How To Make Fairy House Steps

How To Make Fairy House Steps
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    hi everyone welcome back to my channel where the gnomes live this is Sharon Ojala
    and today I'm going to show you how I built my stairs I put a staircase
    there on that tree and a staircase over here on this tree I'll be showing you
    how to build the steps how to shape them and attach them to the tree I'm also
    going to show you how to do the fake bark casing all around the steps this
    video tutorial is only going to show you how to add stairs to an existing project
    so whatever fairy house that you're working on you could be working on a box
    actually it doesn't really matter I'm going to show you how to add stairs
    to that if you're interested on seeing how I build my trees I do have videos
    here on YouTube that will walk you through all the steps of building a tree
    as well and before we get into the supplies list a quick plug for my
    Facebook page because I recently changed Facebook pages for those of you who have
    been following me for a while I started my Facebook page in 2011 called doll
    houses and the things that go in them and then January this year I decided
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    youtube channel would be better but Facebook wouldn't let me do that so I
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    in progress so if you're on Facebook you can come on over and like my new
    Facebook page called where the gnomes live all right guys
    let's go over that supplies this and then we'll start building those stairs
    to make the stairs and the casing around the stairs like this fake bark I use
    aluminum foil masking tape paper towel white glue any white glue will do and
    talked Lou so on the table here is extra-wide heavy-duty aluminum foil you
    do not need to buy the same one you can buy cheap foil any old cheap foil is
    going to do as long as it doesn't say nonstick
    because you need masking tape to stick to it of course the only reason why I
    have this stuff here is because it was on sale and I couldn't resist the price
    of it so I bought that but I you normally use just cheap foil of course
    you can paint your stairs any color that you want to what I used was just regular
    craft paint acrylic craft paint black burnt umber cinnamon brown and beige
    alright guys and the amount of supplies that you need is fully determined by the
    size of your project so for this staircase here but the stairs themselves
    I think I used about a three-foot a strip of foil and then for the bark
    around it maybe another six or eight feet of foil I'm not too sure but it
    definitely wasn't that much and the amount of glue that I used was probably
    a quarter of this jug so there's nine hundred and fifty mils
    so a quarter of that jug I didn't totally measure it out but I'm sure I
    didn't use that much and masking tape of course just get a roll of that I didn't
    use a whole roll of course but you do need a roll of masking tape the hot glue
    I think I used one full stick to get my stairs glued into place and I didn't
    even use a full roll of paper towel so again the amount of supplies that you
    need is going to be fully determined by the size of your project so this is
    built in a couple of different steps excuse the pun so I put the steps in
    first and then I built this part up around it so we're gonna do that
    together right now over here on this one and so I have just pushed through from
    the inside where my floor is and I'm not sure exactly where I want the door so
    I'm just gonna leave this like that want to start right here and put the stairs
    down this way so I have a strip here oh how long is that maybe three feet it
    doesn't really matter because you can always add on to it and then I have
    folded it over twice I have extra wide foil as well so if you have light duty
    foil then you'd have to do it a couple more times tonight
    and it doesn't have to be super thick it really doesn't but you just want
    something that you can easily work with okay so I'm gonna start off with a
    little piece right here I'm going to hot glue this here and that's nothing except
    for just the hole at the top of my stairs in place but I get them attached
    that's all I need that there for and I don't want the stairs to go straight to
    the wall or flat against the wall I want them to kind of wind around something so
    I'm going to add an extra piece like I did here so this was put on after so
    it's just scrunched up foil that I glue it against the wall and then the stairs
    are going to go around it
    I just decided to put another one up here beside
    they're not going to the very bottom and that's because the staircase is going to
    be built up around that so we're not even see this party here anyway I am
    going to be squishing up that foil into stairs like this and they're not going
    to be anything fancy or anything straight I'm not going for perfection at
    all wonky are the better I think there's a bit of a charm to things that aren't
    perfect especially working on a tree I don't want perfection so I'm just gonna
    be squishing up the foil best I can into the shapes of steps and then the tops
    can be glued here and I'm just going to do the squishing until I have steps that
    come all the way down and around so this is my landing part that's how wide my
    landing is going to be at the top of this bear so right from here I'm going
    to start making the stairs
    so here's my landing right here and this the step is going to be more
    narrow on the side that touches the wall and that's going to widen out on the
    opposite side I'm going to hot glue this part into place and then I can always
    straighten things out after it's glued in and the second stair
    so it's definitely it's hard to show you exactly what's happening here but it's
    really simple I'm just hot gluing the sides of the steps going down and so now
    I'm going to work on the bottom right you can see I haven't done the steps
    here yet but I just needed this part to be out of my way and if it gets too
    short then I'll just add another piece of foil so I'm going to turn the camera
    off and I'll come back and see what we got here we got to the bottom and make
    them straighten these out better when they get on to the next step I'm gonna
    be adding some masking tape now see how it lines around my how did pieces there
    and not that difficult at all it's just shaping when I got down to the bottom I
    pushed in from behind it been a lot easier pushed in to make these little
    steps here I'm not sure if that's still a good angle for you guys or not but all
    I'm gonna do is just add masking tape to the entire surface
    I'm not going to leave the camera on for this whole process because it's just
    gonna take way too long so I'm gonna do the same thing I just hate it here all
    the way over the entire surface I don't know if you can hear it in the
    background but we have trucks outside now working on the on the roadway anyway
    I'm going to cut a little piece here just to narrow this out a little bit
    with my scissors I think it's a little bit too wide it's gonna take up too much
    space all right I'm going to add more tape now just cover up the parts that I
    exposed and we're almost ready to move on to the next step it is with my tree
    up so I can get to the back area here I got some foil already ready and shaped
    so I'm just waiting for my glue gun to heat up I'm gonna put this here this
    will be my first piece on the top and I'm gonna add more around here so in the
    end we'll have something that looks like this so this is exactly how I cased in
    this staircase here and you can really play around the design you don't have to
    do tall here you can just bring it right in close to the top of the step it
    doesn't matter however you want to design your stairs it's totally up to
    you the great thing about foil is you can add to it and take away at any time
    and you're not stuck with any any design really just like this remember I just
    took scissors to them and cut them to a better with
    so I encased all the steps and it's done in section so 1 2 3 4 5 and I just added
    another piece on top just to add a little bit more depth there and if I
    wanted to change piece here all I have to do is add another piece on top to
    make that taller if I wanted to so this hot glue that in place and then
    I'll tape it in so that's what I'm doing now I'm just adding depth anywhere I
    want depths to go roots and more interest on top and I'll just be hot
    gluing extra pieces into place until I'm happy with what I see and then I'll
    cover it with that tape so when I do it on the foil a bead of hot glue went
    across the top of the stairs all the way these are pretty solid all right we're
    getting there now remember I said I have all the space underneath I can't leave
    that without working it into something so I think I'm gonna put a hole here and
    at least get something started there for an entrance and I'll work more on that
    at a later time I just want to figure out the steps first and then we'll work
    down here but how's that great big find the entrance to the bottom floor so now
    I'm gonna get out my paper towel and my glue that's gonna be the next step so
    let's do that all right I would start laying down the bark and I had just put
    down there's a parchment paper here because I don't want to glue this piece
    down to my table because I do want this tree to stay removable so I can just
    pick it up whenever I need to so what do I have here I have just
    regular white glue this is Elmer's glue-all multi-purpose glue any white
    glue will work in water and what I do if the water is just mixed in with the glue
    just to make the glue easier to work with
    I have Scott towels and I have torn all of the ends so they're not straight I
    don't bother with the sides but just the ends top and bottom dump in the glue and
    I won't be using all of this but I am going to mix it up because I'm going to
    be using it on other projects anyway today after I'm finished with this Derek
    for you guys I'm gonna be working on the other side of this tree so I'll just
    dump it all in there it's almost all there's about a quarter left in here and
    there's 950 MLS now it's very thick that's very thick glue is way too thick
    to be working with so I just mix in a little bit of water I had about two cups
    in there to start with there's about a half a cup of water the water just makes
    it easier to work with because I squeeze off the excess glue when I dip my paper
    towel in there okay that should do it I started with two cups and I have 3/4
    of a cup left of water so I could stick more water and if I wanted to but I
    think that consistency will work that is so funny I thought the film was
    recording and it wasn't I was talking away to you okay so I just take a piece
    of scotch out just gonna run it along the surface and then I fold the dry
    sides together and then I just pull off the excess I've shown this method many
    many times on here on YouTube so I've opened it up now and on the other side
    if there's no glue there I'm just going to prep the glue on usually that glue
    goes through both sides at the same time and for the stairs I'm not doing any
    real texture I'm just gonna lay this down because I do want to paint the
    stairs so the paper towels gonna give me a paintable surface I'm just gonna lay
    it down now it's sticking to my fingers so I'm going to dip my finger and glue
    so it doesn't do that and use my finger to smooth it along
    dipped in water would work too I could try that might be a little bit easier
    yeah let's do that I'll dip it in some water my finger yeah
    that worked better so all I'm doing is just making a surface for painting here
    on my stairs and I don't want like big wrinkles or anything like that so I'm
    trying to smooth out some without those huge wrinkles see I wasn't so perfect I
    did take out any major wrinkles little ones I don't mind now once this is dry I
    can paint that or I could add egg cartons or paper cup trees like stone
    work make these things here I've shown this many times on my youtube channel as
    well these little things down here our paper cup trees and you could actually
    cover this this is how I did my first bed-and-breakfast stairs I would do this
    step here once this was dry I put in paper cup treats and it looked like
    stone steps so that was pretty cool but I'm not gonna do that with this one
    I'm going to make it look natural like this so I'm just gonna end up painting
    it when it's all dry so you can see once it's dry you can see some of those
    wrinkles I don't know use my black to shadow out some of the
    wrinkles and make him look like like something you'd find in nature all right
    it doesn't really matter where I start but again I'm gonna dip my paper towel
    and this time I'm gonna be making texture the same way I've been showing
    for the last number of years I just gotta pay a little bit more
    attention to the texture I'm not gonna go as quickly as I used to go I find if
    I take more time it looks better in the end sometimes I'm
    in a rush I think I go a little bit too fast
    okay I'm just gonna lay it down anywhere I want to start
    this one's really short so I'm gonna put it over here on a shorter piece
    it doesn't matter where you stop and start and if you have a spot that's
    really hard to work with you can always use moss or mushroom or something later
    to cover it up so don't worry too much about getting things to look too perfect
    because once you get it all dry and painted then you'll be adding things to
    it as well so all the lines that you see you when they're dry that's what its
    gonna look like so you want to make sure that the lines are straight up and down
    or if you want the bark to be going in one direction you can also do it that
    way I've done that as well in it but turns out pretty cool so when I'm doing
    an add-on piece like this because I suppose this piece here was previously
    done I want to make sure I overlap a bit so once it's dry they become like a
    solid unit
    so when I get to a piece like this I'm going to overlap it but an inch or so
    and even more I just work in the bottom
    to avoid seeing lines going across where you've connected them what I do is on my
    third piece here I'm gonna start in the middle of those two so instead of
    starting at the bottom I'll put it right here that way this and then this end or
    a different part than this one here and I don't like the looks of that joining
    piece I'm just gonna go right over top of it that's the first one I did here I
    don't like the looks of that so I'm just got put another piece right over top
    yeah better
    finally we got it all ready for drying so I'm just gonna put the fan on it a
    couple of fans and I'll take a couple hours once it's dry then we'll get to
    so about two and a half hours have gone by and I had two fans sitting on this
    and this part is all dry anything that's white like this here is still wet glue I
    can paint this however and it'll be fine it'll dry over time underneath there's
    no issues with mold or anything I can paint right over top of this anyway
    before we continue on with the painting I wanted to show you these I was editing
    my video and I realized I didn't really talk too much about this edging here
    when I get to the top of this edging I usually dis pinch a little bit at the
    top I'll show you the other piece over here so when it's dry you have a little
    bit a little bit of a lip right on top
    when you're working on it yourself you'll have a good idea what to do and
    the kind of look that you're going for
    so all my trees get a black wash first before I add the color it just saves a
    lot of time I can get all the crevices this way and yeah it just saves a lot of
    time you can do any type of color that you want on your own tree you don't have
    to do the same thing I'm doing so what I do is I take a black craft acrylic paint
    I mix equal amounts of water with this so if I was to use the whole bottle of
    paint then I would use a whole bottle of water and I just mix it in look up in a
    bowl mix it all up and then I have a big brush in a little brush little brush is
    going to help me get into the crevices that the big brush misses and my stairs
    get painted black as well all right we're in the next day I'll let this just
    dry overnight because it was late last night when they put this coat on now
    that that's dry I'm gonna put on a coat of burnt umber
    so I'm not filling in all the crevices and all that stuff I'm just going over
    the surface at the third number and again I'm going to do the stairs too and
    you can see where I added it to the original piece I'm just gonna blend that
    in as well and doing these colors the way I do them allows me to add on to
    this tree at any time and you'll never notice where I've added on so I'm going
    to let this dry I leave it for about 20 minutes and then I will put the next
    coat on
    all right this is that's try to touch you can put the next coat on I'm gonna
    put the cinnamon brown on top of this and I don't clean my brush in between
    I'm just going to brush off the excess break number and then just dip it in
    here and then lightly go over again I'm not going in all the crevices I'm just
    going to go over the surface I'm not putting cops of paint on either
    let's like dip my brush just get a little bit off anything there and then
    just go over lightly I'm just lightly going over the stairs is the highlights
    in the back color all right once that's dry to the touch you can put the next
    coat on and I am doing just a very light dry brushing of beige you can do any
    beige color this is just just light light dry brushing so I just dip my
    brush in there just very lightly and then get the excess off and now I'm just
    gonna go very lightly over just highlighting all the the lines that Miss
    Bert alright we're dry enough to work on so I'm gonna be taking some black now
    and this is that same craft acrylic black paint and a smaller brush and I'm
    gonna be shadowing out deep crevices like this all in here and it just gives
    it a really cool effect let's back up and let you see what it looks like here
    without the shadowy
    anything like these really deep crevices I put a lot of black in there really
    makes the the depth happen and so when you stand back it looks like these holes
    are even bigger than they actually are
    so I'm gonna let this sit for about an hour and then I'll probably do another
    highlighting coat just over some areas where I might have added a little bit
    too much black but it's always a good idea to let it sit let the color sit for
    a bit and then move on to the next step you can see it's gonna look really cool
    once I get the moss on there and it kind of tones down all that bark we're
    getting there and all of this here is undone still I
    put this together really quickly just so I could have some color there but
    there's gonna be some other things added here so but this part is pretty much
    done and the stairs are done so we just have to add the moss there
    I'm using a tacky glue any white glue will work clear drying glue and I got my
    moss at the dollar store and there's going to be adding a generous amount of
    glue into all the crevices here and then shoving the moss in with my fingers I
    have lots more fun ideas for the ground here but we'll go over that some other
    time I think we'll call it a day and I hope you found this video helpful and
    you get yourself a set of stairs made all you need some foils and tape in some
    paper towels and you'll be on your way if you do make a set of stairs I would
    sure love to see them you could post pictures on my facebook page where the
    gnomes live thanks so much for watching and we'll see you super soon
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