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How To Flow Like XXXTENTACION in 5 Steps

How To Flow Like XXXTENTACION in 5 Steps
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    in this video you're gonna learn how to flow like XXXTENTACION you'll one of my
    subscribers asked how to flow like xxxtentacion and I want to cover that
    because he has a Latino name and I'm Latino
    first of all rest in peace X an amazing rapper love him I feel like he
    definitely is a genius he said he was a genius but I feel like he actually was a
    genius artist and the reason I think he's a genius artist is because he
    wasn't afraid to go anywhere he wasn't afraid to sing he wasn't afraid to do
    indie rock he would do any style of music he had all these different
    influences but for some reason maybe because he thought hip-hop is a
    closed-minded community he felt the need on his last album to give a disclaimer
    recommending people to open their minds before listening to this music because
    it was a combination of all his influences he did some rock screaming
    stuff some scream Oh emo stuff he did some singing stuff he did some straight
    rapping bars type stuff he did everything on the album and that's why I
    think he's a real creative genius because he's not afraid to go anywhere
    again this video I'm gonna teach you how to flow like xxxtentacion or pretty
    much any rapper you want to flow like but for this video let's focus on xxxtentacion
    this is part of my rap program it's what I learned in high
    school when I was trying to learn how to rap like the pros I would try different
    things and this is what really worked for me and it's what I've been teaching
    it's been helping my students and so this really is the best method even
    though it does take a lot of work this is not an easy thing it's not like
    taking a pail all of a sudden you got pro rap skills no that's not how this
    works you actually have to go through the process and master it to be able to
    get the flow from these rappers alright now we're gonna get into the steps of
    how you can flow like xxx so the first thing you want to do is find a verse of
    his that you really like ideally it would be something that's challenging
    for you something that's kind of difficult for you to rap but you think
    wow it'd be awesome to rap like that find that verse and then you're gonna go
    on to step two step two is you want to grab a pen and paper and what we're
    gonna do is listen to the lyrics over and over again listen to the verse over
    and over again and write down every single word that you hear this is not
    going on Google and just copying down the lyrics that you see they're a big
    part of this practice to rap like a pro is developing your ear developing your
    ear training so the ear training is listening to every single word that
    they're rapping and to be able to take even the smallest word and build a right
    down and you're gonna have to listen to the song over and over again to be able
    to write down every single word that you hear only after you're done doing that
    or if you feel really stuck then go on Google and see what Google says but when
    you get really good at this when your ears sensitivity to flow starts to
    really develop you'll find that the lyrics that you wrote down are more
    accurate than the ones on Google because more than half the time
    Google's lyrics are messed up for rap music and actually for most music genres
    again this is really important for training the ear the other thing that
    this helps with is that it helps you start memorizing lyrics you're starting
    to learn that the repetition is necessary to learn how to memorize
    lyrics by writing down the lyrics you're gonna start subconsciously soaking in
    the flow of the rapper and understanding a deeper level of what goes in to pro
    level rap flow and lyrics sometimes your subconscious doesn't know the difference
    whether it's you writing or someone else so this gonna make you have more
    confidence when writing high-level raps as well alright so after you've written
    down all the lyrics double-check with Google see if you messed up see if
    you're doing better than Google already and then the next step is you want to
    recite the lyrics just read them really slowly and you want to practice
    enunciate in every single word opening your mouth really weird and practice
    enunciate in every single little word and this is gonna start to help develop
    the strength in your voice muscle it's gonna help you with your rap skill with
    being able to enunciate because the key to being able to rap like a pro is to
    have the mouth and vocal strength to be able to enunciate really clearly so that
    people can understand every word that you say mumble rappers are really
    popular right now but it's because their flow is so good I recommend learning how
    to enunciate and having flow this way you'll be able to rap flow with any type of
    style you can do mumble rapping we can do lyrical type of rapping you'll have
    the ability like jay-z and biggie to be able to rap any style after you've
    worked on your enunciation the next thing you want to do is find the song
    and practice rapping along with the rapper and record yourself rapping along
    with the rapper until you feel like you've really mastered the flow and
    you're able to match up the delivery with the rapper and then the next step
    is to find the instrumental of a song and practice rapping it by yourself and
    go back and forth between rapping by yourself and over the instrumental until
    you feel like you can really flow it really well by yourself confidently and
    another great you can do to practice is practice
    wrapping that same verse over different beats so that you can practice wrapping
    it slower and faster and really play with your skill in your style so those
    are some great intro tips to help you flow like xxxtentacion I have more
    advanced training and I go deeper into how to flow like a pro in my training
    below but the main thing to be able to steal any rapper's flow is what you're
    doing is you're practicing their rap over and over and over again until
    you've mastered it and once you've mastered a pro flow that you like and
    that you instinctually feel connected to this is gonna add to your own skill it's
    kind of like when I start learning guitar songs like after every song that
    I learned and I covered I had new skill I had new guitar skills I had to learn
    new chords I had to learn how to sing different keys same thing with rapping I
    learned this from studying Busta Rhymes and A Tribe Called Quest song called
    scenario so in that song he has this fast verse where he goes hey yo bust it
    out before the Busta Busts another rhyme the rhythm is in sync uh the Rhymes
    are on time I like the flow of that so I tried to learn that so I use this
    process to learn that flow but that's how you flow like xxxtentacion and
    that's how you flow like any rapper you want to learn more check out the link
    below subscribe like to you in the next video
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