#010: Smart Steps to Create Room for Rest and Growth with Self-Care

#010: Smart Steps to Create Room for Rest and Growth with Self-Care
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    - Hello everybody, how are you?
    This is actually the second time I've attempted to go live.
    The gremlins are at it again and it just dropped out
    so hopefully I'm just gonna eat some chocolate
    'cause we are talking about taking self care today.
    So I've got my chocolate and I've got my cup of tea
    and I'm ready to chat.
    I'm just gonna grab my phone here
    and make sure that Matt is gonna give me the okay
    that everything is going live.
    I can see that Matt's joined the chat
    so that's a good sign.
    All okay he says.
    So that's excellent.
    So welcome.
    This week I gave you a challenge on the podcast
    and the topic for this week's podcast
    was smart steps to create room.
    Room for rest and growth.
    So you get some self care.
    That's a really really important thing to reflect on
    and if you're wondering why we're talking about that
    on a podcast about reflective practise,
    well apart from the fact it gives me an excuse
    to eat chocolate live on webcam.
    You know, if you are not full of energy
    and 100% when you enter your classroom,
    it genuinely does not matter
    how brilliantly your lesson planning is,
    how beautiful your classroom looks.
    If you are not able to put on that show
    and be there and be amazing,
    then it's gonna be really hard
    to get the impact that you want, isn't it?
    Would you agree?
    So let's just do a quick test.
    'Cause we've been going for 11 weeks.
    11 weeks.
    Just let that soak in.
    So if you are here right now live,
    give me an emoji or a gif to represent
    how you are feeling right now.
    I wonder if I can do the same thing here.
    I don't know, I'll give it a go.
    I'm gonna say I am probably, let's go emojis,
    mm, ooh, I need a bit of a half asleep one I think.
    How about you?
    What are you guys gonna pick?
    This one looks interesting.
    I don't know what this one is.
    There you go.
    He looks a little bit fizzled.
    A bit fizzled.
    There you are.
    There's my, that's me after 11 weeks of this term
    and I know that the kids are feeling even worse than that
    and we've had to support them through it too, haven't we?
    And you know, one of the things that we can do for ourselves
    is to make sure that we make time for ourselves
    and in the podcast which you can find
    at edufolios.org\010.
    You will actually find lots and lots of advice
    and help around defining self care
    and finding time for self care
    and what I said that I would do live in the podcast
    was the 24-hour task.
    Now, the 24-hour task just involves a piece of paper
    and it doesn't have to be a full paper.
    From sustainability's perspective,
    this is a scrap of paper, so I'm doing well there.
    Okay, we're repurposing today.
    This represents 24 hours and in the podcast,
    I walked you through tearing this up to see how much
    paper you had left at then end that was for you
    because I know that I get to feel quite guilty sometimes
    about, you know, not, you know,
    if I've got the option to sit still and read my book
    or go for a walk by myself,
    I've got this list in the back of my head.
    Do you have that list?
    And I just feel like I have to do some things off it.
    Well, today my list is talk to you guys,
    have a cup of tea, eat some chocolate
    and after that I might watch some telly, I don't know,
    but you know, it's important
    that we make time for ourselves.
    So without further ado,
    let's give this 24-hour exercise a go.
    So here is 24 hours in my day.
    Halfway, mathematics here, we've got 12.
    A quarter, about six, right?
    We understand how that breaks up.
    So 24 hours in my day.
    How many hours in your 24-hour period do you spend asleep?
    So grab it.
    I'm gonna say, probably about six, seven
    and so that's about here and I'm just gonna rip it off.
    So this bit is sleep.
    This is the amount of time I spend in my 24-hour period
    resting and sleeping and that's okay.
    I probably should have a little bit more,
    shouldn't I than that?
    I probably am meant to get eight hours.
    So I'm gonna put this down over here by my mic.
    Hey Kat, nice to see you
    and this here is the rest of my day,
    so these are my waking hours.
    Now, I have to go to work, like the rest of us
    and I'm gonna assume that this day is a work day.
    So let's say that I arrive at work at half seven
    and I'm lucky enough 'cause there's no staff meeting
    to leave at maybe four,
    so that's eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, one, two, three, four,
    that's nine hours
    and then once my little person's gone to bed,
    I'll probably do another hour of work.
    So let's say 10 hours.
    10 hours.
    Oh gosh, okay, so where was the halfway point again?
    Here, so that was 12 hours,
    so I'm on, probably if I take
    my working time off, you ready?
    (sing-song voice groaning)
    Bye, work.
    Look at this.
    Here's what I'm left with.
    Sleep and work.
    I'm getting scared.
    How much have you got left?
    Are you doing this too?
    Right, okay, so now I've got things like, chores.
    I have to clean the house and make dinner and do all that
    and on an average work day, I probably don't dedicate
    too much time to that.
    More probably, I should do more,
    but I'm not sure how I'm going to.
    So I'm gonna just take it,
    I'm gonna try to take an hour or so off.
    This is a bit tricky.
    For my chores.
    Okay, here we go.
    All right, now parenting.
    After school I have to hang out with my little person.
    I want to hang out with my little person.
    So, I probably get a couple of hours
    to do that everyday in the morning.
    Oh my goodness, look how small.
    Ooh, I'm gonna get off the edge.
    This little slip of paper is for me.
    Now imagine if I was doing study right now
    or prepping for my HA application or my lead application
    and I had to do that in my own time.
    This is all I've got.
    I mean, maybe I spend like, I don't know, an hour,
    (laughing) this is really hard.
    An hour everyday reading papers.
    I do, I do tend to read a lot.
    Oh my goodness, I'm trying desperately to leave some scrap,
    some semblance of me.
    Can you see what happens to our day?
    Right, here you go.
    This is, this is what I have left.
    This is all the time available to me in a 24-hour period
    for something that's not work,
    sleep, chores or family, or study.
    And you might find,
    that you don't even have this in your hand.
    Give me holler if you've been this exercise
    and you are left with absolutely nothing.
    Look, let's go through it.
    Here we go.
    We've got, I think this was sleep,
    this was work,
    then what do we have, we had some chores to do,
    we had parenting to do,
    and we had some study,
    and that is all I have left in my 24-hour day
    and now if you have that list in the back of your head
    and you are feeling guilty
    about the marking that needs doing
    or bed sheets that need changing,
    or something else that you feel has to be done,
    I want you to pause and I want you to think about the fact
    that the wonderful thing about the 24-hour day
    is that it starts again tomorrow.
    So instead of thinking of these 24 hours as a finite thing,
    let's think about them as a circle and it never ends.
    Okay, so we need to prioritise,
    do I desperately have to do that bit of marking
    or desperately have to change the sheets on the spare bed,
    no one's gonna sleep in them for months.
    Do I have to do that now or is this
    little tiny scrap of me probably going to be
    much more of a priority?
    I want you to know that you cannot,
    you cannot possibly be feeling guilty.
    Look at all of this time that you are dedicating
    to other things and other people.
    It is totally okay to hold onto this scrap
    and make it your own.
    Now, if you would think about that and you're like,
    actually, Selena, you're right
    and you're interested in what that might look like,
    well then, in the podcast,
    just picking up all these bits of paper,
    went through what self care actually is
    and how you can make a brainstorm of that
    so that when you have these 10 minutes,
    half an hour, 20 minutes,
    you're not sitting there wondering
    what you're gonna do with that time.
    You're actually just gonna look at this list
    that you stick on your fridge in front of everyone's faces.
    Mom has time, CEO has time, teacher has time,
    this is what I do with my time
    and you're just going to pick something from that list.
    So, how many of you have had a go?
    It's Christina, it is so important, isn't it?
    Because as I said right at the beginning,
    it you are feeling guilty, I've dropped it, it's so small.
    If you're feeling guilty about protecting
    this tiny scrap of time, you have,
    come on now, be fair to yourself.
    Put yourself first, okay?
    You've got, look at all these other things,
    these are the things you're doing.
    That's enough time on someone else
    and look, the reality is in our jobs,
    stuff happens, right?
    You might be thinking you're gonna get
    lunch today and you don't.
    That is the reality of our job,
    but if that does happen, you have to be ready
    to give that time back to yourself
    and you have to be really conscious don't you
    of when that happens and if you can't manage
    this tiny little piece like that everyday,
    can you manage it a couple of times a week?
    Can you find some things you can do a couple of times a week
    to just protect this?
    Because it's that old story
    we could do with the kids, isn't it?
    About filling your bucket too.
    We've got to use this scrap of time to reenergize ourselves
    so that when we get to the end of an 11-week term
    and I know we won't be having
    another 11-week term this year, thank goodness,
    but you know, we do not want to get to the end of this term
    feeling so tired we can't actually be present for our family
    without hibernating for a few weeks clearly, hey.
    So, many of you have had a go at this exercise?
    Let me know and what did it look like?
    Did you have any paper left at the end?
    what did it look like?
    Remember I asked you to take a photograph
    and to tweet it or put it on Instagram
    with the hashtag reflectionists to show me.
    I can't wait to see and I really really really
    am also looking forward to the photographs
    of all of your self care lists.
    So if you want some help with the next part,
    which is about self care,
    you're gonna head to edufolios.org\010
    and on that page you're going to find the podcast.
    Now if you're also somebody who like me,
    struggles to switch off, you might want some assistance.
    So, at the very bottom of that page,
    and I'm just scrolling down here.
    I've got my computer in front of me.
    At the very bottom of the page,
    edufolios.org\010, you'll see further reading and support
    and down there I've got another article
    about avoiding teacher burnout which is what we're doing.
    Another one about how holidays are for you,
    just in case you still need convincing
    and then some tools you can use to chill out.
    So I've got, how many of you have heard of
    things like calm.com?
    Have you heard of calm.com?
    Who uses that in their classroom?
    I use it all the time in my classroom.
    I can't stand silence so I quite like a bit of calm.com
    and I also have Buddhify.
    I heard about that at a teach meet once.
    So Buddhify's really cool 'cause you open the app
    and you tell it what mood you're in
    and then it selects a mediation for you,
    which is very cool.
    Have you had that one?
    And there's a really cool little bot on Twitter
    called the Tiny Care Bot at Tiny Care Bot
    who will tweet you and remind you to be kind to yourself
    and then of course Smiling Minds
    is a very Australian company who do meditation
    and they have a fantastic app.
    I hope you've found it.
    The Smiling Minds app.
    I've got it on my phone here.
    It tells us to check in with ourselves
    and it actually has whole programmes for grownups.
    So if you do need something to help guide you
    through meditation, it's something new to you,
    the Smiling Minds app is perfect for that.
    And then finally on that list
    is a blog post by another company called Ink
    who have done a great piece on neuroscience and music
    and there's a link at the very bottom
    of edufolios.org\010 to that blog post
    where it gives you some amazing pieces of music
    that have actually been written to help
    your brainwaves calm down and chill you out.
    There's a 15-minute song on there
    that actually every time makes me fall asleep, every time.
    Right, so go listen to edufolios.org\010
    or of course look for the Reflective Teacher podcast
    on iTunes, on Google Podcasts
    and you can even ask for it on Spotify.
    Next weeks episode, we're going to be talking about,
    now I'm gonna remember
    because I've been batching podcasts all day,
    so I've done six of them.
    I'm trying to remember what the next one is about.
    I believe it's about writing your first post,
    your evidence post and breaking that ice.
    So if you're going, do you know what,
    it's too hard, I don't know what tone of voice I should use,
    how do I know it's gonna be a good piece of evidence
    and you've got a million questions holding you back,
    tune in next week to the Reflective Teacher podcast.
    Now before I go, I'm gonna munch on this chocolate
    and I'm just gonna give it a couple of seconds
    to see if anyone's got any questions for me
    about any of the podcasts
    and particularly this self care one.
    Basically I wanted an excuse to eat more Cadbury's.
    It's British Cadbury's, any ex pats, you'll understand
    why that's good stuff.
    Has anyone got any questions?
    Let's have a look.
    Kat says that she loves calm.com,
    but you can get the free subscription
    if you tell your teacher.
    Oh okay, well I just log in with my Facebook account,
    that seems to get around that.
    All right guys.
    Well, if there are no questions, I will see you later.
    Feel free to comment below at any time
    and I will reply to them.
    Look for the Reflective Teacher podcasts
    on iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify
    and I will see you next week to talk about
    breaking the ice on your ePortfolios for accreditation.
    Take care.
    Have a great holiday.
    11 weeks.
    You are awesome.
    You've worked really hard.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Take care.
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