Jackson's First Steps | Little People, Big World

Jackson's First Steps | Little People, Big World
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    - He's going to start walking.
    It's, like, right around the corner.
    Since Jackson took his first steps, we kind of want to just,
    like, set it up for, like, a safe area,
    by moving our furniture and practicing with him.
    Are you ready to catch him though?
    Oh, my gosh.
    Jackson's way ahead of where I was at this time,
    so Jackson's, like, just a completely
    different baby than I was.
    It's so fun seeing your kid, like, advance
    and, like, learn something new.
    It's exciting to see him excel and to, like, see him do well.
    Oh, you just got so excited.
    He's, like, almost there.
    He doesn't have the confidence quite yet.
    And so once he, like, thinks, oh,
    I'm going to do it this time and he starts going,
    then he, like, freaks out and he sits down.
    Then he's like, no, never mind, I don't want to fall.
    Oh, wow.
    Oh, oh, oh-- excuse me.
    Come on.
    He's going to go right in the middle.
    Oh, yeah.
    Good catch, mom.
    Nothing is cuter than a little baby walking around.
    Nothing is cuter than a little dwarf baby.
    Go get dad.
    Hey, hey.
    Good job!
    Babe, he's, like, walking though.
    Oh, yeah.
    Like, he's, like, on the move.
    Do it again.
    Jackson's killing it, being a dwarf and everything.
    He's just doing his thing, developing along nicely
    and just hitting all his milestones.
    I kind of didn't expect him to walk
    until he was 2, because that's just what I know.
    That's where he was.
    So I was kind of like, wait a minute.
    He's walking at, you know, 13 months?
    Hold on.
    Like, this is kind of rad.
    You're rocking it, dude.
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