Lesson 5- Thattu Adavu Steps 1 to 3

Lesson 5- Thattu Adavu Steps 1 to 3
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    Hi I am Anjali, from today we will learn Thattu adavu steps from 1 to 8.
    First of all I will show you first 3 steps of Thattu Adavu
    All of these steps are performed in aramandala position.
    In this last video I told you the reason for not starting with thattu adavu.
    Please watch the last video if you have not yet watched it.
    We will get straight to step 1 in thattu adavu
    Today we will be learning only the first 3 steps of thattu adavu.
    Position yourself in aramandala
    Closely watch how my feet moves.
    Now let us try it faster
    Next, we will learn step 2
    For step 1 we did once per leg.
    In step two we do it twice per leg..
    Pay attention..!
    Now let us try it faster
    We will move into step 3 now.
    In step 3, we do 3 steps per foot..
    In aramandala position
    Now let us try it faster
    These are the first 3 steps in thattu adavu.
    Hope you like today's lesson.
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    Thank you.
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