Doing This Will Save You Thousands in Gas

Doing This Will Save You Thousands in Gas
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    rev up your engines, atom Roger says Scotty purposely run
    out of gas two to three times a week cuz I want to see how far the car can go
    after empty is it harming it, yes it is do not do that, one if there's any crud in
    your gas tank the crud will go to the bottom and then you'll suck the crud off
    the bottom, but the main thing is if you actually run out of gas until it stops
    running, all modern cars have their fuel pump inside the gas tank, the
    gasoline that lubricates the electric pump, sounds crazy but the gasoline flows
    through the pump and it lubricates the bearings, you actually run out of gas
    and the car stops running that means your
    fuel pump sucked air, when it's sucking air there is no gasoline lubricating the
    bearings and it can quickly burn out the fuel pump, fuel pump replacements on some
    cars can be close to a thousand bucks or more, don't do it it's not a good idea
    now you know why, Dan Lockwood says Scotty are the Broncos 89 to 96 a bad
    investment, well you know basically most cars are horrible investments because
    you put your money in and they just go down in value as time goes on, you know
    that's just how cars are, if you're talking especially an 89 and if the body
    wasn't rotting, you buy an old vehicle like that you want to make sure the
    frame isn't rotten and it doesn't have any problems, you want to check that out
    first, it could be a decent investment because people like collecting older
    vehicles, and if the body is solid and not rotting away and you want to fix it up
    or you want to put bigger engine in it you can do that on those old vehicles
    they can be fun, you know just of course don't do what a lot of people do, which is put
    too much money in the car, they over invest in the car and they never get it
    back, if you like an 89 Bronco and you want to fix it up and drive around and it's
    not rotting and the frame is not rotting away, get it you can have some fun
    with it, royal purple or OEM oil filters the royal purple are high-end oil filters,
    they are excellent oil filters, as far as I know royal purple doesn't make them
    somebody else makes them, like Mobil 1 high-end synthetic oil filters but they don't
    make them, you know any high-end filters generally
    pretty good, if you're curious do like I did in my
    video that I was talking about that explains which oil filters are good which you
    should buy, is get an oil filter some time, get a hacksaw and just cut it in half
    and you can see the difference in the cheap one and a good one, you see the
    good ones have higher quality steel parts instead of plastic, and they have
    thicker more pleats of filtration materials
    you know they cost more and they're better made, david crock says would you
    daily drive a Mazda Miata, well I wouldn't because they're girly
    cars they have the image of being girly cars and
    the girly sports car you know, that's the image
    that they got, that said they are fun to drive I like driving around when I work
    on my customers miatas, they've made it for decades they're very reliable
    cars, I personally think they stink with the automatic transmissions, I'd want a
    standard because when I work on the automatic ones they're dogs and when
    they're old generally they fall apart, mazda makes pretty crappy automatic
    transmissions ,but their standard transmissions are pretty much
    bulletproof they're excellent, they can go really a long time and they are fun
    to drive, they're fun cute little sports cars if you don't mind the girly image
    that they have, Stephen Beatty says, I got a 2017 Explorer 2.3 EcoBoost how good
    are the GDI motors, the earlier ones and they had a few problems here and there
    if you do buy a GDI motor be religious about changing the oil, don't get this bs
    that you can change it every 10 20 thousand miles, change it every 5,000 miles
    religiously on a vehicle like that, because it's got more pressure with the
    injectors, turbochargers more strain on the engine, I would religiously change
    the engine oil every 5,000 miles and never let the temperature gauge get warm
    and ruin one of those engines, because they can last if you take care of them
    but if you don't their money pits, the customers of mine that don't maintain
    that cars and bought those things, they had engine problems as they aged, but the
    ones that took care of them, they're still having good luck with them
    Richardson said do rim protectors work, would you put them on
    your cars, I wouldn't put them on my cars because
    they're ugly as can be, I wouldn't want to ruin the look of the thing and I know
    how to drive so I don't hit curbs all the time, I mean they're a cover over it and
    if you got some maniac that's grinding into the curb it's gonna grind those off
    or knock them off real fast and still eat up the rims, they're ugly the whole
    point of fancy wheels this their fancy wheels, if you put some ugly rubber
    protector on it, I got a guy from Russia just sent me some with
    different colors, green yellow red, ugliest looking things I ever saw
    you're not gonna stop any big damage anyways, your best bet is have a car like
    my wife's old Toyota Matrix, fancy alloy
    wheels but the tires sit out a lot more than the wheels, so if you go slow when
    you rub on a curb you just rub a little of the rubber off the tire and it
    doesn't touch the rim, that's the best way to go,
    the best protection is to have rims that are inside the tires, so if you never
    want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!
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