IBS SYMPTOMS TREATMENT: 5 Steps from IBS Struggle to IBS Free

IBS SYMPTOMS TREATMENT: 5 Steps from IBS Struggle to IBS Free
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    Wendy Leung: Tired of just surviving with your IBS symptoms and ready to take back your
    life for good?
    Watch this video to learn how to burst your IBS and become a powerhouse IBS conqueror.
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    Wendy Leung: If you're sick of taking two steps forward, eight steps back with your
    IBS, by the end of this video you'll learn how to get the permanent path to recovery.
    One foot in front of the other, sure and steady.
    Wendy Leung: Wendy Leung: Holistic Health & Happiness Coach, Licensed Acupuncturist,
    and Powerhouse IBS Conqueror.
    It took me a really long time to figure out my IBS alone.
    Now I teach my clients how to go from IBS struggles to IBS free, and I'm here to share
    with you too.
    Wendy Leung: So you're struggling with your IBS symptoms, they follow you around everyday
    all day, and you feel like you've tried everything.
    You've gone to the doctor, you've seen specialists, you've done all the diagnostic tests and everything
    comes back clear.
    You've tried all sorts of different diets, food map, food elimination, even not eating.
    You've tried supplements, probiotics, home remedies, you've scoured online for IBS help,
    and you've read all the articles you could find.
    You've tried it and pushing through and just hoping that it will go away on its own.
    But everything that you've tried hasn't fixed your problem.
    IBS is still ruining your life, and you're worried that you're gonna be stuck with it
    Does this story sound like you?
    Let me know by dropping a yes or a no, in the comments below.
    Wendy Leung: If you've been watching my channel then you've heard me say a million time that
    IBS is not a forever thing.
    In the episode called Is IBS Curable, I explained that even though Western medicine says that
    there is no cure for IBS, it doesn't mean that you can't recover and live a healthy
    IBS-free life.
    I was personally diagnosed with IBS and GRD when I was in university, but I have been
    free and clear for 15 years now.
    If I can get better so can you.
    Wendy Leung: My recovery was messy and confusing and full of trial and error.
    But years later, after I became an Eastern medicine practitioner I realized that IBS
    isn't the giant mystery that everyone thinks it is.
    With the right help, no one has to struggle with it forever.
    All you need is a step-by-step system that teaches you the right actions, and the right
    changes to make in order to get rid of your IBS for good.
    Wendy Leung: Today's episode is special because I'm gonna walk you through the exact system
    I developed, and I use with my IBS coaching clients to get them from IBS struggle to IBS
    free, so that you can feel inspired to get better too.
    Are you ready?
    Let's dive in.
    Wendy Leung: The first step to getting your IBS under control is understanding your symptoms.
    Like really understanding them.
    I know that you've been living with your symptoms everyday, and you probably feel like you all
    ready know them.
    But if you haven't gotten better yet, it means that there're still some insights that you
    haven't discovered and there are some things that you're definitely still missing.
    Everyone's IBS is different.
    In order to know how to get you better, you need to understand your personal IBS story
    and your personal health story, backwards and forwards.
    One of the things that I help my clients do is to find clues in places they didn't know
    to look.
    I help them dig up all the need greedy details about their gut systems, their always and
    their sometimes symptoms, and the symptoms that they don't even know are related to the
    IBS at all.
    Wendy Leung: Because this first step is so important and so crucial for your success,
    I created a 14-day symptom deep dive challenge to teach you how to find those answers for
    Follow the link in the description box below to sign up and get started right now.
    Wendy Leung: The second step to getting your IBS under control is understanding your diet
    and nutrition.
    Because most of your IBS symptoms happen in your gut, it's easy to assume that the key
    to solving your problems is in food and diet.
    You might think that if you could only figure out which foods to eat and which to avoid
    your IBS will go away.
    And yes, diet and nutrition are very important but there is a but there somewhere and I'm
    gonna talk about that later.
    Wendy Leung: From the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective or TCM for short, your
    digestive system is weak.
    So, in order to fix your gut you need to do two things.
    The first, is to figure out your personal food triggers, so you don't make your IBS
    and your gut worse.
    The second, is to eat the right foods that refill your body and also help you heal your
    You can avoid your food triggers all you want, but if all you're eating is crackers and drinking
    water then you're never gonna have the right nutrients to be able to repair your gut.
    Wendy Leung: Remember earlier when I said there was a but, here it is.
    How many of you guys have tried changing up your diet, tracking your food, and cutting
    out your food, and you still get IBS flare ups.
    That's because something else is missing.
    Wendy Leung: The third step to getting your IBS under control is stress management.
    IBS isn't just a digestive issue.
    From a TCM perspective, IBS is a combination of two things, an all ready weak gut and mental
    emotional stress.
    Stress shows up in different ways for different people.
    Your weak gut is an easy target.
    Whenever your stress flares up, it bullies your gut and you get worse IBS symptoms.
    That's why you can never completely heal your IBS without getting your stress and your anxiety
    levels under control.
    Whether you've always been a stressed or an anxious type person, or you're only stressed
    because of your IBS, or you don't feel stress in your brain but your body is holding on
    to it, you need to learn better ways to manage your stress so that it doesn't [inaudible
    00:05:58] on your gut.
    Wendy Leung: The fourth step to getting your IBS under control is healthy living, aka,
    physical resilience.
    The reason why IBS is such an annoying chronic condition is because sometimes even when you
    think it's gone, it'll come in and flair up all over again.
    You know how if you get an injury like a sprained ankle, you're more likely to get injured the
    same way later.
    Think of your IBS as an injury to your gut.
    In order to ake sure that your IBS doesn't happen again in the future you need to stay
    strong and healthy.
    Healthy living isn't just about exercise and eating the right foods.
    It's also about getting good sleep, good work habits, regular self-care.
    All of these things are an important part of the IBS journey to ultimate health.
    Wendy Leung: The fifth step to getting your IBS under control is mindset.
    Aka, mental emotional resilience.
    Mindset is extremely important for healing chronic illness because sometimes you've been
    struggling for so long, that you can't even remember feeling healthy.
    You start identifying with your IBS and you have a hard time seeing your life without
    By breaking your old though patterns and strengthening your mindset, you can prevent yourself from
    falling back into your old ways and triggering your IBS symptoms again.
    Mindset is sometimes one of the hardest things to change, which is why it's so important
    to have somebody supporting you through the process so that you don't sabotage your own
    That's why I keep saying time, and time, and time again that IBS is not a forever thing.
    Because I want you to hear it until you believe it.
    So that you can see it for yourself.
    Wendy Leung: So the recap.
    The five steps system to go from IBS struggle to IBS free is number one, understand your
    Number two, diet and nutrition.
    Number three, stress management.
    Number four, healthy living aka physical resilience.
    And number five, healthy mindset aka mental emotional resilience.
    Wendy Leung: Now I have shared my five step system for full IBS recovery.
    These are the steps that I teach my clients to help them get better for good.
    Now, you could try and gather all this information for yourself.
    Do all the research for all the different categories.
    You could take free classes, do freebie downloads, free apps, read articles, read recipes, and
    those could work.
    But how long is it actually gonna take you to gather all that data, test out all the
    different theories, trial and error your way to getting better.
    That's essentially what I did when I tried to recover by myself and trust me, it took
    Thankfully, you have a better solution right in front of you.
    Wendy Leung: If you really don't wanna waste your time anymore and you're ready in just
    get better right now, join my conqueror IBS reignite your life mentorship program because
    all the information you need is inside this program.
    I'll work with you to end your IBS story over the next six months.
    The link is in the description box below.
    Wendy Leung: Okay.
    Now, if you know that you wanna get better but your mindset isn't quite there yet, sign
    up from my IBS symptom deep dive challenge so that you can at least take step one now.
    Following through on just one action step will help you shift your brain into success
    And it will get you on the path to achieving your final goal.
    The link is in the description box below.
    Wendy Leung: If you like this video let me know by liking it below.
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    You biggest aha moment.
    Make sure that you're sharing this with your fellow IBS conquerors because I want you all
    to know that IBS is not a forever thing and I wanna help you guy beat this together.
    We can all beat this in 2019.
    Wendy Leung: I've got so many things to share with you about IBS, about health and wellness,
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