How To Get the Best Exchange Rates in 3 Simple Steps

How To Get the Best Exchange Rates in 3 Simple Steps
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    how do I get the best exchange rate when sending money home I've spoke about this
    before but it's something that comes up on a regular basis
    okay so simply put there's two ways you can transfer money one is you can use your bank two is you
    can use a third-party foreign exchange company all right here's the bad news
    the interbank rate or the rate that you see on you're not gonna get that
    but the goal is to get as close to it as possible if you use your bank they add
    much larger spread to the exchange rate yes they may not be charging you're a
    fixed fee but they are charging you're quite a hefty Commission the best way to
    do it is by using a third party foreign exchange company and yes even if you are
    HSBC premier so here's how it works step one is set up an account with a
    third party FX company for this they'll need copies of your ID and proof
    of your residence so if you're in the UAE such as your passport and Emirates
    ID step 2 tell them how much you want to transfer for example 30,000 dirham in
    to pounds they'll then give you a rate and step three send the money to their
    client account give them your receiving bank details and in two to three days
    the money will be in your account make sure the company that you're using are
    regulated somewhere like the UK so you've got extra protection and make
    sure that they cover any bank fees that your banks could have charged you when
    you send money to a third party account otherwise it could just be a wasted
    process that's all for me today I'm Joe Woodhouse this is family wealth
    101. see you tomorrow
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