How I CARBO-LOAD Before Running | Vegan Pesto Pasta | Klossy Learns to Cook

How I CARBO-LOAD Before Running | Vegan Pesto Pasta | Klossy Learns to Cook
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    yes it's pasta time, pasta time, pasta time, pasta time hi guys we're back in the kitchen with brilliant Lena and
    we're doing a special recipe today it's all about carbo loading so I'm excited
    I'm running half marathon in two weeks and I've been training by running but
    also part of training and gearing up for a long-distance run is also sleep and
    nutrition what are we making today Lena okay so we're making a bean based pasta
    with a spinach walnut pesto the carbs in this are really healthy carbs so they're
    complex carbs rather than simple carbs so they don't convert to sugar right
    away in your blood they give you a nice long sustained energy so you're not
    gonna like have a rush of energy and then crash so we're boiling some water
    here we've just added like a nice handful of salt
    why does we have salt to to water when you're boiling it so it actually lowers
    the boiling temperature of water so it boils faster and then also the pasta
    comes out with a little bit of flavor okay so I know we are a little low on a
    microphone cord so we're sharing one it doesn't really mean anything to you guys
    other than we're walking around the kitchen like idiots like straps at the
    hip is so if you see us like tripping over ourselves that's why okay yeah okay so we're
    gonna take this kale it's a lot of kale but the thing about
    kale is it shrinks if you've ever made kale chips like this which is basically
    this is the same method for making kale chips but we're just not gonna cook it
    for as long we're just gonna tear it yeah tear and toss you can leave some of
    the lighter stems in there but we'll take the big ones out I'm not the only
    one running the Berlin half marathon my entire Klossy team is in it with me so
    we're gonna make a double portion of this pasta dish hence why we have so
    much Kale okay okay we're gonna say Lena and I are artistes tell us what to
    do how much to measure how long to do it for until we like burn the house down
    so today we're gonna set a timer yes how long do we want to set it for
    let's do 12 minutes to start we'll check on it so in the mean times
    in the mean time we have 12 minutes to go to do this first we're gonna chop
    the garlic because we want to activate the acelin okay oh yes oh I may have
    overdone it no that's perfect it doesn't we're about to chop it
    anyways squash it with the knife and the peel comes right off right so we're just
    gonna leave this off to the side now it's gonna activate and in the meantime
    we're going to get out our food processor and start right up here we go
    go go wait basically we're doing is we're we're packing in the spinach just
    so we can measure it so this is a 2 cup measuring device and we've packed it
    really tight we can tight yeah let's smash it in there so we're just
    gonna pulse it a few times and then we're gonna add this is one and a half
    ounces of basil oh my god it smells insane
    honestly, ugh if that was a perfume I think wear a perfume just with basil maybe you should make that?I'm such a loser we're gonna pull out for the the stems they
    doesn't have to be perfect I can smell the kale let's check on it oh wait hold
    on I got you a handy-dandy timer she doesn't measure she doesn't time but
    yeah she's always right what can I say okay let's stay out of your way you go where
    do I go oh yeah this way okay got you oh wow we're about to burn the house down check it out this is actually
    exactly how I wanted it okay great I mean try it try one of those oh yeah I
    know we're just gonna add the walnuts so it might be better to do this and then
    you give it a little more a little bit just trying to mold you guys here do the
    talking I'll do the pouring. you're doing great we're gonna do um some lemon zest so
    there's the lemon zest we're also gonna add some lemon juice with half the lemon?
    yep half the lemon so it actually goes in the other way Oh
    mm-hmm okay so we're gonna add about half a teaspoon of salt to start I know
    you think that's more I was way more okay and then we're gonna add olive oil
    pour it in a little bit of nutritional yeast how much we'll add about a quarter
    cup four tablespoons is a quarter cup let's put it all in this is gonna be real
    garlicky yeah okay this was I think we did four or five
    cloves so toss that in all right wow that smells so good oh my god I think we
    may of may have nailed it I'm just gonna be honest here for a
    second Lena and I were arguing a little bit about our favorite kind of
    gluten-free pasta because there's so many out there on the market this is Lena's choice
    its ver nice choice explain why it's your choice okay combat with my army
    okay so my choice is the chickpea pasta for a couple of reasons it's made
    strictly from beans and when you combine beans with nuts you get a complete
    protein which is all nine amino acids also the shape of this pasta and the
    ridges will hold the pesto really well and it'll mix well with the roasted kale
    haha okay are you done now I'm am done um excuse me ladies and gentlemen this is my
    favorite kind of pasta this one I like because it's lower in carbs and high in
    protein and in fiber yeah it tastes really good so and I mean I know that I will
    give it to you that soy is a complete protein right here's what we're gonna do
    we're gonna make yours we have like a throwdown It'd be mine vs
    yours whoof hot stuff watch your face coming at you
    literally just said I need to use the metal because this wooden spoon will
    absorb the pesto and that needs less pesto
    this is really I feel like we're both biased
    Wow that's so tasty, oh my god
    Its so good!
    I love you Lena you know I love you I'm a little bit of a food
    hog though I am, I don't share your food with anyone really yeah okay Cheers
    Mine's better!
    this is delicious you don't want to miss out on this trust me
    it's easy to make have it stored in your fridge for a after run snack or
    meal or take it to the office for lunch the next day this is so good it's just a
    dinner just so week day dinner it's so simple so yummy action packed with
    nutrients and protein and all sorts of good stuff guys if you enjoyed this
    video as much as I enjoyed this little pasta you know you can subscribe you
    have to subscribe you have to subscribe this we're gonna do more amazing things
    like this so stop what you're doing stop watching this video I'm not sure...subscribe! Cheers
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