Laundo Ka Love Triangle | TSP's Bhai Bhai

Laundo Ka Love Triangle | TSP's Bhai Bhai
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    Badri when will you stop behaving like college kids.
    And should I behave like and old man like you.
    No you can continue being that same 25 year old idiot.
    Stop watching Swami Nityanand
    Your consciousness is broken into shackles.
    Don't bother me come the point, What happened?
    Nothing man, there is a lot of work and I'm getting stressed.
    Let's go there
    As usual
    to our secret location.
    Bro will have one puff and a cup of tea.
    All the tension will be gone.
    - Let's go c'mon - Bro
    I have a meeting in an hour and have no idea about that.
    Let's go after sometime.
    Yeah of course you are going to be next CEO of our company.
    Let me know when you are free.
    - Abhinav! - Yes bro.
    Did you think of some ideas?
    No man I've been trying to order food since 2 hours and I'm no able to decide.
    No problem, now boss will scold eat that.
    Have you thought of anything?
    There are some thoughts but nothing concrete.
    Let's discuss it over tea.
    What's the time right now?
    There is still 1 hour left we can go now.
    Let's go then
    Have to purchase some cigarettes also.
    - Ambuj will you have milk? - Will smoke and come back.
    - we don't have much time - I am not getting any ideas
    Let's tell Chaudhury to make PPT he will make the best.
    But let him first select a good topic.
    His graphics work is really good
    ohh shit !
    - what happened? - Please leave right now.
    - But I haven't even smoked my cigarette. - Just get out of here.
    Here take this full packet of cigarette and leave.
    Since when is all this going on?
    - What? - Shut up!
    I'm not talking to you.
    But what happened Badri?
    Just shut up will you?
    - Since when is all this going on? - What are you talking about Badri?
    That you are smoking his cigarette behind my back.
    Since when is this going on?
    This was the meeting that you were talking about right?
    - He is my project partner. - Yeah right!
    So what PPT are you going to make here at a tea stall.
    - Badri listen to me. - No I don't want to listen.
    I don't want to listen to anything except for...
    How could you Abhinav?
    And that too at our spot.
    Brother it was just a one time thing
    It didn't mean anything.
    Great, great, Abhinav
    Now you are trying to justify your trickery.
    How many more lies have you told me?
    Tell me one thing.
    Why do you take so much time in the bathroom everyday.
    Brother I really have Piles.
    It should be.
    It should have happened to a person like you.
    You should thought at least once that what would people think.
    Look... look this is the guy right?
    This is the guy right
    whose brother puts his milk in someone else's black tea
    Is there a drama going on here? Get out!
    Man it's okay.
    There was work pressure, so came out had a cigarette, shared a cup of tea,
    What is there to create an issue of of this?
    Why are you not able to see that he is a Bro Digger God damn it!
    - What? - Shut up!
    Today he is smoking a cigarette with you
    Tomorrow he might give you weed to smoke and take out for lunch
    and then one night...
    after having 4 beers.
    instead of me you will take him to the washroom
    To puke.
    Badri you are thinking way too ahead.
    Why shouldn't I?
    Why shouldn't I?
    I really from the bottom of my heart
    meant you to be my brother.
    What all dreams I had of us?
    We would share the rent and PS4 together.
    even I transferred the Deposit to Sakshi instead of Agni by mistake
    Badri, listen to me
    Don't touch me, don't you dare touch me.
    Shut up!
    Even today I do the same chuckles as I used to,
    and you know this right.
    you know this tell me
    You know this.
    Tell me one thing...
    what was the problem with me?
    Was it the gossips?
    No man, what are you talking about?
    No no tell me the truth.
    His is bigger right?
    He has a bigger package?
    You bitching sessions must be really great.
    - Please listen buddy - Friend.
    Even my package is not that big.
    Since 2 years waiting for my appraisal.
    Shut up...
    I'm talking to him and not you.
    Boss has tied us up together
    He is my project partner.
    I will do everything with him from punch in to punch out.
    What nonsense is he talking?
    Guys meeting is about to start.
    You go I'll be there.
    - Okay - Go man.
    Listen to me please.
    Come with me.
    Why I'm taking all these efforts, for whom?
    - For yourself - No brother.
    I am doing it for us brother
    Am I going to drink alcohol alone from the incentives.
    - You will drink with Negi. - Badri you are not understanding.
    I know he is my project partner.
    I spend more time with him on weekdays but,
    Weekends is still ours bro
    - Sure? - Yes brother.
    - Promise - swear on Hardik Pandya's career.
    That is already over.
    Okay fine KL...
    I swear on Virat Kohli's career.
    Wait I'll call my mom right now and tell that
    her son has got his roommate.
    Hey Badri let's go have some savory snack
    Yeah yeah c'mon let's go.
    I'll come but just a minute.
    He is my ex project...
    - You want it with gravy right? - yeah right
    C'mon let's go
    But on our spot only we will have tea together
    Nobody will share it.
    - Shall we do it? - Yes.
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