would either go low depending on how slow
    you're going or depending on how fast you're going
    she has done my hair quite a few times with this curler and it
    takes really fast and it has not burned my hair so far so this is a good product
    alright let's get started a good trick to make your hair look longer is the
    first section (this bottom section) you want to curl forward because this will
    be elongated and then all these other ones you want to go back okay
    so this curl is very loose almost like a wave
    it's very effortless it looks like you didn't put time and it really doesn't
    take that much time either it's really inspired by the beach look when
    you're at the beach and you're a bit soaked by the sea water but your hair is
    a bit frizzed out and has a little texture yeah it's a bit oily on the
    like natural nice oil you know and it's got this sea smell into it and you're
    just like running around tanning, sipping onto that orange juice getting
    into the ocean once in a while and that makes your hair kind of curl up, right?
    but in a very natural way that's why it's called beachy curls now Blanca is
    going to show us how to do how to curl like one specific part of the hair so
    this is the front where I said to curl forward so you want to take the curling
    iron, go in, twist, hold let go you do not want to touch the bottom we want that
    kind of hanging kind of straight okay okay then afterwards the next one you
    want to go backwards
    and you don't have to put you don't have to leave it long you don't want them tight
    hold, twist
    let go
    I'm a bad teacher - it's okay we're all learning no one has to be perfect guys don't expect
    perfection because I'm not gonna give you perfection because I'm not perfect
    alright guys so as you can see this is the main gist of the basic movements
    involved and I think it'll come off really nice and let's just meet at the
    end when it's all done and you guys get to see the whole face
    so I'm waiting for my hair to be done Blanca's doing her magic and as you are
    all aware while you're getting your hair done there's pretty - it's this time to chill
    chill so I am eating a fruit snack that I would like to share with everyone of
    you I got this from Trader Joe's, the supermarket that you should know
    if you watched my previous vlog this is apple and strawberry dried fruit snack
    Okay so now that we are done curling, we just want to stretch it out play with it
    don't be scared you're not gonna mess
    up the curls if you have fine hair or porous hair from all like bleaching
    highlighting you want to use or if you just have to finer her hair you just want
    to use like a texturizing spray just for grit and then
    just let it set a little let it cool and then you want to mess it up a little the
    whole point of it is to look effortless not really perfect
    honestly that's so true the whole point of this hair is not to
    look perfect like it can be however messy you want it just has to have that
    like little waves, effortless waves into it and I love it thanks Blanqui
    alright on to the makeup now let's move on to the makeup
    If you guys do hair first, a good thing is to put the clip where the bend is so turn this way this is the
    bend this is where we want to put the clip that way you don't get no bands - okay
    So first we're gonna start off with a sunscreen some foundations have
    sunscreen some of them don't it's really important to use sunscreen
    whether the foundation has sunscreen or not
    you should always wear sunscreen before, because you really want to take care of the skin
    Sun causes aging and it's just really bad for the skin
    it's like you go to the beach you wear sunscreen you should always wear
    sunscreen everywhere even if you don't wear makeup if you can put one thing on
    your face - sunscreen
    okay mama
    My sunscreen is from a medical spa called
    SkinHealth but it could be any type of sunscreen
    this is one of my favs by Farsali
    this is a dry oil very dry oil but it really hydrates the skin it
    emphasizes the foundation it's just really good
    mm it smells so good..it smells like this flower field or something like that
    ooh...my skin looks so good right now
    As you guys can see, wow my skin looks so good and she didn't
    even put foundation yet - nope - this is no foundation at all
    so now I'm going to put a foundation on this is like foundation / moisturizer again we'll be looking for
    a dewy look like a tinted moisturizer we don't want this to look like a mask so
    we want to blend it to our skin - okay mama
    We're going to use Fenty Beauty highlighter starstruck
    and the technique we're gonna be using is called strobing
    so again we want this subtle so we basically want to put this where the
    light hits which is the upper part of your cheeks
    I'm gonna go on the cheeks and we're not gonna do contouring when we're strobing
    we're not contouring for my cheeks Blanca is going to be using Becca's Khloe and Malika
    look at the colors they are super cute
    a good technique of putting on blush is to smile, believe it or not so smile :)
    and we just want to hit the cheeks
    and I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with the dab - the dab?
    so we're basically dabbing our cheeks
    sorry if I'm fooling around, feeling very jumpy these days
    could it be yoga? I don't know guys I've been doing yoga twice a day now all my
    body is pretty sore but I think it's been a really nice process because I feel
    like I'm getting really well connected with my own body and not just you know being
    mindful but I think I also am connecting well with my own physical body I could
    see it through my change in diet mostly I used to eat a lot of ice cream and
    like junk food here and there and I wouldn't feel that bad after eating
    something bad but these days whenever I eat something not 100% healthy for
    example like if I eat a burger like a few days ago I felt horrible after
    eating it like my body immediately rejected it and I talked to my yoga
    instructor about it and she was like when you start doing yoga frequently
    it's because your body and your mind
    starts to connect really well so I'm happy that that's happening
    alright I don't know if you guys can really see the change but I could see my
    face just lighting up and it's glowing
    it's so natural that it doesn't even look like I have so much makeup on but
    as you guys can see we've already used a few different layers and products on top
    of one another but the end result looks very very effortless and natural
    sometimes looking natural is more of a process than looking all made up
    she has beautiful eyes we're just gonna emphasize it okay - thank you
    alright so we're gonna use the Morphe palette number 35
    like I said, I wanted to darken up the outer corners of the eye I'm gonna switch to
    this palette it's the Violet Voss Pro eyeshadow palette like a boss and I'm
    just gonna get the darkest I have that matches that which is "Strong"
    I'm gonna be using "Realness" which is this one over here and we're gonna put that we're gonna dab
    that on the eyelids just to really emphasize that a little
    now we're gonna do our eyelashes so we're gonna add some falsies lift those
    downward dogs and make it into an upward dog she just called my eyelashes
    downward-facing dogs if you guys know yoga, you'll be well aware of
    what I'm talking about we're using these eyelashes and they look
    very very...cute
    I've actually never had eyelashes on
    this is actually my first time putting on eyelashes!
    So to put on the eyelashes mistake number one, they just take it off and put it on hell
    no you know you want to take it off and you
    want to like play with it because the band is super stiff if you put it on
    when it's stiff the glue will dry but eventually the band will just start
    lifting off and then when it's windy your eyelashes are gonna be like so
    So mistake number two, they don't measure it nobody's eyelashes unless you have
    really big eyes aren't this long okay who has wings like that okay
    those eyelashes are long as hell let's cut them a little bit it needs a trim
    okay we want to go in the inner corner but not all the way in the inner corner
    and we want to match it to the outer corner, close your eyes so we're gonna cut this much
    time for some eyeliner because we have a lot of bronze and gold and warm colors I'm
    gonna do the same with the eye liner I'm going to use a brown color
    So last but not least, Blanca is going to be applying my lipstick and we will be
    using Nars's red shade called Walkyrie
    no we're just going to mess up her hair
    I look like a doll wow
    wow guys I love this look what do you think?
    every day look I love this alright so the skin just looks so natural and
    simple and then the hair which you guys saw earlier in the video it's just very
    effortless beach curls inspired by beach waves so overall it's very simple just a
    bit of an orangey brown smoky tone in the eyes with some mascara lashes and liners
    same color with the eye shadow and then just a dark what would you say this
    colors is? more brown charcoal-ish like a brick burnt red color from NARS
    and that's pretty much it and as you guys know I don't do anything with my
    brows so she left it completely natural didn't touch the brows at all
    I honestly like that because I don't really like a heavy, structured well
    like you know drawn brow on my face
    So I took that into consideration
    So for the lashes I actually really like it how it's just like lifting up this whole
    look but it kind of feels heavy for a first timer like I can see
    for my view I can see that there's some like hairs on top of my view that I know
    it's the extra lashes but then once you once you use them you get used to it
    you get used to it yup then you forget that it's all there
    this is the final look...our main focus was skin so a lot of the prep work was
    mostly skin that's how we could accomplish this dewy look every day look very easy
    because this is a video it took longer but in reality, it should only take like 15
    minutes maximum yeah honestly we took a couple of different shots just to show
    you guys how to just to give you guys a better perspective on how we were
    actually applying the makeup and the products but honestly like this was so
    fast overall I'm super simple I would say if
    you just have the right products for your face and the right intention and
    mindset I think it will come off very simple and natural so this whole look is
    very simple effortless and natural
    if you guys have any questions, leave them down below
    please like and subscribe to her channel
    thank youuu
    I'll also leave Blanca's
    Instagram right here so make sure you go ahead and follow her even if you're not
    in Boston it's just a good way to get inspired because she always posts
    different hairstyles and makeups that she do with a before and after
    picture so I'm sure that will come in handy and before I started this video I
    kept asking her what's your look gonna be named and she just couldn't come up
    with one and I was like okay by the end of this video by the end of the make up
    you should have gotten inspired enough from your process to name this
    whole makeup look that she just created on her own I guess I have one right now
    it's inspired by our yoga
    haha are you really going to put yoga in there?
    it's inspired by our yoga...lingo and I call this one
    kissed by the upward facing dog
    okay yeah because we lifted the eyes before they were down
    that's so true honestly and the face and everything is such lifted it actually makes sense
    those of you guys who are not aware of upward facing dog look it up yeah look it up there's
    a position in yoga that's really good to the back and you guys should try that
    out on a side too yeah but if you guys have a better title for this makeup look
    please comment down below I'd love to hear this yeah a more professional one
    that she can tell everyone and everyone would understand it yeah just me who
    gets her inside jokes with yoga - I'm pretty funny actually
    that's so true she's actually really really funny like she makes me laugh
    on the floor so much but she comes off very strict I guess you can say
    that yeah but she's amazing hope you guys like the video and the whole makeup
    tutorial and hair tutorial and if you want more definitely let us know because
    we live together and she's got this ton of makeup products that she needs to
    actually use them and I'm here to be used by her so yeah let us know and
    I'll show you a few clips on actually on how the actual makeup turned out
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