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6 Steps to Preparing for a Gogokid Class - A Gogokid Brand Contributor Video

6 Steps to Preparing for a Gogokid Class - A Gogokid Brand Contributor Video
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    teacher Janice I'm so excited to hear you're getting ready for your first
    gogokid class whether this is your interview class or your first booking
    with real students I'm so excited to share this six point checklist with you
    so you can make sure that everything is ready to have a great experience as a
    gogokid step 1 check on teacher appearance classes at gogokid for many
    teachers are very very early in the morning we want to make sure that that
    smiling awake present teacher that we show in our profile picture is similar
    to the teacher that opens the camera for the actual physical class so you want to
    find the perfect morning routine for you where you look awake and present and
    excited to teach this student and really pay attention and listen to them so you
    need to find what works for you check and make sure your appearance is neat
    and you look professional when you open the camera each day also be aware of the
    culture and be aware of that when you choose your dress so you're gonna be
    looking for modest clothing in the summertime warmer weather is coming I'm
    still going to avoid plunging necklines and I'm going to make sure I'm always
    wearing sleeves so I'm not gonna be teaching in a tank top this summer
    even if my office gets very warm I'm always gonna be wearing something
    conservative and professional does teacher Janice have a tattoo you have no
    idea because visible tattoos are not a thing in the gogokid classroom so if
    you do have a tattoo you do need to find a way to cover it up before a class
    outside of class the rest of your day you do you but within this tiny little
    webcam box we need to make sure that we have modest dress we look neat and
    professional and that any tattoos are out of view. as a gogokid teacher you are an
    independent contractor and we understand this is a very small part of your day
    maybe you teach in a brick and mortar classroom maybe you teach for another
    online company during a gogokid class your parents should not know where else
    you teach they should only see gogokid in your classroom so some teachers have
    a completely neutral classroom experience so that means they have no
    on their clothing they have no logos in their classroom and that is completely
    okay to have an educationally neutral environment but if you do sometimes
    feature characters in your classroom or items that might have logos on them you
    need to be 100% sure before you open the camera for a gogokid class that there
    are no items from other companies available in your classroom so set a
    little sticky note on your computer so that every time you open your camera for
    a gogokid class you take a quick look around your classroom and make sure
    there are no logos no props no clothing no decorations of any kind that are
    going to be visible at any time in your gogokid if you are brand brand-new and
    you're just interviewing you're starting your first week of classes or if you're
    traveling the expectations for a classroom background are the same as if
    you're a seasoned teacher who teaches seven days a week so the students should
    have an educational background when they open the camera your room should look
    like it is devoted to the educational experience of the child so for some
    teachers that's a simple sign with their teacher show name and an educational
    poster from the dollar store so it could be an alphabet poster and a sign with
    your name and you're ready for Showtime some people hang a little bit of a
    banner that they get from target dollar spot or some sort of decoration they
    have from a previous classroom teacher life for me I like to have props on my
    background that are grab-and-go so that I have some prop storage and an
    educational background kind of all built into one I use this map a lot when I
    teach when I talk about like the distance between me and my students when
    I talk about islands when I talk about landforms I use this map in my classroom
    and it also serves as part of my educational background my background
    they are on magnets and they come off and I use them as flashcards in the
    lower level lessons where we are teaching the beginning sounds in the
    reading process I use my fruit friends all the time in my cane lessons and I
    also use them to teach small and big because I have the larger versions of
    the same fruits on my desk so I might teach Big Apple small Apple I might
    teach Big Mango small mango and I might teach singular and
    plural I use these shapes all the time I even use this circle to teach how to
    circle and I use the star from the set to give stars and to count them at the
    end of the lesson so everything on my educational background is magnetic and
    serve some sort of purpose where I can also use it in the classroom because my
    space is very limited and I want everything in my classroom to be used in
    multiple ways please make sure you look at your educational background and
    you're really sure about the view that you see in the webcam window realize
    that you can hop in that practice classroom if you want to see how much of
    your background will be visible when you open the camera for a go-go kid lighting
    is so so important and I know it's a pain and it's challenging and it's
    difficult but it's magical when you get it right if you've gotten your lighting
    setup as close as you can go ahead and snap a picture and send it to a friend
    that you trust another teacher on the platform the teacher who referred you
    it's really important to get some outside feedback on your lighting
    sometimes after you've looked at it for a long time you can't tell that you have
    shadows or glare or that it's really really dark on one side of your face so
    I have a whole video on 10 tips for getting great classroom lighting so that
    you can get as close as you can but really do before your first class
    reflect on your lighting if you're traveling this is a plan you need to
    have you need to have a plan for lighting and the plan to have someone
    check and make sure that your lighting is up to the same classroom standards
    that a family would experience if you are in your traditional classroom
    environment please have a game plan for checking your lighting and check out
    this video to learn more tips for class or ways you want to check your classroom
    for classroom noise and you want to reflect on the time of day in your house
    that you're teaching you want to make sure that parents won't be hearing dogs
    and cats walking through your classroom environment that can be so distracting
    they shouldn't hear crying children they shouldn't hear children knocking on the
    door coming in to ask a parent a question it is easier said than done I
    am a busy mom and sometimes there are snow days or my children are home sick
    and we need to have a family conversation for how that works
    if my door is closed you can't be in here because I'm either filming or I'm
    teaching a live class so I've seen many teachers that have a sign on their door
    to communicate to their children that this is a time that mom is teaching in
    China and you can't be in here I have seen teachers make that sign and
    role play with their children what they're going to do if your child for
    some reason does need to be home alone with you during this time he's dependent
    you need to come up with some strategies for that whether they need to have a
    device of the screen some sort of snack that's safe for them to eat in medium
    supervision you need to come up with a game plan and you need to roleplay this
    with your children what should they do if they wake up in your teaching what
    should they do if they're sick and you're teaching what should they do if
    they're hungry and you're teaching you need to talk through these scenarios
    before class starts you don't want to be interrupting a class you don't want to
    be distracted and they really shouldn't hear anything about your life during
    class in the summer I have taught some students who are sitting by an open
    window where I can hear traffic and the busy street and I know how distracting
    that can be I've had classes with students where there's fireworks going
    on outside and I live very close to a 4th of July fireworks site I have to be
    extra extra careful during certain times of year to make sure I'm not scheduling
    classes during times that I know my environment will be very noise parents
    pay a lot of money for these classes and I want to have my full undivided
    attention on the learning of that student for 25 minutes and maybe this seems obvious
    but please make sure your tech setup is super stable before that first class so
    when you're inside a classroom you have that gear settings icon that you can
    check a half-hour before class to make sure the right headset is selected the
    right webcam is selected you can hear the student they can hear you that is a
    must 30 minutes before your class but also know that we have those practice
    classrooms on freshdesk where you can test your IT setup I have
    a whole video about the four big IT tips that you need to be aware of as a goggle
    kid teacher feel free to check on those to make sure that your IT setup is super
    super this video was helpful to you if you like this video go ahead and click
    like button and subscribe to my channel I'm so grateful you came here today to
    fill your bucket and make sure you're super prepared in the go-go kid
    classroom I wish you luck I hope your next class goes so well and I know it
    well because you took the time to go through this checklist of six ways you
    can be so prepared for your class happy teaching
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