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5 Steps to Improve Your Local Google Search Rankings in 2019

5 Steps to Improve Your Local Google Search Rankings in 2019
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    Five steps you can take right now to improve your Google search rankings for
    your local business for 2019.
    welcome to my YouTube channel Marketing With Charles where we talk about steps
    and strategies to help your local business use social media and online to get
    more audience uh get a bigger audience,
    get more people looking at your stuff,
    and ultimately getting more sales.
    On today's video,
    I have five steps you can take that's five that you can take right now to help
    improve your Google search rankings.
    I just got home,
    I'm going to step inside and spend some time with the family,
    have supper,
    but I thought I'd make this quick video for you.
    The first one is make sure your Google maps listing is optimized and make sure
    you have one.
    How do you optimize it?
    Make sure the address is right and make sure the phone number is right.
    Make sure your description is accurate.
    Using some of the keywords related to your business,
    Google will often suggest changes,
    so make sure that those changes are being looked at and accepting them or
    changing them.
    Make sure you upload all the pictures they suggest.
    They suggest interior photos,
    exterior photos,
    team photos,
    they suggest product photo,
    service photos.
    Make sure you upload those photos.
    Name the file what they are.
    So you would say interior of my business or my business interior,
    my business exterior,
    my business team.
    Upload them to your Google maps listing,
    which is called Google My Business and make sure you upload lots of photos and
    even videos.
    The next thing is make sure that you use the post system.
    Google maps or Google My Business now allows you to create posts.
    They will expire in a week or two.
    It doesn't matter when or how.
    If they change it.
    Make sure you use the posting system.
    You can post videos,
    you can post good content related to your business.
    You can post a sale,
    you can post a cool story,
    you can post whatever you want.
    They'll have some limitations of what you can post,
    but just make sure you do your,
    you're allowed to do more than one and they will expire over time.
    So they'll send you an email when they expire.
    Just make sure you always post something to your Google listing.
    The third thing you can do is Google owns it,
    is make YouTube videos.
    Make sure you post some good YouTube videos.
    Make sure you post videos to YouTube.
    You can post story videos you can post things about your product and services,
    but make sure you post often and just post them.
    It doesn't matter how long they are at the start,
    there is a certain optimized length of time the video is good for on YouTube,
    it doesn't matter.
    Just post videos to YouTube.
    Make sure the videos are optimized,
    make sure the channel is optimized.
    If you have any questions about that,
    we can help.
    We have a YouTube optimization and YouTube channel optimization checklists.
    So if you need help with that,
    just reach out in the comments or send me a private message on Facebook or
    The third thing you do is once you post your video to YouTube,
    you get the embed code and embed it into a blog post on your website.
    Google owns YouTube,
    they love videos,
    and then when you post or embed that video on a nice blog post where you write
    up a bunch of content,
    embed the video,
    post some good pictures,
    it really helps with your search rankings.
    In fact,
    previously we've posted a video to YouTube,
    then Facebook and then on the blog and within 24 hours they all ranked on
    so they definitely will help your local business get search engine rankings.
    It just depends on how competitive your market is.
    So if it's a very new business and no one else is doing it,
    you might rank a lot faster.
    If you're a pizza restaurant,
    might take you three months,
    might take you two years.
    It just depends on how competitive your business is in your city.
    The fifth thing is try Google ads.
    Google Adwords are awesome.
    They're inexpensive,
    they're more expensive than they used to be,
    but they're still very inexpensive.
    We have clients that are running five bucks a day,
    so not that much money.
    You can track them very well.
    You can see if they're working right now,
    they have a good feature called Call Ads.
    So they optimize it for people to call your business,
    which is exactly what you want.
    You want leads,
    they'll track the calls that you get so you can make sure that your salespeople
    are trying to talk to the customers and provide good service and hopefully
    closing a deal and the beauty is you can shut it off if it doesn't work,
    he spent a bit of money.
    It doesn't work.
    Do it once in a while when you have a certain promotion,
    but they are effective.
    the more competitive they are,
    the more expensive they're going to be in terms of how much you pay for
    impressions and how much you pay for clicks and that kind of thing.
    But it's still still worth it to try it.
    So those are five steps you can do right now to help improve your Google search
    Thank you for watching this video Marketing With Charles.
    We try to post as much as we can.
    If you ever have any questions,
    comment below,
    send us a private message.
    Reach out to us on Messenger on Facebook,
    which is where we love to talk with people.
    Check out our website if you want.
    We're always here to answer questions.
    We don't charge to answer questions.
    We'd love to help.
    Thank you for watching this video,
    and if you want any tips on how to optimize your YouTube channel or your YouTube
    send us a message and we'll send you,
    we've got some PDFs on that.
    Go optimize your online presence to get better Google search rankings.
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