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21 steps to 6 Figure Profits with Den Lennie

21 steps to 6 Figure Profits with Den Lennie
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    So today I wanted to reflect and I'm kind of over the last few years work out,
    you know what are the different steps that have to happen to create a business that generates
    six and multiple six-figure profits in a business that you love without needing to work
    70 to 100 hours per week. So that's what I've been working on.
    I was doing a lot of thinking about you know how our journey evolves in business.
    And I've mentioned this before.
    If you heard me speak or maybe another podcast but you know we often wildly overestimate
    what we can achieve in a year but wildly underestimate what can be achieved in five years.
    And this was originated I think by Tony Robbins.
    And I think back to five years ago 2014, I was in a very very different place.
    So never underestimate what you can achieve in five years, in fact, in 2014 I was working
    in the UK and living in Essex.
    Start 2019 I'm sitting in my camper van on the Byron Bay Coast a place which I feel really
    connected to in kind of a spiritual and beauty level, recording podcasts in my van that's
    being paid for through the business which is a mobile production suite stroke camper van.
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