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How To Improve Your Life In 3 Simple Steps

How To Improve Your Life In 3 Simple Steps
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    I swear tomorrow is definitely gonna be the day that I really buckle down I'm
    gonna film at least four, no five new vlogs no less.
    Oh the interesting world of personal development. The beautiful place that is
    oversaturated in both redundant and often contradictory content from both
    the incredibly accomplished like Tony Robbins and Lisa Nichols and those who
    wish they were a part of the incredibly accomplished. But all this content
    continues to exist and continues to be made because we as a collective continue
    to seek it out. Yes, that's true. And we continue to seek it out because we have
    such a difficult time actually applying or making it a practical part of our
    lives, to get us to the point where we wouldn't actually need it anymore. That
    sounds about right. But knowing that today I want to make things as easy as
    they can possibly get. So I'm gonna offer up three incredibly simple, incredibly
    straightforward steps for all of us to immediately apply and hopefully change
    our lives. You have part of my attention, you have the minimum amount. Step one
    take 10 minutes aside and write down absolutely everything you can think of
    that makes you happy in life. And I mean everything. If you enjoy taking your dog
    for a walk, write it down. If you enjoy reading in bed, write it down. If you
    enjoy playing rugby, write it down. Okay that's enough stop please. Step number
    two is to now take ten minutes to write down everything that you are currently
    doing on a regular basis in your life. Write down everything from reading to
    making dinner to going to work to working out, whatever you're doing on the
    daily or whatever you're doing with some level of consistency on a weekly basis.
    I'm trying to think but nothing happens. Step three and get ready to have your mind blown...
    look at these two lists simultaneously and adjust accordingly. You just blew my
    mind. Life may be incredibly complicated and
    I'm sure we all have a number of deep-seated issues we would benefit from
    tackling and addressing at the core of everything that we're going through. But
    we're also not as complicated as we may think. Oh no he didn't. And no I'm not
    suggesting that we all ditch everything on list number two to strictly do the
    things that are on list number one, but I am suggesting that one of the simplest
    ways to improve our lives is to make regular time or make more time for the
    things on list number one to coexist with the things on number two. I know
    we're all busy and we've all got plenty on our plate, but if you took the time to
    find and watch this video I'm willing to bet that you have at least a little bit
    of wiggle room. And what better way is there to spend your free time or to
    spend some of the time you have available, then on the things that you
    genuinely love? Sign me up. For more brutally honest personal
    development content designed for those who actually want to change be sure to
    check out my most popular video of all time up here, and to be an awesome person
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