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    so let me get this straight she and her family flee war-torn Somalia where five
    hundred thousand are killed during a civil war then sent to a refugee camp in
    Kenya for four years they are then resettled by our
    government in Virginia to enjoy the cornucopia of rights privileges and
    benefits the United States offers the she is congresswoman ill Han Omar who
    represents Minnesota's fifth congressional district in Congress only
    about two months but she's gotten attention far beyond Washington for her
    anti-semitism but as early as 2012 she tweeted quote Israel has hypnotized the
    world may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel
    now after an uproar in her home state she apologized
    pledging to learn more about anti-semitism apparently she did not
    once in Congress she continued with her hate-filled anti-semitic anti-israel
    troops first in defending the BDS or boycott divest and sanction movement
    calling for the boycott of events in Israel and even for the eradication of
    Israel because of their so-called oppression of Palestine shortly
    thereafter she tweets it's all about the Benjamins baby the Benjamins of course a
    clear reference to the hundred dollar bill shortly after that she continues
    her hate-filled rants accusing another Democrat congresswoman of having a dual
    loyalty pledging allegiance to Israel she is clever though responding with
    quote I am told I am anti-american if I am not
    pro-israel close quote the house knew it had to take action and after a week of
    chaos on the part of House members trying to figure out if Omar should be
    reprimanded identified by name as well as removed from the powerful Foreign
    Relations Committee Speaker Pelosi comes out with a watered down dumb
    disappointing resolution that neither condemns Omar nor mentions her name
    a simple we shouldn't hate each other I don't think our colleague is an
    anti-semitic I think she has a different experience in the use of words doesn't
    understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she what didn't
    realize Nancy she speaks perfect English she graduated from a college in the
    United States you say she doesn't understand the words are you saying
    she's stupid that she doesn't understand then what the hell is she doing on the
    prestigious Foreign Relations Committee she speaks fluently using troops which
    are figurative and metaphorical understanding that those words create
    powerful images and verbal ironies she is far from stupid
    she is clear and pointed in her hatred her comments only critical of Jews in
    Israel not Italy not Morocco not North Korea Israel
    now the fact that you didn't have the backbone grit or gumption to draft a
    resolution that included her name tells me you are this stupid one and if you
    don't understand let me explain Omar got you and all your pals to drop the
    watered-down resolution with a message we all learned in first grade don't hate
    anybody really that took you bozos a week in the
    house and yet you were so quick to admire admonish a white male Republican
    Congressmen accused of hate to in strip him of his committee cuz assignments she
    then goes on to accuse respected members of Congress who support Israel our
    strongest ally in the Middle East of dual loyalty what she's doing Nancy is
    starting a movement to shut down pro-israel speech making it politically
    incorrect so when she comes up with her pro-palestinian agenda the pro Israel's
    are reticent to speak because she's already proven that the Dems will not
    punish her and talk about hook spa she takes a victory lap and in an
    unrepentant and unchaste tides tweet takes credit by saying quote our nation
    is having a difficult conversation but we believe this is great progress but
    she continues her disdain and contempt for Israel America's chief ally ignoring
    how Israel has assisted us advancing our interests in the Middle East preventing
    victories by radical nationalist movements as well as assisting us in
    intelligence gathering she then goes on to slam Barack Obama saying he's just
    another pretty face who got away with murder caging kids and droning people in
    the Middle East but she adds he is a bit more polished my question why the
    disdain for the government of the country that saved you when your family
    after you lived in a tent in Kenya for four years why the scorn and as the
    Democrats scrambled to forgive rationalize and give a pass to a
    freshman in Congress the joke is on you Nancy
    you've appeased rising anti-semitism inside the Democrat Party let me say
    that again you and the whole gang running for
    president in the Democratic primary in 2020 have appeased the rise of
    anti-semitism in the Democrat Party the sad part is that all this is contrary to
    the tenets of your party which is so receptive to the LGBTQ community illegal
    immigrants refugees and on and on this is not who your party is your party is
    not anti-israel she is think about this she's not getting this anti-israel
    sentiment doctrine from the Democrat Party so if it's not rooted in the party
    where is she getting it from think about it
    Oumar wears a hijab which according to the Koran 33 : 59 tells women to cover
    so they won't get molested is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine
    indicative of her adherence to Sharia law which in itself is antithetical to
    the United States Constitution I don't have to tell you Nancy Jews have been
    persecuted almost from the beginning of time when they were forced out of Egypt
    to the six million killed in the Holocaust and now we are witnessing the
    rise of anti-semitism in Europe where incidents are up 74 percent in the last
    year alone in France where Jewish cemeteries are regularly desecrated with
    swastikas and people relay the common tropes of Jews with too much money and
    influence we all know how it starts it starts that way hate is hate hate leads
    to violence and violence leads to retaliation
    which then leads to unrest and worse yes Nancy it's all about hating Israel to
    promote the cause of Palestine President Trump was right when he said the
    Democrat Party is now the anti-israel party
    and don't forget Nancy history is proven over and over when you appease
    anti-semitic sentiment the worst happens and in your case Nancy the danger for
    you is that you're appeasing this behavior will lead to your removal as
    Speaker and the Democrats now controlled by socialists and anti-semites will lose
    the presidency in 2020 and that's my open let me know what you think on my
    Facebook and Twitter hashtag judge Jeanine thank you god bless you and God
    bless america
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