Next Steps - The Moonstone Web Series - Episode 25

Next Steps - The Moonstone Web Series - Episode 25
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    Hey everyone.
    I just wanted to start by saying thank you for all of the tweets, texts, and videos that you sent to me.
    Wow! I feel so loved and I'm really grateful for all of you.
    This week has been hard but you guys have made it a little easier.
    This cap was my dad's, by the way.
    He's worn it ever since I was a little girl.
    He has it on in almost every picture that I have of him
    so I'm glad to have something like this to remember him by.
    Other than that, it's just a normal day here with nothing new to report.
    Josette (O.S.): Except me!
    Oh yeah.
    Hey Jack! I have a surprise for you.
    Jo's here!
    Thanks for coming, Jo.
    I almost didn't make it.
    Oh yeah, that's right, you were sick.
    House wasn't going to let me leave the Estate.
    Mm-hmm, he takes excellent care of you.
    He certainly does.
    But I haven't traveled in a long time and these bones started getting restless.
    You and Jack are so much alike.
    What can I say? We're both Wanderers.
    You are too, young lady.
    Oh, well...
    Speaking of wandering...
    We've been talking non-stop over the last few days about what's next for me.
    Where do I go? What do I do?
    Maybe this narrative of Paul, me and the Moonstone is over and it's time for a new perspective.
    I don't know.
    I've just...I've never felt so...lost?
    My nature is to move on
    to go someplace new, to begin something unique, to meet interesting people, and start over.
    but there's also an argument for not doing that,
    for continuing the investigation, and for rebuilding my relationships.
    Josette: For coming home.
    Donni: For coming home.
    Look the moonstone brought out the darkness in all of us.
    It fractured us but I don't think it was itself to blame.
    Maybe the darkness was inside of us and the Moonstone just brought it to the surface.
    The curse.
    There was never a curse.
    Money heightens things. It clarifies but it also confuses.
    Your will proposed that idea and the Moonstone drove it home.
    Maybe what we found out about everyone is who they really are.
    Or maybe there's more things going on than you realize.
    Maybe there are larger things at play here.
    This has literally been our last 48 hours, so...
    You love him.
    I, um...
    But that doesn't mean that going back is the right call
    or that it would all work out.
    Have you seen La La Land?
    I'm serious.
    So am I.
    Even if I wanted to go back, I don't think Paul wants me there.
    Have you talked to him?
    I tried.
    I went to see him.
    He shut down.
    He said the words "I don't want to be with you" and that's very clear.
    Sometimes people say things they don't mean.
    And sometimes they say exactly what they mean.
    Donni - -
    Josette, I tried.
    And I got hurt.
    Why would I want to put myself through that again?
    Look, I'm, I'm fine on my own.
    I'm good on my own.
    But you're on your own.
    Relationships go both ways, Donni.
    You heal everybody: Jack, Maya, Arthur.
    But you offer nothing from yourself.
    You're a closed door.
    Paul is the first person you opened up to.
    Don't throw it away.
    I'm not the one throwing it away.
    He changed.
    There must be a reason.
    It started with the Moonstone.
    If you figure that out there's hope.
    Detective Octavius, "one of the best to ever wear the badge,"
    went through the case and the house from top to bottom.
    If he couldn't solve this mystery, what am I gonna do?
    You know the people and the house in a way Cuff never could.
    There's something there.
    Something you can find, he didn't.
    There's your way.
    Are you saying this because you believe there's a way
    or because you know there's a way?
    Why does everybody think I'm behind this?
    You faked your own death and made a game out of it.
    This is never going away, is it?
    No, no, never.
    I promise, I know nothing more about the Moonstone than you do.
    But I do believe.
    This is not the end of the story.
    It can't be.
    If you don't go back now, you will always wonder what could've been?
    And you will never stop thinking
    about the chance that you gave up
    to pursue someone you love.
    I'm sorry.
    No, don't, you have nothing to apologize for.
    You're like me.
    But don't be exactly like me.
    So, it was right after that we decided we needed ice cream and, well, La La Land.
    Josette is setting up in the other room but I had a few more things I wanted to say.
    It feels like I've done everything that I can with Paul and with the Moonstone.
    But Josette is right.
    Paul is the closest I've ever been to anyone
    and if there's a chance that I can salvage that relationship...
    I want to try.
    So, I'm returning to the Marshall house and I'm going to try to find the Moonstone and
    fix whatever is broken with Paul.
    But, but, but, but first
    Cookies and Cream with Ryan Gosling.
    Let's go.
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