Veg Pulao / Rice ( Please use Subtitles/CC for detailed steps)

Veg Pulao / Rice ( Please use Subtitles/CC for detailed steps)
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    Hi guys today I am going to make vegetable pulao it takes around 25
    minutes to cook so let's get started, so here are my ingredients. I am going to
    use basmati rice which is soaked for 20 to 25 minutes roughly chopped
    cauliflower, fresh green peas, carrot sliced turmeric powder red chili powder
    salt, cumin seeds bay leaves cloves cinnamon grated garlic fresh green
    chopped coriander and green chillies I am going to make this with mustard oil
    use it to enhance the flavor
    When oil heats up, add 4-5 cloves
    Add Cinnamon
    Add 2 Bay Leaves
    Add about half table spoon of cumin seeds
    Saute for 3-4 minutes
    Add 1 table spoon of grated ginger
    Mix it well
    Add 1 bowl of green peas
    Add one bowl of sliced carrots
    Mix all the ingredients
    Now add 1 bowl of Cauliflower
    Add salt according to your taste
    Add 1/4th table spoon Red chilly powder
    Add about 1/4th table spoon of turmeric
    Mix them well for about 2 minutes
    Add chopped coriander
    Mix it
    Add two glass of water
    Stir it for about half minute
    Add half table spoon of Garam Masala
    Mix it well
    Let it Boil
    Once it starts boiling add 1 glass of soaked rice
    Cover with lid till get cooked or rice absorbs all the water ( 10-15 mins )
    Check in between for water in rice
    Vegetable Pulao is ready to be served
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    thank you
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