8 Powerful Steps To Non-Attachment

8 Powerful Steps To Non-Attachment
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    During our lives, we tend to form many attachments to various types of things.
    Many of us are so attached to the physical world that we become enslaved and possessed
    by the very things we adore.
    Detachment is when someone has complete freedom from all that is seen or heard and doesn t
    let any possessions take control of them.
    Practicing non-attachment gives us power over our emotions and feelings in relation to the
    attachments in our life.
    Many people wonder, why does detachment matter?
    Why does it matter whether or not we re attached to something?
    The answer is simple, if we re not careful our attachment can lead to tragedy and heartbreak
    when change takes its unstoppable course.
    Attachment is the root cause of our suffering.
    Non-attachment is the ultimate form of self-mastery.
    The first and most important concept when trying to incorporate non-attachment into
    your life, is consciously acknowledging that everything that s manifested in our physical
    world is temporary, not forever.
    When you notice your attachment to anyone or to anything, ask yourself the following
    questions: Why do I really desire this?
    What permanent advantage would I gain by possessing this?
    How would this possession help me towards greater knowledge and freedom?
    Over and over again, the answers to these questions show us that the desired thing is
    useless in the long term and also may be potentially harmful by driving us into ignorance and bondage.
    Sometimes we may become aware that the things we desire, is something simply to fulfill
    a mere restlessness in the mind.
    The mental state of non-attachment may come slowly, but even during the earliest stages
    of practice are rewarded by a sense of peace and freedom.
    Guaranteed success will come from being consistent with this spiritual discipline.
    Practice Non-Attachment in 8 Steps:
    Ask yourself what realistic permanent advantage you should gain if you possessed your desire.
    Let go of your attachment to money by making a donation or helping out someone in need.
    Befriend yourself- your self-worth should come from within you, not from other peoples
    Don t seek security in people or things.
    Overcome your attachment to entertainment
    Let go of the need to be dominate or influential over others.
    Stop living in an illusion- don t overly attach yourself to your possessions or even your
    hopes and dreams.
    Understand that all things naturally come and go.
    It s unavoidable.
    Non-attachment is easily misunderstood by many people as they might interrupt it as
    having to give up their possessions to feel free . This is far from the truth.
    Detachment is simply not feeling owned by the things you possess or desire.
    There will be moments when impatience of frustration arises.
    But that s alright as long as you allow the emotions to rise and dissolve.
    Do not feed or fuel the negative emotions.
    The Benefits of Non-Attachment:
    Expectations no longer rule your life.
    You see things for the way they are.
    You re not bothered much by the physical world (but you don t tolerate harmful behavior).
    Your heart grows even bigger and you love more because you don t feel the need to control
    You re not attached to outcomes.
    Detachment is releasing vibrational resistance, allowing the law of attraction to work effectively
    for you.
    Be attached to nothing but be open to everything.
    Non-attachment is a freeing practice which will help you a lot when it comes to adjusting
    to change that takes place in
    the future.
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