Five steps before writing your argumentative essay

Five steps before writing your argumentative essay
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    if You want to write an argument paper
    What do you do before that?
    I suggest five steps to guide you
    First, what is your opinion?
    You should tell whether you agree or disagree
    try to be clear
    you are trying here to hook the readers to be interested in reading your paper
    Second step
    You need to support your argument
    If you think it is a good argument, then why is it so?
    try to convince others why do you agree or disagree
    Third, tell what other people think of that topic
    if, for example, you agree then other people might disagree
    tell why others disagree
    tell why other people disagree
    show evidence
    if you believe your opinion
    your argument
    is strong
    then why other people's argument is weak
    show evidence to support that
    Last step, the fifth,
    what does this mean?
    tell you own opinion in different words
    maybe, when you were brainstorming
    you figured out your argument is not strong enough
    mention that!
    why do you think other people's argument is a little bit stronger than yours
    or weaker
    mention that!
    Now, you know the FIVE steps
    Memorize them!
    Very good!
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