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5 Steps to Spiritual Awakening

5 Steps to Spiritual Awakening
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    well hello everyone and welcome to today's Facebook live my name is Lisa
    Turner from Psycademy and today's live is all about the five steps that's
    five steps that anyone can take in order to experience a full spiritual awakening
    so today I'm going to go over those five steps and then in some future Facebook
    lives what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into a little bit more detail to each of
    those five steps so welcome welcome welcome
    so the first of the five steps to spiritual awakening is to integrate the
    conscious mind with the unconscious mind so here it's like Psycademy we have this
    actually comes from something really ancient which is the Tarot and so
    western mystery and Eastern mystery and it's this idea of three minds who have
    the conscious mind that's everything you're aware of right now then you have
    your unconscious mind and that's everything you're not aware of right now
    and this is where all your emotions your patterning your beliefs your values all
    resides there so those knee-jerk reactions responses
    that's in your unconscious patterning then you have your higher self and
    that's the part of you that's yearning to know God that's the part of you that
    is sometimes it's called your holy guardian angel sometimes people mistake
    it for their spirit guard although it's not necessarily that so it's the part of
    you that is sauce that's God within the individual
    so sometimes might call it your soul we just use the term higher self so that's
    three aspects of the mind conscious mind unconscious mind higher self so the
    first step to spiritual awakening is to integrate the conscious mind and the
    unconscious mind and the way we do that is through meditation through trance
    work through hypnosis through dream work shamanic journeying all integrate the
    conscious and the unconscious mind so that's the first step then what you need
    to do is step two is you need to remove the blocks within your unconscious mind
    so whenever you so you know most spiritual development programs they you
    know they teach you how to meditate and they'll tell you you know to hope and
    wish and pray and just keep trying but the problem is if you're
    doing all the right things you're not getting the right results you're not
    having that spiritual awakening that you want the chances are you've got some
    kind of limitation block limiting belief in your unconscious mind so the next
    step is to remove blocks and filters within your unconscious mind so that's
    step two we use a process here in Psycademy called higher self therapy and
    that just releases what it does is the idea is energy is supposed to flow and
    it's supposed to flow infinitely and if it doesn't because it's hitting a block
    what it's resistant so it's resistance to love resistance to energy so rather
    that people often talk about releasing negative emotions and yes it has that
    experience of it feeling like that but actually what we're doing is we're
    releasing the resistance to love so that love flows blocks a release so removed
    it to set one integrate conscious unconscious mind meditation hypnosis
    transport dream work number two remove blocks and filters within the
    unconscious mind so this is where we install new programming and move and
    also just as important if not more important to release blocks from the
    unconscious mind so remove limiting negative emotions limiting beliefs so we
    use Higher Self therapy step one and step two step three step three then you
    need to integrate the unconscious mind with the higher self so the way we do
    that is we the way we do that here in psyche Adam is we actually use a really
    powerful initiation process what it does is it raises the vibration of your
    unconscious mind so that it resonates with your higher self so that there's
    unity and connection there now the idea is every individual is connected to
    their higher self they just don't experience it because
    there's this difference in energetic vibration everyone can raise their
    vibration it's just that most people don't know how or they've they've kind
    of been told that it's not safe or they shouldn't be connected to their soul or
    that it's somehow evil or bad or they don't believe they're worthy or one of
    those things so so we remove that so we integrate the unconscious mind and the
    higher self to remove that layer that might seem to exist between the two so
    that's step 3 don't worry I'm going to recap all the steps at the end so oh and
    if you like this click the like button if you think that somebody else would
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    click the lovey button because we love right right step four is you want to
    activate more of your energy circuits now what this does is the more energy
    you can run in your unconscious mind in all of your neurology your conscious
    mind unconscious mind higher self the more energy you can run the more aware
    you are the more awake you are and it's a bit like you know it's like often
    people think of awakening it's like it's a switch it's on and I'm awake now and
    that's it I'm done well actually you're it's like you could it's a more like a
    dimmer switch it's not like an on/off and it starts to get brighter and
    brighter and brighter and brighter and you're more aware and more aware as the
    energy rises and the energy rises and the energy rises and the thing is your
    energy can always get higher it can always rise more so wherever you are in
    your spiritual awakening you can always awake and more by activating energy
    circuits now we do this in Psycademy through a whole series of initiations
    like the activation initiation into your higher self we have tons of initiations
    like initiations into your spirit guide initiations into some really powerful
    symbols tell them only to do something with that initiations into higher levels
    of consciousness initiations into that activate sexual energy circuits so we
    have a whole bunch of initiations in psych Adam II and each one building on
    the next raising and raising and raising your energy so awakening is not like a
    switch I'm awakened I'm not awakened it's like a dimmer
    switch it gets brighter and brighter or a brightening switch so that's step four
    now step five is about creating transformation now the reason I've put
    this as a step is for two reasons there's the internal transformation for
    yourself and then there's external transformation for the world one of the
    reasons we crave and we yearn to awaken spiritually is because we want to change
    something in our life whether we want a better relationship more money a better
    job a better life maybe we want to heal physically maybe we want to help other
    people maybe we want to work at this and do this for a living for it to create
    this change in the world maybe you want to be a spiritual leader where you can
    lead others to awaken now all of that is transformation all of that is about
    creating change oh as people joining us there's more people joining us I don't
    know who everyone else oh I can see didi I could see Monica so hello and there's
    lots of other people here so hello other people who I don't know who you are I
    love you anyway even though you're invisible to me I still know I still
    love you so so so what was I saying oh yeah so
    the reason I put create transformation as step 5 because there's a reason you
    wanted to awaken spiritually in the first place and it's because you want to
    create something bigger and better in your life so and other people's lives
    and either and both are just fine anytime you want to change something for
    the better that's about spiritual awakening and you
    know this is why you know even say scientists engineers I come from an
    engineering background engineers are super spiritual even though they don't
    know it because only they may not have most engineers I've spoken to are they
    just don't admit it outside because they're little bit shy like that so so
    anytime you want to create a better world you are about spiritual awakening
    so it's like you have that sometimes it starts with yearning for step 5 which is
    yearning to create transformation and then those are the steps of what you
    need to get there so let me recap and then I'm also going to share so on we
    we've run regularly we run a three-day conference and we have one coming up and
    just I think it's about oh I forget anyway anyway I'm gonna pop a link below
    and you can see where is and when it's coming up and on this conference we're
    gonna take you through everything you need for one or more of these steps and
    for all of these steps I'm going to go through this so the first step is let me
    recap the steps integrate the conscious and unconscious mind what we do there is
    we're going to show you how and we do this at our event our three-day event
    we're going to show you how to learn you're going to learn how to meditate
    so you can really create that conscious unconscious mind integration this
    creates a great sense of more unity gives you access to more resources so
    you feel more powerful more connected who then next step step two remove the
    blocks and filters within the unconscious mind so releasing the
    negative emotions and limiting beliefs and they say on our event our three-day
    event we're going to take you through our process called higher self therapy
    which releases all of the pain and negative emotions from the past in one
    that we do it in one session so you're going to get to experience
    it's that live now the beauty of experiencing that live is I can see the
    release happening so I know like is it working for you go on it's not working
    for them what are they need well that song I can adjust the energy as we do
    the release for for those people who are like for you when you're live in the
    room so that's step two step three is that integrating unconscious mind and
    higher self so what we're doing at our three-day event is we're going to take
    you through and a higher self initiation activation I don't care what your what
    word you call call it but what we do is we're going to bring your high self so
    it's above your head then we're going to raise your energy and give that energy
    kind of sort of so that your energy your unconscious mind and your higher self
    are resonating at the same level and then we're bringing the higher self into
    the physical bodies so that your higher self is integrated into you as a being
    now once you've had that happen it's there for you anytime you want it it's
    just there so that's step three integrate the unconscious mind and the
    higher self then we activate some energy circuits now this is where so on our
    some of our trainings like our spiritual practitioner training or our initiation
    training initiation it's not even a training initiation collective this is
    where we activate and raise your energy more and more so we're going to give you
    some processes to that enable you to do that at our three-day event then finally
    it's all about creating transformation so one of the things that you're going
    to work on for yourself at the event is what is it you want to change in your
    life and what does that look like so the event coming up it's called abundant how
    to be an abundant spiritual leader so one of the transformations you might
    want to make is creating more abundance for yourself maybe you're a psychic a
    healer a spiritual practitioner in you maybe you're already professional and
    you want to get even more successful whether that's externally successful
    more clients more money or whether it's internally successful so that you have a
    greater spirit spiritual connection maybe you are or you're not you're not
    your and so maybe you're already professional you've just gone
    professional but you want to go even further and you want to have even
    greater success and maybe it's not quite working then you need some help to
    figure out you know like how do you actually make money out of this so
    that's one of the things we're going to show you at this event how you can
    actually make money from being a spiritual practitioner at our abundant
    spiritual leader of him the pool is here hello the pool ah she's
    one of our tutors so trainee tutors but I would say that let's give it a secret
    wait don't tell people it out so what else we can do the event so removing
    blocks integrate unconscious Monaco's activates virtual energy circuits and
    creating transformations so that that's why I got to you about so so maybe you
    have no in maybe you are not yet professional but you'd love to be you'd
    love to figure out how to be a professional spiritual practitioner well
    on this training not only you're going to get some skills you're going to raise
    yours so be more awake and more connected have that access to your
    higher self so that you can start to think about how you might go
    professional and start to think about how to set your business up right right
    at the beginning rather than starting it and going oh I've gone down the wrong
    track and I need to pedal backwards and fix it so those of you who are not yet
    professional but wanting to or thinking about it come to the event and we'll set
    you on the right track for you then you might think I have no intention of ever
    being professional I just love doing this I just or I just want to be more
    spiritual I just want to fix my life I want to have more spiritual connection
    for myself great come to the event releasing those negative emotions
    limiting beliefs access to the higher self and one of the things we're also
    going to do at the event is I will be invoking my guides no one guide they are
    really really powerful at creating transformation or assisting you to
    create transformation for yourself to create a better life for you so I'll pop
    the link to the to the conference to the event in the comments below if you like
    this click the like button if you love it click the lovey button who doesn't
    love love right and if you think someone would benefit from it click the sherry
    button and I'm always mean I mean to say this at the beginning and I always
    forget every time if you have any questions and I'm we're no longer live
    pop them in anyway I'll be happy to answer them later I do jump on and do
    that so I hope to see you at our three-day event if not ice I love you if
    you're there I love you if you're not I love you so till next time and next
    Facebook live I'm going to talk about integrating the conscious mind and the
    unconscious mind that step once we're going to teach you some stuff I bet
    excuse me share with
    use some ideas and tips on meditation where people go wrong how to do it right
    how to make it work for you so I normally do my facebook lives on a
    Tuesday and or Thursdays there's normally one a week unless I'm running a
    retreat or a training should be one next week anyway stay tuned on the page and
    join our email list because then you always get a link to it later so I will
    see you next time oh hi Monica sure let me know DeeDee says do you have
    a link for the three-day deck yes I will go do that now I will go do that now and
    maybe I will see what they meant duty I'd be good to see you there all right
    love you lots guys see you soon bye go what do i click oh it's this one okay
    I found it now bye darlings bye
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