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12 Steps To Get The TRUTH From Anyone | Human Lie Detector

12 Steps To Get The TRUTH From Anyone | Human Lie Detector
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    all right Sweet T don't you hate when people are dishonest look everyone
    understands the need to sometimes not be brutally honest because if you told
    people things everything you thought then you know at times that could hurt
    their feelings so we're always trying to be respectful of people but what really
    disturbs me is a lack of honesty and I know you're the same way Sweet T so
    we're going over my top 12 ways to get someone to confess the truth so I want
    you to know that this is not covered by my Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    credential this is just based on my experience behavior hack number one to
    get people to confess to the truth make sure you're meeting with them one-on-one
    you can't meet with people in front of a group of people it's got to be private
    and it's got to be a comfortable discussion
    you can't put someone on the spot and make them feel like they're being less
    than honest in front of a group behavior hack number two to get someone to
    confess don't sit across a table from them or
    behind a desk because people start feeling like they're in trouble in the
    principal's office you know in elementary school so sit next to
    somebody side-by-side maybe at a roundtable and just make sure that you
    make them feel at ease do not sit across from a table and you try to act like
    you're their boss behavior hack number three to get someone to tell the truth
    act as though you have all the facts and what you do is you find out a portion of
    what occurred a portion of the truth and then you act as though you know the rest
    so for example if you're dealing with a teenager you might find out some
    intelligence do a little recon and find out the truth about something and say so
    when you were at the Deptford mall in Gloucester County in New Jersey at 8
    o'clock you know I know that this happened and then basically that gives
    them half of the information so they assume you know the rest even though you
    don't hack number four to get someone to be honest you just let them know that
    you respect that they are a straight-shooter that they've been
    honest with you in the past you tee it up that way and just say
    look I I appreciate that you've been honest in the past it's something I
    respect about you that lays the groundwork and sets the occasion for
    honesty behavior hack number five to get the truth you need to show empathy so
    when the person knows and when you're trying to get the truth or get some of
    the divulge information that they're not comfortable show empathy say look I've
    been in situations where I was a little bit less than honest I understand how
    anxiety-producing that is you can feel safe telling me the truth so just show
    some empathy and let them know that they have your support with telling you the
    truth step number six to get someone to tell
    you the truth what you do is you let them know something having to do with
    the fact that you think that the information you have may have been
    exaggerated just letting them know that you think that that information was
    exaggerated and the truth that you're going to be told is not really as bad as
    they made it seem because then they're ready to argue the truth and downplay
    the issue behavior hack number seven to get the truth let the person know their
    honesty will result in you trying to protect them to the fullest extent
    doesn't mean you're making promises you're gonna try to protect them from
    any really negative consequences because they're honest all right behavior hack
    number eight in order to get the truth from someone after you ask a question
    make sure that if they don't answer it right away you have a very long
    uncomfortable silence you basically want to make sure that they have plenty of
    silence and silence is very uncomfortable people want to fill the
    silence they want to say something especially when you're trying to get the
    truth from someone just allow the silence and the pause to occur don't
    keep talking wait for their response and it's gonna feel like forever
    it's going to result in them wanting to respond as soon as they start telling
    the truth make sure that you're reinforcing in behavior analysis are
    called successive approximations make sure you're reinforcing
    small steps so as they start speaking nod your head because that reinforces
    the small steps towards telling the truth
    step number ten behavior hack number 10 to get them to tell the truth if they're
    not answering your question and the silence isn't working
    start moving closer to them the closer you start moving to someone the more
    they're going to feel uncomfortable and then they're just going to want to spout
    out the truth step number 11 if all else fails on
    getting the truth what you do is let them know if you can if appropriate you
    have the event on video or audio and they're going to be much more likely to
    be forthright because they're gonna think that you have the whole story so
    I'll give you an example of why you should act as though you have something
    on video audio someone was over our house and a friend of a friend ended up
    stealing some money in our basement we didn't have any cameras that were
    visible our cameras all over our house you can't really find they're not always
    that salient are conspicuous but we wanted to make sure that we recovered
    that money so in order to recover this small amount of money and just to sniff
    out who was the thief what we did is we allowed them to save face so we let them
    know that a group of the kids know that we're in the basement we just let them
    know that we have it on video and we're not going to make an issue out of it if
    they just drop it off in the mailbox and in the sealed envelope so that way they
    weren't embarrassed in front of everyone we didn't go to authorities we didn't go
    to their parents we just pretended that we had it on video and asked them to
    drop it off in the mailbox and there'll be no consequences that's an example of
    how we were able to sniff out the truth and the person that stole the money if
    you're not able to get the truth after these 11 steps I suggest that you just
    ask the person to digest the conversation let them sleep on it and
    set another date don't let them out of it let them know there's another day
    you're gonna meet so you want to do what's called a scape extension
    according to behavior analysis you want to make sure that
    you're still following up with them and having another meeting listen since you
    stuck around I want to throw out a bonus tip which is bonus hack number 12 this
    one is how to make sure that they don't go deep into a lie because once people
    start lying and going really deep into it it's hard for them to want to
    backtrack once they've committed to a lie they don't want to go back on it
    when you see the person starting to go down the road of not telling the truth
    or being less than honest make sure you use an interrupt it right away and you
    say but but wait give them some sort of fact and let them know they still have a
    chance to tell the truth so listen if you really like what we're doing
    help us disseminate the signs help us spread the science and there's a way you
    can do it you can partner with us collaborate or even be employed by BDA
    just click below on the link that says careers and we may have a big
    opportunity for you
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