3 Steps To Achieve Goals

3 Steps To Achieve Goals
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    How to achieve your goals...
    How exactly do you do this?
    setting goals is
    the easy thing.
    Although, there's a ton of workshops
    out there on how to set goals.
    You know that setting goals is actually easy?
    You just say what you want to achieve.
    Now, it does make sense to have a so-called
    "smart goal",
    meaning that you are specific,
    that the goal is measurable,
    That it is realistic
    and that it has a timeframe.
    But then what?
    So, now that you have a goal,
    how do you accomplish
    the goal? Here are the three
    steps to achieve your goals.
    Step number one,
    and I believe this is the most
    important one, you have to
    believe that you
    can actually accomplish the goal.
    If you wouldn't believe that you
    can make money
    with trading, why would you
    even start it?
    And this is another important concept.
    What you believe to be true,
    is true for you.
    If you believe that trading can
    be simple,
    it will be simple for you.
    If you believe that trading
    has to be complicated,
    it will be complicated for you.
    If you believe that it is
    possible to make a lot of money
    with trading,
    it will be possible for you.
    Keep this in mind.
    What you believe to be true,
    is true for you.
    You have to have the confidence.
    Step number two to achieve
    your goals after you believe that you
    can achieve it,
    is you've got to have
    a plan.
    You have to have a plan
    and a strategy to achieve
    your goal, to go from where
    you are right now to where you want to be.
    And there's two ways how to get a plan.
    You can either try to develop
    a plan yourself
    or what I feel is
    the easier way,
    you look for somebody who has
    done it successfully
    and adapt his strategy.
    I think it's Tony Robbins who
    really has a lot about
    modeling in his teaching,
    right? Because what Tony Robbins says,
    'If you think like
    a millionaire,
    and you act like a millionaire,
    most probably,
    you will achieve the same results
    like a millionaire.
    So, this is why I think it is
    always easier to look who
    has already accomplished the goal
    that you want to accomplish,
    and then look at their strategy.
    What exactly did they
    do? And that's what we did today
    in the Rockwell Trading Bootcamp
    here, that I've shown everybody
    who attended what exactly
    I do. My trading
    Now, if you couldn't be here,
    and you would like to know more about it,
    I've set up a web site: mytradingroutine.com,
    where I recorded a quick video.
    I think it's like 35-minutes that shows
    you exactly how I pick
    the best stocks and options,
    when to enter,
    and when to exit.
    So, if you're curious
    and you want to learn more about this,
    go to mytradingroutine.com.
    Watch this video.
    Nothing to opt in.
    The video is right there,
    and you can watch it anytime you want.
    Step number three,
    you have to take action.
    You can believe that you will
    achieve the goal all day long.
    I mean, positive thinking,
    positive self-talk is
    important, but if you
    don't take action,
    nothing will happen.
    How do you take action?
    Well, just do it.
    Just do it!
    Once you have the plan,
    you should know where to start.
    And again, if you need help
    with this... For example, if you're interested
    in trading and need some help
    with how exactly to get
    let me know. I'll be happy to help.
    The three steps to achieving
    your goals are: number
    you have to believe that
    it is possible to achieve the
    goal. You have to believe that you
    can achieve the goal.
    Because if you don't believe in this,
    you'll never take action.
    Step number two is: you've got to have
    a plan
    and a strategy how to achieve the
    goal. And the easiest way is
    look for other people who have achieved
    the goal before you
    and model what they have been doing.
    Step number three: Take
    Always ask yourself: is what I'm
    doing right now getting me
    closer to my goal?
    And commit to taking action every
    day. Even if it is only for
    15 minutes to get
    you closer to your goal.
    These 15 minutes,
    you can use to learn
    about it, to practice about it,
    to find a strategy.
    So, these are the three steps to
    achieving your goal.
    As you can see, I am in my hotel
    room. Tomorrow,
    I'll be heading back to Austin.
    I had a great time today here.
    I believe that today we had one
    of the most active
    groups that I've had in a long
    time or maybe forever,
    in a room. We had lots of questions,
    and this is why I went longer
    because I love talking about trading.
    Now if you couldn't be here
    and you would like to join
    one of our upcoming Bootcamps go
    to bootcamp.rockwelltrading.com.
    This is where we have all the dates
    where we'll be. So,
    I'll be back in California
    two weeks from now.
    And after this, we're doing a few Bootcamps
    in Houston. Again, you'll find all the dates
    and locations at bootcamp.rockwelltrading.com.
    And if you would like to learn more about the way
    how I personally trade,
    go to mytradingroutine.com.
    I put a quick video up there.
    there's nothing to opt
    in for or anything.
    Just go there mytradingroutine.com.
    Take a look at the video
    and I'm sure that will help
    you in your trading.
    All right.
    Hope this helps.
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    I'll talk to you very soon.
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