Ellen Figures Out If Megan Mullally Is 'Megan Mull-lying'

Ellen Figures Out If Megan Mullally Is 'Megan Mull-lying'
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    We're back with Megan Mullally.
    And we're going to play a game.
    And I am going to give you a subject
    and you're going to tell me some facts about it.
    We're going to play strip poker.
    No, no.
    That's not-- that's not what we're playing.
    You go first.
    That's not-- no.
    They could be real or you might be making them up.
    And I have to guess if you're lying.
    It's a game called, Is Megan Mull-lying?
    The music.
    Yeah, I know.
    I want to tell you about the origins of the popsicle.
    Oh, OK.
    So turns out there was an 11-year-old boy who
    lived in San Francisco.
    And his name was Frank, Frank Epperson.
    And he was 11 years old.
    And one day he's out on his porch in San Francisco.
    And he is playing with some water and some sugar syrup
    and he is mixing it with a stick.
    And his mother called him in for dinner.
    And he was like, well, I guess I'm just
    going to leave my sugar-- my water out here
    with the stick in it.
    Was this wintertime?
    Well, yeah, I guess.
    Apparently, it was because he forgot about it.
    And the next morning, he went out on the porch,
    probably, like on his way to school or whatever.
    And he sees it.
    And it's frozen.
    And he's like, I'm going to eat it.
    And so he ate it.
    And he was like, hey, this isn't half bad.
    So then he decided to call it the epsicle because his name is
    Frank Epperson.
    He was like, this is the epsicle.
    So then he started selling it.
    And he was, you know, he made a lot of money.
    And then he eventually grew up and got married and had kids.
    And when his kids got to be a certain age,
    they were like, this is stupid.
    Don't call it an epsicle, pop.
    Call it a popsicle.
    I actually believe you.
    Is that true?
    It is true!
    All right.
    Now you're going to tell me the history of the French kiss.
    Yeah, well, you and I have some experience in that area.
    We do?
    I don't remember that one.
    That was a true or false.
    You got it.
    So the French kiss started--
    that term came about during World War I.
    And it was actually not French people.
    It was British soldiers during World War I who were like,
    wait a minute.
    The French women do this thing where
    they use their tongues for--
    I'm going to stop you--
    --in a kiss.
    It's not--
    And they-- yeah, the French women did it.
    And so the British guys were like, oh my god.
    This is a French kiss.
    And then, you know what else?
    Turns out that--
    What else?
    It turns out that this really funny part
    is that the French people didn't call it a French kiss.
    They called it an English kiss.
    Oh, isn't that funny?
    It's really-- that's humorous.
    It's funny.
    Yeah, OK.
    So I'm going to say that's not true.
    Yeah, that's not true.
    It's true.
    It is true?
    It's true.
    It's true.
    I got a kiss!
    That was good.
    Because the first one you were struggling so much
    that I thought for sure.
    I know!
    I did it too much.
    Too struggling.
    And this time I thought you were--
    All right.
    Bad acting.
    The season finale of Will and Grace
    airs tonight at 9:00 on NBC.
    We'll be right back.
    Megan Mullally.
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