How to make a website: Overview of the steps you take.

How to make a website: Overview of the steps you take.
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    hey guys welcome back Matt Da Cruz from Network Empire very excited to have you here,
    and we going to jump straight into the session and tell you what we'll be doing today okay
    so today we're gonna show you how to create a website using our plugins we
    can use digital boxes toolbox and in this session, we will work with WP Engine and this can be easy step-by-step guard so you can follow
    along or you can actually download the PDF below to actually get the steps I'll
    show you guys a fast and simple way to create a website without having to learn
    HTML CSS coding we're having to learn long boring skyscraper tutorials we can
    jump straight in and get straight that point show you slap a slide what
    you need to do at each stage and we'll get you up and running in 20 to 30
    minutes with your new website so who is this for
    this is basically for beginners or folk new to building websites
    the timing you need is about 20 to 30 minutes to follow along and what you'll
    end up with is a full website domain this is your hosting setup or WP engine
    and your domain purchased at and you installed your SSL
    certificate for your security so your domain is nice and secure so in these
    sessions today I'm gonna cover a few things we're gonna cover web hosting and
    we're gonna reach to your domain then once you've reached your domain we going to
    go and set up your hosting, and then we'll design a website by adding the
    theme and we finish up building the side architecture and then adding some
    compact content
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