9 Essential Steps to SALES GROWTH

9 Essential Steps to SALES GROWTH
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    - I want to share with you today the nine essential steps
    to sales transformation.
    Firstly, you need to target ideal clients,
    not just any client.
    You need to research the client's industry
    before approaching them.
    When you do approach a target client,
    you need to approach with insights of value.
    You need to uncover client needs at multiple levels.
    You need to be able to summarize their ideal state vision,
    finalize a compelling three-stage pitch,
    obtain a yes through delivery of value,
    realize revenues through effective implementation,
    and manage for growth and referrals.
    By combining a customer focus
    and a proven process discipline,
    your business will create opportunity.
    I'd love to hear your comments below
    and I hope you found this useful.
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