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Making Money Doing What You Love - 3 STEPS TO MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE

Making Money Doing What You Love - 3 STEPS TO MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE
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    Tiffany Carter: Welcome to Project Me TV.
    I'm Tiffany Carter, and today, I'll be teaching you three steps on how to make money doing
    something you love and to figure out what it is you even love.
    These three steps are actually three questions.
    I love, love teaching people this because it's so eye-opening, and I even do this exercise
    every couple of years for myself.
    It's really cool.
    You do need a pen and paper.
    If you're somewhere where that's not available, you can use your notes app or something like
    that on your phone, but I really would prefer pen and paper.
    Tiffany Carter: So, let's get started.
    The first question and the first step is, "Who are you the go-to person for in your
    life," meaning when people call you up, do people call you up for advice?
    Are they calling you to help them with their resume?
    Are you the person that everyone wants you to take the pictures of at family events?
    Are you the person who fixes everyone's technical stuff, like, "Hey, I have a computer problem,"
    or, "How do I do this on social media?"
    Who are you that go-to person?
    What is it you're the to-to person for?
    I want you to write it down.
    Tiffany Carter: You can have more than one.
    That's fine.
    I'm sure you can guess what mine were.
    I always say I like using myself as an example to get your juices flowing.
    People always came to me for marketing advice, business advice, and to help them rewrite
    their resume because I'm a really good writer.
    So those were my three when I did this exercise many years ago, and truthfully, at least the
    first two would be the same today.
    So I want you to write all those down, and they don't have to be businessy-sounding things.
    It could be for cooking tips or, "What should I wear to this event," or something like that.
    So don't judge yourself.
    Just do stream of conscious writing that down.
    Tiffany Carter: Then the second question, so the second step, is, "What do you love
    doing for free?"
    What would you do for free and not care about it, not be resentful, not be upset that you're
    doing it, that you're spending time doing it, that you're doing it for someone?
    You don't even look at it like a favor.
    You genuinely enjoy it.
    For me, I love, love, love public speaking and teaching, and so, in fact, a quarter of
    my speaking engagements that I do are pro bono, are for free, because a lot of organizations
    don't have the money to pay speaker fees, travel, and everything like that.
    Tiffany Carter: So I donate that 25% of my time, but I'm not resentful for it.
    I've been stuck in traffic.
    I've had layovers in airports getting to speaking engagements, and I don't get mad.
    I'm not sitting there going, "Oh my God.
    They're getting all this time and energy from me, and I'm not even getting paid."
    That's not for free.
    For free is when you're like, "You know what?
    I'm really excited to do this.
    Yeah, some circumstances happened.
    It's okay, but I'm super thrilled to be doing this."
    What are those things for you?
    Most of us have at least two or three, so write down what those are.
    Tiffany Carter: You know what?
    It's okay if it takes you a day or two to figure it out.
    Sometimes it takes us time to really realize what we like doing because we've spent so
    much time in life doing shit that we hate doing.
    It can take some time.
    Don't think you're doing this exercise wrong if you're just not knocking it out of the
    park right away.
    Believe me.
    The first time I did this, it took time, so I understand.
    Tiffany Carter: The third and final step, which is also the third question, is how does
    this help people?
    How do you help people?
    You're the go-to person, let's say, to fix people's computers or apps and stuff like
    that when they're not working.
    How does this help people?
    I don't mean literally how does it help people, like, "Well, I fix their computer."
    How does it help them emotionally, like it takes off stress.
    It's a burden relief from them.
    They feel more confident.
    Maybe you help coach someone in what to wear and how to present themself in a job interview
    or something, so it gives them a sense of confidence and they feel like they have a
    good direction and a purpose.
    You need to think about emotionally how does this gift that you have that you also love
    doing for free, how does it help people?
    Tiffany Carter: Now, the thing is some people go, "Well, Tiffany, what I'm the go-to person
    for with my family and friends and what I like doing for free don't match up."
    Well, when you do this list, that's why I want you to write it down, you will at least
    have one thing that does match.
    If you don't, I just want you to take more time with the exercise.
    It might take you a month, and every time you're doing regular activities or someone
    asks you to do something or for help, it'll pop up in your head, I promise.
    It just might take you a little longer for this to unveil itself to you.
    It's just what happens when in society and in life we end up doing so many things we
    We have to dig sometimes to find out what we love.
    Tiffany Carter: The magic secret sauce here is finding out something that you love to
    do that people, your friends, family, acquaintances, see you as an expert on or an authority on
    because you're the go-to person, and it's very clear on how that helps people.
    It alleviates stress.
    It makes them feel more confident and comfortable.
    Maybe it even helps get them a job or whatever it may be.
    It brings them joy.
    So you have to look at all those three things.
    They'll all be in writing, and you'll be able to really find a business out of that.
    There's your business.
    You're already the go-to authority, it's something you love to do, and it alleviates people's
    pain or helps solve problems for them.
    You guys, now you have a business.
    Tiffany Carter: Let me know if you have any comments or questions.
    If you need help with this exercise, you can put it in the comments below or you can DM
    me on Instagram @ProjectMewithTiffany or message me on Facebook @ProjectMewithTiffany, and
    I'm really, really so honored to help you through the exercise because sometimes people
    can get stuck.
    So please, feel free to reach out, and I am happy to help you any day.
    Thanks so much for watching.
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