Freddie Gibbs "Flat Tummy Tea" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Freddie Gibbs "Flat Tummy Tea" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
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    I named the song Flat Tummy Tea because it was a line in the song.
    You know, I'm gonna keep it real with you.
    I tried it just to see.
    I needed some Tum, Tu, Tu, Tum, Tums after fucking with that shit.
    Then my bitch was like it ain't for niggas.
    I'm like oh, damn.
    So you'll be shitting like this too bitch?
    Women don't be shitting like us though.
    They do but they'll be acting like they don't.
    They be trying to shit while we're at work or something like that.
    I think all women shit like 3:00AM or something when nigga is asleep.
    They probably take one big shit.
    That's why they made that flat tummy tea shit.
    Use your common sense.
    I wrote most of this shit when I was locked up. I think that's a testament to the power
    of Madlib because these muthafuckin' beats was stuck in my head.
    Working with Madlib, the thing that I like the most is just the fact that don't nobody
    else really make beats like him.
    I feel like you gotta bring your 'A' game to really shine on his beats, or his beat
    is going to outshine you.
    Beating the pot, you know what I mean, definitely means cooking crack.
    Like Joe beat Mike and Jermaine because he beat they ass, obviously.
    One came out light, one came out dark but they smokin' the same.
    I made some crack that was dark skinned crack.
    I made some crack that was real light.
    I did some crack that was yellow, all kind of different weird colors.
    I had some crack that had bacon flavor to it.
    Niggas be having fake ass diamonds.
    You can't wear fake ass diamonds.
    They be having them though.
    There's so many niggas with fake Rolexes with real diamonds.
    I be like damn, man.
    It make a nigga not even want to wear jewelry in the rap game.
    Y'all niggas be so monkey.
    America definitely is a company, corporation that was built on free labor of black people.
    So run those motherfucking reparations, nigga.
    Black people, we're definitely set back in this country a couple hundred years behind
    everybody else and it's gonna take more than just 28 days in February to bring us up to
    speed on what we need to be up to speed on.
    What made me say that line is because I was looking on Instagram and shit, and I was like
    you can look at the life of a nigga on Instagram and a motherfucker will tear you down on that
    motherfucker, will talk shit about you all day and this that and the third.
    But as soon as you die, oh man, it's a moment.
    Everybody like RIH, RIP, rest in heaven, rest in power.
    Shut the fuck up, nigga.
    How come you weren't telling me to live in power?
    Or live in peace?
    I know I had another classic on my hands when I made this, so I was like yo, I gotta put
    this out in the correct fashion.
    You've got a lot of homies, they wanna be around you when the bottle's popping and there's
    girls around and it's all good.
    But when it's an issue or you're about to have to sit down, you've got police coming
    at you and attention like that, they scatter like roaches.
    They be out.
    Ain't none of my homies ever put nothing on my books, bail, none of that.
    That's why I've got so much respect for women.
    Every time I was in a jam, legally, it was always a woman that was helping me.
    So fuck all those niggas. Real talk.
    Whoo, that line was harder than a motherfucker.
    I'm the Black Jack Tripper, nigga.
    Jack Tripper, that nigga had two bitches all the time.
    Suzanne Somers.
    The Thighmaster.
    You remember the Suzanne Somers deal, the Thighmaster?
    It was a whole bunch of white ladies on the floor twerking that ass in the commercial.
    I'm about to go watch that shit.
    It's a couple of these niggas, I ain't gonna say their names and shit like that, but if
    they ain't had a cosign and shit like that, those niggas would be working at grocery stores,
    Those nigga's wouldn't be rapping if it weren't for the boosts.
    These niggas ain't gonna get it out of the mud like I did.
    That was a shout out to my jeweler.
    He gave me some good shit that week for a good price, and I was like oh yeah, my nigga,
    I got you.
    And he was in the studio, I think, when I was recording, so I was like, yeah, my nigga.
    He was like, "yeah, yeah, nigga, me."
    I was like, "yeah."
    He's a black jeweler too, he a real nigga.
    And reparations don't just mean money.
    It's more than just giving every nigga a check.
    Make black people not have to pay taxes or make education free, something like that,
    to give us some type of advantage so that we can catch the fuck up.
    I don't know too many niggas that, own they actual home.
    I know a bunch of niggas that got a thousand pair of Jordan's.
    I've been there before too.
    You know what I mean?
    I can't talk down on niggas.
    You know what I'm saying?
    Because I done did all that dumb shit too.
    But, there definitely gotta be some type of growth.
    I think when Obama left out of office, he did pardons for a people and couple people
    was fortunate enough to get those, and pardons, and time cuts, stuff like that, but some people
    Then when the regime changed, it was just like back to the same thing.
    it was a point in time where the syrup was big in the culture.
    I know I got hit with it too.
    I used to drink it all the time.
    I was looking at myself doing an interview.
    I had a two liter bottle of motherfucking, I think it was Fanta, Pineapple soda and a
    big as bottle of Actavis, and I was drinking that shit.
    I'm looking back at the interview.
    I'm like, "Nigga, what the fuck?"
    I wish I could just go back to that me and slap the fuck out of me.
    You know what I mean?
    Because nigga, you look like junkie.
    I feel like rap made that shit kinda cool, but it really ain't.
    You know what I mean?
    Like nigga, at the end of the day, you fucking drinking medicine.
    One of my homies told me that if he didn't drink it, he was going to shit on himself
    and I said, "Nigga, I'm done.
    I don't want to get to that point where you at."
    2015, 2016, it was like 9, 10 goddamn slave movies come out.
    It was like Twelve Years a Slave, Fifty Years a Slave, shit, The Nat Turner Revolt, all
    this shit.
    I'm not saying that the history of our people doesn't need to be told.
    I said that line because I felt that black people just need to be showed the different
    kind of images in America than just slaves.
    If you all show us the slaves every fucking year, that's what everybody else is going
    to think of his as, just slaves.
    I went to the mosque men, and I was with Minister Tony Mohammed and he was talking about that.
    And the revelations in the bible, it's something like Jesus coming down on some fucking horse.
    A lot of that shit is made up.
    There's a lot of shit in religion that can't really be explained and they just tell you
    to leave it up to the faith.
    My nigga, let's break it up to the science.
    That's on the set, that I am what I am.
    I just think I haven't been getting the credit that I deserve.
    But I'm about to this time.
    This time I'm coming for the respect.
    Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and me.
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