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How to Reset a Boiler | Simple Steps to Reset Your Boiler

How to Reset a Boiler | Simple Steps to Reset Your Boiler
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    How to reset your boiler.
    When does a boiler need resetting?
    Modern boilers are designed to lock out for safety reasons when an issue is detected,
    so you'll be safe but also left without heating or hot water.
    There are a couple of reasons why a boiler might lock out.
    1. A fault in the system often displayed as an error code on the digital display.
    2. A bad gas supply, making for unsafe conditions.
    Let's look at how to reset a boiler.
    All boilers have a reset button and where to find it will vary from boiler to boiler.
    If you can't find it then take a look in the instruction manual that came with your boiler.
    To reset the boiler, you need to push the reset button in and hold for 10 seconds,
    and then wait for the boiler to ignite, which could take a few minutes.
    Why isn't my boiler turning on after resetting?
    Start by checking the boiler pressure, it should be somewhere beween 1 and 2 bar.
    Then make sure power is reaching the boiler.
    This second point is most common after a power cut, so it's worth checking the fuse box.
    You'll be able to tell if there's power as the digital display will light up.
    What to do if your boiler constantly needs resetting.
    Regularly having to reset your boiler means that there's an ongoing fault.
    This could be a faulty pump, a leak somewhere in the system,
    a blocked heat exchanger, an electrical part that needs replacing,
    or, your boiler is quite simply on its last legs.
    You could be saving lots of time and money by installing a brand new boiler.
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