7 Easy Steps to Selling Your Home! Step 4: Your Home Inspection

7 Easy Steps to Selling Your Home! Step 4: Your Home Inspection
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    How to sell your home in seven easy steps.
    I'm Danielle Scott with Keller Williams Realty.
    Step four, hire a professional inspector.
    I always recommend my buyers get a home inspection,
    but did you know that it's a worthwhile tool
    for home sellers as well?
    A pre-sell inspection might cost a few hundred dollars
    but it'll be well worth the money.
    By identifying and addressing repair items ahead of time,
    neither you or our buyers will experience any surprises.
    So what's included in a pre-sell home inspection?
    Similar to a buyer's inspection,
    a qualified home inspector will comb through your property
    to assess the home's condition
    and identify any health and safety issues.
    Once the inspection is complete,
    you will see a detailed report
    outlining what works and what doesn't
    with recommendations for maintenance and repairs.
    Of course the inspector and I will go over
    all of the findings with you.
    We won't need to worry about addressing
    every single item in the inspection report,
    but we will want to pay special attention
    to the big ticket issues.
    Typically the roof, electrical, plumbing,
    and HVAC systems take priority.
    If we have room in the budget,
    we'll wanna take care of those before you list your home.
    These can scare buyers into asking for way too much.
    Next we're setting the stage.
    See you next time.
    Remember, when you do what you love,
    people love what you do.
    I'm Danielle Scott.
    Let's make it a great home buying and selling day.
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