Become an Influencer in 4 Steps | My Instagram Influencer Journey | BuzzChomp

Become an Influencer in 4 Steps | My Instagram Influencer Journey | BuzzChomp
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    I'm Mandi. This is BuzzChomp home of fitness and entertainment. I've seen a lot of
    stuff about people wanting to be influencers. How to be an influencer. This
    is my influencer journey I'd call myself a micro influencer for now so how to
    start being an influencer guys. Subscribe to Buzzchomp. Woo. Step 1. Start an
    Instagram if you don't have an Instagram start one right now because that's how a
    lot of things happen. You know follow your friends. Have them follow you back
    Step 2. Define your Instagram niche. You want to be specific with your audience.
    I'd consider myself to be like a lifestyle go check me out
    @mandimellen on Instagram. I've seen just mothers. I've seen food bloggers of all
    different. So take what you are take your niche and be really specific and define
    that. Step 3 spotlight the products and the things
    that you love the best way to first start is to already spotlight the things
    that you love if you're into makeup and you're gonna just do makeup start by
    showing all the different makeups all the different products that you use same
    goes for like cooking if you're a mom blogger all that start with what you
    already know and what you already like. Step 4 follow other brands and other
    people that are similar to you on Instagram. Start following them start
    tagging them start commenting on them and all of that what's that gonna do is
    it's going to start to create relationships with other influencers you
    know bigger ones ones of similar paths things like that. It takes time guys but
    like these are just like the four initial steps to get started but what
    these first four steps are doing is you're there creating your foundation
    they're creating who you are on Instagram who you are and then you can
    go forward and you can do more things. And a bonus step a bonus step. Be
    consistent with your content guys be consistent with your content. Post at
    least some people say every day some people say a couple of times a week. I'm
    in the everyday but post good content every day.
    I'm Mandi Mellen. Subscribe to Buzzchomp. Share with me your own journey share with me your
    own tips and yeah I'll check them out. Yeah kids yeah.
    Thanks for watching. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share.
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