Filmmaking Essentials: Orlando Delbert’s, Steps For Success Hollywood Life

Filmmaking Essentials: Orlando Delbert’s, Steps For Success Hollywood Life
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    Are you doing what you love?
    Or do you feel stuck and unchallenged?
    Do you want to make a living at something you are naturally good at?
    Do you feel there may be a time limit on your success?
    The truth is, knowing what the definition of success is for you will help determine
    your path, and your longevity in this business.
    And this is true in all aspects of life.
    I'm going to share with you my fourteen steps for success.
    These are all steps that I have had to take into account decades ago when I first began
    my journey in the entertainment space, and what they've evolved into to work in today's
    And for young aspiring content creators and filmmakers joining the ranks of The New Hollywood
    Generation, this directly applies to you.
    All of that and more coming up.
    Welcome to 'Hollywood, Unapologetic!'
    My name is Orlando Delbert.
    I wanted to speak a little bit about Filmmaking Essentials: Orlando Delbert's 14 Steps For
    Success, and how it applies to The New Hollywood Generation.
    I should mention before we get into it, I first wrote about some of what we're about
    to touch upon, success in filmmaking, in life, and how it applies as part of the New Hollywood
    Generation when I was writing, Pollyanna's Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival
    Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical.
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    Be sure to watch all of the way through.
    We're going to speak about a lot of things as part of being best prepared.
    Remember, preparation is the key to you and your project's success.
    Although I first wrote about my steps to success about ten years ago, it has been something
    I have spoken about for decades.
    I have strongly believed that you and I can do whatever we put our minds and hearts too,
    but we have to be clear on what that goal is.
    And in saying that, I want to give you the following steps that have helped me along
    the way.
    Go out and do what you love.
    Go on!
    If you're not doing what you love to do, find something you love to do.
    Most people get stuck in a job they never truly enjoyed.
    They felt stuck.
    They often stayed there because financially they felt they needed to.
    It's a trap because one may find themselves doing mediocre, unchallenging, and unfulfilling
    Find what you are naturally good at.
    Find a way to make a living at it.
    If you are not able to do it as a primary source of income, do it as your primary source
    of self-fulfillment.
    Find something that will give you satisfaction.
    It will give you confidence.
    If you're not able to do it as a living, do it for your soul.
    One thing, don't put a time limit on your success.
    Far too many people set goals with caps on them.
    Does that mean if you don't reach your definition of success in your twenties, that you have
    If you haven't reached success in your thirties you've failed: your forties, your fifties,
    and your sixties?
    Putting a time limit on your success is a trap pre-destined for failure.
    It's never too late to begin something you love and just do it.
    Although Hollywood starts the weeding-out process for many in their early twenties,
    that is never a reason to give up, ever.
    Just keep moving forward.
    Success is defined by having the quality of life you want, not by a pre-determined time
    frame or set of circumstances decided by someone else.
    It's determined by having a balanced life and everything that can come from it.
    Success is also far more than just having some money in your pocket and a nice car.
    Success for most is having a balanced life.
    I want you to really give that some thought.
    You define your own parameters for success, not anyone else.
    And here's a secret, for many of us, myself included, what our goals may have been when
    we first started out in this journey are considerably different when we arrive.
    It's about adapting and the ability to keep pushing forward.
    Be liked and respected.
    Ah, how nice that is.
    But unfortunately, especially as you are finding your place in the entertainment world, not
    both happen.
    It sucks.
    It's a drag.
    But far too many people in this business are not nearly as talented or as exceptional as
    they pretend to be.
    And what that means for you, you'll come into contact with others that want to watch
    you crash and burn.
    But if you have to choose between being liked and being respected, choose being respected.
    What that means, do not sell yourself short, and always know your worth.
    Of course, having both is ideal, but not always through life we can have both with everyone.
    Being respected will go much further in your professional life.
    Trust me on this one.
    Make yourself indispensable.
    Know your worth.
    Demand your worth.
    You have to accept situations as they unfold or are presented to you, but strive to be
    an asset.
    Strive to be of value.
    Be the hero.
    The entertainment industry is littered with sharks in suits, and "chickenheads" on
    the prowl, all looking for those they can take advantage of.
    They look for the naïve and inexperienced to step on.
    They steal the livelihoods of everyone they possibly can through intimidation and control
    They kill off opportunities for you to make money, if they see you as any type of threat
    instead of an asset.
    And this last one is quite common in Los Angeles in particular.
    In the end they put out the fires behind the dreams of so many.
    Sometimes people work against you for his or her selfish reasons.
    Expect it.
    Plan for it, but never make a threat that you are not prepared to back up.
    You have to have confidence.
    That helps make you indispensible.
    Make yourself irreplaceable.
    Don't hold back but always tell the truth.
    One thing I've learned everywhere I've lived and worked away from New York City,
    is that people find us New Yorkers to be rude.
    People at times are taken aback by our directness and view that as rudeness.
    In Los Angeles, which is a town where many people refused to be direct and own their
    own accountability are threatened by someone who is direct.
    That is because we see their bullshit coming and we'll call you out on it.
    People are afraid because they don't want to be called into human resources for something
    that can be petty, or what you think is a non-issue, because someone else doesn't
    like it or view you or your directness as a threat.
    They rather run to someone else to have administered some type of disciplinary action towards you,
    instead of having a constructive dialogue to work on something together.
    These are patterns of the weak minded, and less driven of those whom have a larger calling
    and not afraid to stand up for themselves.
    Stand up and tell the truth.
    And when possible, have a paper trail to support your case.
    Don't let yourself become the victim.
    The entertainment industry has a major dysfunctional element built into it.
    It's a mindset that allows those higher up in the food chain to have free will to
    bully anyone and everyone they can.
    And too often it's accepted.
    Without question, if you don't fit the status quo of your peers in Hollywood, you don't
    A difference of opinion on political views, difference on social views, they won't work.
    They'll be blacklisted.
    Entertainment is an industry built upon the dreams of many --- and most of the slaves
    who've built it will never see their dreams turn into fruition.
    It's an industry built on the great façade of a perceived reality, built upon the backs
    and lackluster egos of the desperate and undirected.
    This is something I've been saying for decades.
    The pecking order in this business is determined and often based on greed, arrogance, and poor
    business ethics.
    This is a ruthless and unforgiving business not intended for the meek seeking stability;
    individuals holding all the power often use the meek as cannon fodder.
    So, protect yourself, stand up for yourself, and don't hold back.
    Don't be the victim.
    Give it a shot and just go for it.
    In an industry where tens of millions of dollars are spent on developing programming and tent
    pole productions, a very high percentage of them fail.
    Many people within the industry, despite their work history, experience hardships and failed
    projects, and too some degree that's expected when you consider the volume of projects floating
    around town at any given time.
    But, when all that him or her has experienced is failure, it's easy to develop a negative
    expectancy to the work you produce.
    And this eventually will trickle down to his or her personal life.
    You just have to take a step back, shake it off, and begin again.
    Hollywood doesn't award too often something fresh and new.
    It's far safer for the studios and networks to reboot something that may have worked decades
    before because the financial risk is easier to justify.
    It's an easier sell to potential sponsors and investors, and in some cases even turn
    a profit before a single frame is even shot.
    Shake off the negativity, take a breath, and keep moving forward.
    You have to claim your, "I have to be in it to win it" attitude and truly believe
    you're going to succeed.
    You have to learn from the lessons, successes and failures of those around you, and help
    them motivate you to go for it.
    Be flexible and resilient, and just go for it.
    Which leads me to…
    Succeeding in any area of the entertainment industry most often depends on your perseverance,
    flexibility, endurance, and will.
    You can have all of the talent in the world and not get ahead because you lack consistency
    in these four strengths.
    Whether you are working with a tight deadline, new technology, a weak manager, a hangover,
    or any of the countless possible things Murphy's Law can shovel at you, how you adapt and overcome
    can either make you or break you.
    Having a good attitude, and a willingness to be flexible and to let go of things that
    don't matter will help you to recover from any blows you may get from the negativity
    mongers out there.
    Let slide what truly doesn't matter and keep moving forward.
    Does my speaking about you finding what you're naturally good at make sense?
    Or my speaking about not putting a time limit on your success?
    What about defining success by having the quality of life and balance you want make
    If it does, write hashtag New Hollywood Generation in the comments below.
    That's #NewHollywoodGeneration.
    Have a sense of humor and laugh it off.
    One thing you'll notice while working in the Hollywood trenches, far too many people
    take themselves way too seriously.
    Everything is about his or her own perceived self-importance, and wielding whatever power
    they have to keep anyone and everyone at bay.
    Some of it is a safety mechanism.
    Some of it is wanting to control everyone in his or her proximity.
    Whatever the motivations and the reasoning behind it, you have to be able to take it
    all lightly, and with a grain of salt.
    If you're able to develop a sense of comedic timing to counter the constant posturing of
    others will help deflect bad intentions and diffuse tensions that may arise.
    The many weak producers and "chickenheads" you'll come in contact with see those of
    talent as threats instead of assets.
    So much of the attitudes and egos you'll be around are ridiculously comical.
    Do what I do, have a laugh at their expense.
    And treating them with a little kindness as well will surely get under the skin even more.
    They often feel if you want to work with them, your motives may be to take their jobs, instead
    of simply sustainability.
    They don't want to hear of your successes.
    They don't want to hear about your positive lives.
    And if you're good looking, that may be something else that challenges them.
    They want to hear that you are somewhat miserable, so they feel better about themselves.
    It's not so much about being negative; just some things about you are not so wonderful.
    They want to hear that you are a regular person.
    One way to counter all of this is to have a self-deprecating humor about yourself.
    Get in.
    Get a laugh.
    Get out.
    Get paid.
    Keep moving.
    Make your first impression count.
    You better believe it!
    I know you'll hear over and over again, "the only chance you'll ever have at a
    first impression is your first impression."
    This is probably one of the most important pieces of advice you will ever hear.
    In an industry where so much attention is on how people perceive you by what you wear,
    the car you drive, if you're fit, tall, and all of that stuff that really doesn't
    matter in the big picture nor define whom you really are, if your first impression is
    a miss, you'll be fighting an uphill battle from the get go.
    Trust me.
    Something I speak about a lot is about taking the time to research the things you need to
    help put your timelines together.
    Meeting someone for the first time in this "business of show" is no different.
    If you have a job interview, having a meeting with an angel investor or distributor, or
    just having coffee with a possible new client, take the time to research as much as you can
    about those who you'll be sitting down with, their corporate culture, and anything else,
    so that you will not only dress in line with what they may aspect, but also will help you
    develop your talking points in the language that best suits what they want to hear.
    Remember, you are in the "business of you."
    The entertainment industry is just about making money over anything else.
    The handfuls of bigots that get media attention are not the majority.
    Unfortunately, that media attention is enough to fuel a very narrow-minded view of a whole
    This is not about white privilege or anything else other than about making money.
    A very large majority of the business decisions that are made are based on monetary gains
    and losses based on a formula that has been followed for decades.
    As I've talked about in other episodes, the times are changing.
    The demographic of our country is changing and it is being reflected in projects being
    We see that change far more evident in the television world.
    The reason for that in part, it's easier and quicker to produce content for television,
    get revenue from commercials, as well as to determine the direct impact from affiliate
    fees when the projects go to syndication.
    That's a huge determining factor I get into in several episodes on distribution.
    Check out the card above right now.
    -- Is it left?
    By the way, the primary revenue stream of television, are affiliate fees, a multi-billion
    dollar revenue maker.
    You and I have to pay our dues over and over again.
    This is something a lot of people don't want to acknowledge, nor even accept.
    This is something seen more and more with young people, wanting the world but not continuously
    putting the work in, nor willing to be flexible to opportunities as they arrive.
    This mindset makes it easier for other's to have a negative influence on you and feed
    into the high amount of negativity we see today in this world.
    And thanks to social media, many now have a voice and like to stir shit up simply because
    they can.
    These individuals are a far cry from offering any kind of productive contributions to move
    any issue forward.
    They just want to entice hatred because it's much easier to do than it is to work for something
    for everyone's common good.
    Anyone who may be different in their eyes is all too often seen as threats to their
    way of life.
    And in saying this, I have a challenge for you!
    My challenge to you is if you are concerned about being seen differently within our industry,
    or feel the hiring practices, and opportunities are just not available, what are you going
    to do about it?
    If you feel the struggle for racial and gender parity in America is holding you back from
    your success, what are you going to do about it?
    Part of paying your dues is to create your own opportunities.
    That is a lesson so many people are very resistant about learning.
    You and I have to create our own opportunities.
    Let me ask you this?
    If you are concerned abut the hiring practices of the Hollywood studios and networks, and
    how inclusive they are to those of different ethnic backgrounds, different sexes and sexual
    preferences, different religious beliefs, and those with disabilities, what are you
    going to do about it?
    You know the television networks and motion picture studios will follow the money, how
    will you tap into that?
    All of the points made by so many on these issues, regardless of the validity, miss the
    simple point of we all need to create the projects we want, hire the people we want,
    and base it on the individual's talents and willingness to be inclusive of one another.
    This should not to be based on just someone's ethnic background, sex, age, sexual preference,
    the shoes they're wearing today or the car they drive, because for us to get beyond this,
    we have to work as one.
    It truly is that simple.
    And creating your own projects, or being part of projects that resonate with you, not only
    offer far more control of the message being offered, but are the only ways the studios
    and networks will take notice and change their diversity and inclusion hiring and project
    development practices.
    Which leads me to…
    Our roles as content creators come with a responsibility.
    And this is something many inexperienced content creators may not be aware of.
    Many identify with Hollywood as being the face of America.
    Really give that some thought.
    Many cultures around the world identify with the products offered by the Hollywood machine
    as a strong representation of whom we are and what we're about.
    So, doesn't it make sense to create the projects and the roles of true substance that
    are of a positive voice, not just because any group of people may be considered marginalized
    by some?
    To achieve true diversity, we have to encourage one another to be inclusive of one another.
    And I say inclusive, not tolerant.
    They have very different meanings.
    And being inclusive is also having a willingness to have a dialogue that is far greater than
    just hiring a certain director or set of actors.
    It also has to do with hiring those behind the camera, the production assistants, the
    grips and electrical men and women, the writers, everyone.
    Every member of The New Hollywood Generation, yes, this means you too, is of value because
    of his or her willingness to be part of this inclusive journey.
    You and I are of value and are part of a larger culture each and every one of us represents.
    One more thing, as part of The New Hollywood Generation, others just like you are asking
    the same questions of themselves.
    You are not alone.
    We're all in it together.
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    of content creators.
    And feel free to take advantage of other members in The New Hollywood Generation community.
    We are all here to grow together and to help one another.
    And you know what?
    If there is a subject you want to know more about or just want to say hi, please do.
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    As members of The New Hollywood Generation, take the time to assess what your short-term
    and long-term goals are.
    Make your plan.
    Take a breath.
    Go for it!
    You can do it once you believe you can.
    Are you ready for the challenge?
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