Next Steps with Rev Jim

Next Steps with Rev Jim
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    - Hi Jim! - Hi!
    Hi Lydia.
    So you have made the big announcement.
    The information has gone out.
    This is the last Sunday that you will be speaking and preaching from the pulpit
    - As the minister of Ladner United Church... - of Ladner United Church
    Do you want to tell me a little about that?
    Yeah, well it was um...
    it was quite a decision for me to make I mean
    I have a great relationship here... and you know for the most part (there might be the odd person)
    but you know, nobody really wanted me to leave and I had a lot of encouragement to stay.
    This is my 37th year of congregational ministry and
    when I got encouragement as a young person from
    people I knew - to be a minister - and I had kind of a mystical
    call experience, I said to God I'd - I'll do this work
    until it doesn't feel like it's what you want me to do and that's continued for 37 years and
    and in the Fall I found myself
    beginning to think about the future
    and one of the things I thought a lot about was
    having grandchildren and maybe not wanting to be quite as busy in quite a regular and a regimented way.
    You know parish ministry has a pretty regular routine of work that's never done.
    And I love that. I love being busy...
    But I've also always had this interest in chaplaincy and
    And I've done - as I think it said in the newspaper -
    I've done chaplaincy work, of course in the military, in a prison, in a hospital
    with a transplant team, in a seniors residence, in a prison and
    in some ways I've always been more I think of
    Chaplain preacher as opposed to perhaps a church builder...
    Like a church grower. I don't think that's where my strengths are.
    And around the time that I was beginning to think about the future, this opportunity began to be articulated (to work with first responders) and
    to do that halftime, which meets my other criteria of wanting to spend more time with my wife
    and with my grandchildren. And so it really felt like
    I felt like God was saying
    "You know, this is a good time Jim for you to let go of this full-time work
    and I've got something here for you down the road
    that that needs to be done that I think you'd have some skills at." And you know
    I all through my ministry actually, in congregations, I've always had different
    people say can we get you into the chaplaincy world?
    They tried to get me into the chaplaincy world full-time in the military and I just said no
    I think the call is still congregational ministry.
    And so I'm very lucky because I have a part-time
    calling that I think is really really important with a pretty incredible group of people here in Delta.
    We're gonna stay in Delta. We're not moving.
    We're still going to be around but the relationship with the church, per se, has to be different.
    OK. So what does that mean? So when you make this transition... Sunday - this is your last Sunday preaching - and what's going to happen after Sunday?
    Well, Sunday's my last Sunday preaching and then I have
    my holidays and my study leave to
    to take so technically my retirement is June 30th...
    at least that's when they tell me the first pension check comes in.
    So I will take my study leave. One of the things I've done is bought
    $750 worth of books on being a first responder chaplain
    and that I plan to read.
    I will take my holidays. Cathy and I will hope to get away and to do some things.
    There will be people doing the Sunday worships for the next two months there will be a
    supervising pastor appointed; Dan Kirkegaard from Tsawwassen (United Church.)
    Until there's likely going to be a supply person come in July until they make a permanent
    decision. And of course we have my position to fill but also
    With some request money that we'd received some time ago, we've all we've been looking for a second
    person with Children, Family & Youth
    and so I think that's for exciting because it may be that a team emerges
    of people that have wanted to work together or perhaps
    people apply and we
    you know, you folks, see a team there - or perhaps a married couple applies.
    It does mean, though, that my
    relationship officially ends, in essence, on Sunday with Ladner United...
    which is kind of...
    Sad for us?!
    ...hard for people to understand. Well sad for me too, right? - Yeah.
    And that's because this is the kind of work where
    You know, you get very intimately involved in people's lives and people get intimately involved in
    your ministry and I have to create some space
    For a new person to come in and to be themselves and I need to create some space
    for people to grieve and to transition.
    For me too because it'll be hard for me
    You know the first time I hear that somebody's died or somebody's been in a crisis and had I been here...
    But you know, really I after Sunday any
    pastoral work related to the church; funerals, weddings, and deaths...
    those are things that I I can't be involved in and I and for
    an unknown period of time we are likely not to be here for worship.
    But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be around so people
    of course we deal with these things through all kinds of humor
    so people will say "Well, yeah if we see in the coffee shop
    "do we just pretend we don't know you?" and I go "Well, no, of course not!"
    But you have to realize we're not gonna be talking about life at Ladner United Church, and I'm not going to be
    offering opinions and you know if somebody's
    not happy with something or whatever then I'm not the guy to talk to we talk about the weather or
    politics or our families or anything like that, but not church.
    And that - I understand that it's hard. It's hard for me, too because it's
    big I mean this has been a part of our lives; Cathy's life, my life, my children's lives for 18 years.
    So after Sunday, when everyone sees you public... if people interact with you, because you're here and you're still Jim
    but you're not going to be "Reverend Jim of Ladner United Church" anymore... - Yeah.
    - You're putting a different hat on. - Yeah
    - And so when people see you and interact with you it's still OK, it's still great. - Yeah.
    - We still have a good relationship, but they have to remember that the hat you're wearing is
    - Not Ladner United Church.
    - That's right.
    - So they'll see you as "Jim Short" and...
    that's right, and after a few months, they'll see me dressed a little differently and and
    In a, you know, and I'll be Jim Short - Chaplain of the Delta Police and Delta Fire Department, which I'm very very excited about!
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