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    What if I told you that you can create anything you desire?
    Well, I'm telling you right now.
    It's true.
    Watch this video for five simple steps on how to manifest what you want.
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    If you've been wanting to know how people attract in their desires and manifest what
    they want, then the 5 steps that I'm going to share with you today will get you
    These are the steps that I have implemented in my own life to manifest a
    lot of amazing things over the last few years.
    Things like my dream job, a soulmate relationship, my dream apartment, amazing
    clients, my soul's purpose and on and on.
    So if you want in on this be sure to watch until the end of the video so that you can
    get all the good stuff.
    We are all co-creators of our reality and manifestation is really the process by
    which we take the visions the ideas the thoughts that we have in our inner worlds
    and we bring them out to our outer worlds.
    Everything that we have in our lives right now and the things that we can experience
    manifested as a result of someone's thoughts somewhere.
    For example, if you are watching this video right now on your iPhone, thanks
    Steve Jobs, but this was a manifestation of his thoughts back in the days, right?
    You can think about all the clothes that you have, the books that you read, the
    people that you meet, the experiences that you've had etc.
    They all manifested as a result of someone's thoughts, maybe yours or someone
    else's right.
    And so manifestation is really the idea of getting so clear about what it is that you
    desire, raising your energetic vibration to match what it is that you desire and
    then allowing that thing to manifest itself into your life.
    And so I can't wait to jump into the five simple steps on how you can start to make
    it happen in your life.
    Step number one is all about asking with clarity and gratitude because you have to
    place your order in with the Universe and let the Universe know what it is that you
    want to manifest.
    So for this step you can write it out or you can just say it out loud.
    The important thing here is that you state with present tense and in positive
    affirmative language.
    So what I mean by that is that instead of saying that I want to have this thing one
    day or I will have this thing one day, get very specific in the moment right now,
    write it out.
    Say it as if you already have it then also add some gratitude into it, right?
    So for example, I am so happy and grateful that I get to run my dream business and
    travel to wherever I want in the world like warm tropical places like Bali for
    example, right so getting very very specific about what it is that you want
    and affirming it.
    A lot of times people tend to say what they don't want.
    So I don't want to feel stressed, I don't want to feel burned out.
    But whatever you focus on is where your energy goes.
    So it's very important that you state what you want to manifest in positive
    affirmative present tense language with the gratitude.
    And in this step it's also extremely important for you to understand why.
    Why do you want to manifest the things that you want to manifest right?
    So really thinking about what feelings will you get from manifesting this thing
    What are really the feelings that you're after right?
    Because anything that we want to create anything that we want to manifest it's
    because we think that it is going to help us feel a certain way right as humans we
    do everything to want to feel good.
    So think about what are the feelings the why behind what it is that you want to
    Step number two is to feel into it.
    So now that you know the why behind what it is that you want to manifest those
    feelings that you want to feel maybe it's fulfillment.
    Maybe it's Joy.
    Maybe it's love ask yourself.
    How can you feel those feelings right now in this moment, right?
    This step is all about acting as if acting as if you already have the thing that you
    want to manifest.
    Because when you act as if when you act as the person who already has a things that
    you want to manifest you instantly raise your energetic vibration to match the
    vibration of your desires and this allows the thing to easily come into your life.
    So a great way of doing this is to visualize and the visualization doesn't
    have to take a long time.
    It can be as short as 17 seconds.
    All you need to do is get quiet with yourself close your eyes and really hold
    the thought in the feelings and the picture of what it is that you desire
    Our subconscious mind responds very well to imagery so when we can have this
    picture in our mind, we really feel into these feelings right now in this moment,
    the joy the Fulfillment the passion whatever it is that you think you are
    going to feel when you have the things that you're looking to manifest then you
    instantly raise yourself to that level, where these things are going to easily
    come into your life.
    Step number three is all about taking massive inspired action.
    Now a lot of times people complain oh manifestation.
    And the Law of Attraction doesn't work for me.
    Well chances are they're sitting on their couch waiting for that thing that they
    want to fall into their laps, but that's just not how it works.
    You need to go out there.
    You need to take the action and the Universe is going to meet you halfway.
    Now, I don't mean going out there and doing everything and anything but it's
    really about paying attention to the nudges, listening to your intuition to
    those little guidance steps and actions that come up.
    For example could be as simple as maybe you should call this person up today, or
    maybe you should walk down that street.
    Maybe you should write a post about this.
    It's really about paying attention to those nudges listening to them and acting
    on them and sometimes they're not going to make sense.
    And that's absolutely normal.
    It's really about trusting those nudges as they come and acting on.
    A lot of times we tend to wait till we have the whole plan figured out before we
    take any action, but that's not going to work in this case.
    It's really about going out there taking the action taking those steps forward and
    knowing that the Universe is going to meet you halfway and give you the guidance for
    all the other steps to come.
    Now, this is so so important.
    Because until you take action the universe can't give you what you want.
    And sometimes as you're taking action challenges are going to come up things
    aren't going to be as easy as you expected them to and that's because the Universe is
    always trying to help you grow in the process of you manifesting the things that
    you want so trusted and take the Massive Action keep on listening and keep on
    Step number 4.
    It's all about trusting and letting go.
    Now, you know the stuff is way easier said than done and I know because this is
    honestly one of the hardest steps for me to but it is really one of the most
    crucial ones because when we get caught up in the attachment in the clingy like oh my
    god, when is this happening is is going to happen sort of vibe.
    When we lower our energetic frequency, which makes it harder for the things that
    we want to manifest to actually show up.
    This step is really all about trusting that once you have placed the order in
    with the Universe.
    That it is going to show up in the best way possible for you.
    It's really about believing in the process and knowing that even if something doesn't
    show up exactly the way that you wanted to, it is showing up for the highest good
    of all including your highest good right.
    A way that I love to think about this, is an analogy of you being in a restaurant.
    Okay when you are in a restaurant and you've ordered your food you don't go run
    up to the kitchen every five minutes.
    Stocking your chefs and asking.
    Hey, is it ready yet?
    Is it done yet?
    What is it coming?
    What does it look like, right.
    You just sit patiently at your table and you wait for the food to come and even if
    it wasn't exactly as how you imagined it, you know that it is going to taste even
    And that is exactly the approach that we should take when we trust when we let go
    of what it is that we want to manifest and we trust in the Universe in that higher
    power to deliver exactly what it is that we need.
    Step number five is to pay attention to the signs and maintain high Vibes.
    The Universe is in constant communication with you.
    Letting you know that you are on the right track and that your manifestation is on
    its way and your job is to pay attention to the signs and to feel gratitude for
    So these signs can come in through angel numbers.
    So for example, I always see 11 11 or 222s or 333s.
    They can come in through certain symbols, or maybe even someone posting something on
    social media, that rings a bell for what it is that you're trying to manifest.
    You can even ask the Universe to show you a specific sign and when you see that
    sign, you can take it as feedback from the Universe that you are most definitely on
    the right track.
    And the other part of this is to really focus on what you already have in this
    moment, right instead of focusing on why is the thing that I want still not here
    yet, focus on all these signs and all the steps that you're taking and all the
    progress that you're making towards what it is that you're trying to manifest.
    It all comes down to maintaining a high energetic vibration right.
    Maintaining the high vibs and you can check out a video that I did right up here
    all about the five ways on how to quickly raise your vibration because that's what
    it's all about.
    We have to maintain our energetic vibration to match our desires in order
    for it to come in.
    So really this final step is about noticing the signs, but also just.
    Having fun enjoying the process and keeping yourself happy in a high vibe
    state because that is the state when you are going to be absolutely magnetic in
    attracting in what it is that you desire.
    So that's it for the five steps on how to manifest what you want and I'll give you
    guys a quick little summary for it.
    Step number one is all about getting clear and specific about what you want.
    Number two is all about feeling into the feelings imagining as if you already have
    this thing.
    Step number three is about taking massive action and just keep on showing up for
    what it is that you want.
    Step number four is all about trusting and letting it go and not being clingy and
    step number five is all about maintaining your high vibes and pay attention to all
    the signs that things are working out for you.
    Because I love you guys so much and I want to make sure that you take these five
    steps and you act on them as soon as possible.
    I've also created a free manifestation checklist for you that you can download
    right down in the description box.
    So go ahead down there grab the link and download this checklist.
    And also if you are interested in joining a community a spiritual badasses just like
    yourself then be sure to head on over to the link in my description box to check
    out my free Facebook Community the spiritual badass tribe.
    This is a place for light workers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and manifesters to
    gather together and share all things high vibe, spirituality, manifestation, mindset
    and all that great stuff, so it would be an absolute pleasure to have you join this
    So that's all I have for you guys today.
    Thank you so much for tuning into today's video and I can't wait to hear about all
    the amazing things that you guys manifest with these five steps.
    So I will catch you in my next video and until then just know that I love you guys
    so so so much.
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