Easy Steps to Personal Branding

Easy Steps to Personal Branding
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    Hi, it's Lee Watts and thank you for watching my youtube channel
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    So today I'm going to talk about
    five maybe six steps to
    establishing your personal brand
    Listen, every one of us has a personal brand. You may be thinking. Hey, I'm not working on my personal brand right now
    But listen, you have one whether you're controlling it or not. I
    would like for you to be more intentional about
    Controlling your brand. So we're gonna talk about ways again that you can establish your personal brand and
    Make sure you are making the most use of it
    So number one is you need to know your story. Yes
    I know that you guys thought I was gonna talk about something like, you know
    Making sure you get the right colors or making sure you have the right look
    Listen before we get to all of that. You've got to know the inside
    You have to know what it is that has made you who you are and what is special about you?
    So when you know your story you're able to effectively tell people your story
    You know what differentiates you you know?
    What's special about you so know your story what has made you who you are today? And
    Why you are the way you are and be comfortable and confident in that?
    Know yourself when you know your story you're able to beat authentic
    Because you know that all the experiences good or bad have made you who you are today
    So know your story when you're looking to really establish your personal brand
    number two
    you need to
    begin with the end in mind
    So, yes you think about who is it that I really want to be?
    Is it that I you know, this sounds kind of morbid but this has really helped me with establishing my personal brand
    Going to a funeral and I I was listening to what it is
    That some of the comments that they were making about the the woman who had passed away
    And there were remarkable comments and I thought about man. What are they going to say about me when I die?
    What is the legacy that I'm gonna leave behind? What is it that I did enough of that?
    people will comment on that when I
    pass away
    If you think like that, although I know it sounds morbid. But if you think like that with the beginning the end and mind
    you think about am I leaving that along the way and I'm leaving enough of what it is that I
    Would want to be known for what I would want people to say about me
    That it easily would roll off people's lips at the end
    so think about what you want that to be what what is it that you want people to say and remember about you and
    Is it public enough? Are you doing it enough?
    Are you doing it consistently and we're gonna get to consistency because that is the seal the deal thing
    when it comes to
    establishing your personal brand
    Number three, you need to know kind of what I was saying about
    Knowing your story. You need to know what differentiates you you need to know
    What sets you apart? What makes you special?
    What is your expertise and you may be thinking? I don't have an expertise
    I guarantee you you do there's something that you're better at than the person next door
    You may not be at the level that you want and that's okay
    You're speaking to if you're doing this for your business you're speaking to that audience that may not be there yet
    Know what sets you apart know what differentiates you know what you're really good at what you can say
    I am an expert in this area
    because I
    The next point, I think it's number four is
    Whatever you are for your personal brand take it to the next level. I
    Guarantee you you're not doing enough of it to make an impact
    And if you're going to really work on your personal brand, I want you to take those two or three things
    Or maybe if it's just one thing that you're really good at and I want you to go hard at it
    That means I want you to read about it speak about it
    post about it
    Talk about it
    make it something that you live breathe eat sleep and
    Again, even if it's two or three things or if it's just one take it to the next level
    If you want to attach a color to it if you want to attach the hashtag to it
    Whatever you want to do
    Think about it meditate on it how you can take it to the next level?
    But identify those things that set you apart that you're good at and think about how you can
    Amplify it for your personal brand
    number five, I believe we're at number five is I want you to be
    Actually before I go to that one I meant end with that one so number five is
    Know what you bring to the table. So that's very similar to knowing what your expertise is
    And knowing what differentiates you but bringing it to the table is
    putting your brand in living form
    What can you do?
    Package your brand and make it something that you bring to the table
    Bring it to the table
    You can offer it as a gift to the world as a gift at the table
    Okay, so think about that think about it again
    Really don't make it complicated
    There are things that you are good at that are very simple and you might think that's nothing
    I've always known how to do that. I've always known how to do hair. I've always known how to dress
    I've always been a good listener think about those things and think about again how you put pull that into your story
    Set yourself apart with it and offer it to the world and bring it to the table. Okay?
    And then finally, I want you to be consistent
    Yes, that is where most people mess up with their personal branding
    They are not consistent. I
    Have a personal belief and a lot of people are not gonna agree with me on this and that's okay
    Leave the comments below or feel free to email
    Me about it. I don't mind we can have a discussion about it, but
    over a certain age I am
    NOT a big fan of
    Changing your hairstyle in your look
    every other day
    because people if you're establishing your brand, they don't quite know what to expect from you and
    Consistency is very important when you're establishing your personal brand
    People want to trust that. You know what you're talking about that you know what you're doing that you are
    Who you say you are now I have this discussion with someone and they said well
    What if the personal brand is that I come with a different hairstyle every day
    Okay, so maybe you're a hair stylist and you that's your thing every week. You're gonna have a new hairstyle and that is your grant
    At least stay
    Find something consistent about that whether it's a color that she used that she makes yourself pop
    it's a genre of
    The way you dress a specific style
    something find something
    Consistent about you and your brand and you pull it and push it out every single time it never fails
    consistency is
    important and even when it comes to your social media
    Again, how you show up in the room the things that she discussed this things that you offer to the table? Okay
    So thank you so much for joining my video today
    I will have more to come be sure to subscribe so you can be one of the first to know when
    I post a video if you have questions
    Feel free to email me or follow me on my various social media platforms. I'll make sure to put them below have an amazing day
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