Royal news : Blogger with cystic acne reveals the five-steps which cleared her skin in 6 weeks

Royal news : Blogger with cystic acne reveals the five-steps which cleared her skin in 6 weeks
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    A BLOGGER from Australia who wouldn't leave the house due to her cystic acne is now helping women with their skin problems - after finding a solution which cleared her skin in six weeks
     Nicola Inger Scruby, 28, first developed the condition in her early 20s when she changed her contraceptive pill
     Raw and painful cystic acne suddenly appeared around her chin, jaw and cheeks, progressively getting worse as she got older
     The health and lifestyle blogger revealed some days her skin was so bad she would stay indoors, and her confidence plummeted
     She said: "Some days I wouldn't even leave the house or socialise. I'd sit in front of the mirror and pick at my skin until it was even more red and inflamed
     "I was obsessed with Googling how to "cure" my acne and would spend hundreds of dollars on skincare, supplements, health professionals and medication
     "I would wear makeup to bed when I was in a relationship and it got to a point where I wouldn't even look those closest to me in the eye because I thought they were staring at my acne
    "  She spent thousands trying various treatments, including pills, creams and even facemasks, but she said it only resulted in big scabs which would took weeks to heal
     Nicola was stuck in a cycle where her acne would flare up every few months.  In a bid to tackle the root cause of her acne, she decided to take a holistic approach to her skin and visited six different specialists
     Using conventional and alternative medicine, she educated herself on acne and its triggers, taking elements from each health professional and combining it to form her own program
     She said: "I followed a specific acne dietary protocol created by a dietitian for a period of 28 days, spoke to a psychologist about how to reduce stress and anxiety and followed a super simple, consistent, skin care routine
     "I started taking a B5 supplement and also took a gut health supplement to help my bowel movements as I suffered with IBS
    "  And she reduced the products she used, and now only has five which include a gentle cleanser, night time face oil, a moisturiser and lactic acid cleanser
     After starting her journey, in just six weeks she noticed a transformation in her skin
     She used her knowledge to start an online program, called F.ACNE, which helps women tackle their skincare issues
     Nicola told Femail: "I took a five-pronged approach which is now the exact method I use in my online program
     "Now have my hormones and gut health under control, I find eating certain foods don't trigger a breakout in me anymore
    "  Her online program looks into nutrition, hormones, stress, conventional medicine and skincare treatments
     The £60.63 ($112 AUD) F.ACNE program is open to anyone who wants to improve their overall skin and health, and not just tackle acne
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     And these three brave women share their stories of living with painful cystic acne
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    Blogger Kara Eden, 22, reveals her cystic acne in a series of brave bare-faced Instagram selfies
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