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Shimano Steps E8000 MTB kustomointi

Shimano Steps E8000 MTB kustomointi
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    In this video I show you -
    - how to configure Shimano Steps E8000 e-bike -
    - with a mobile application!
    Hi there!
    I have made videos about -
    - Shimano e-tube project software -
    - while configuring Di2 electronic shifting.
    But with the same application you can -
    - configure also e-bikes.
    Here we have Canyon Neuron:ON -
    - which has E8000 motor -
    - the display and the switches are 7000 series -
    - ans the latest version of e-tube app -
    - is compatible also with this setup.
    There is also another e-tube app called e-tube ride.
    It is made for data transmission during the ride -
    - from the bike to your phone using Bluetooth LE.
    You can get all the same data -
    - which you can see in the bike display.
    With bigger screen you can show more data -
    - and you can visualize it more -
    - for instance the level of assistance.
    But today we are talking about e-tube project app -
    - which is made for configuring the system.
    The application uses Bluetooth LE connection -
    - so you must activate it from your phone -
    - and install the e-tube project app.
    After start it checks the latest version -
    - and updates itself if needed.
    The Bluetooth connection is protected with pass key -
    - six digit key which is 000000 by default.
    You must change it when using it for the first time -
    - security feature so no one can modify your bike -
    - for instance when you leave it unattended.
    So you must change the key and remember it -
    - that particular phone will remember the key -
    - but you need it in case you have to connect with another phone.
    From the 8000 series display -
    - you must choose a connect mode -
    - but this 7000 display activates bluetooth -
    - when switching the power on.
    And now it is shown also in the app -
    - that SCE7000 is ready for connection.
    We choose that -
    - the only choice we had -
    - there was the Bluetooth symbol -
    - and then the Shimano Steps logo.
    Now we have the bike and the phone connected.
    Here is the menu -
    - let us first have a look on firmware update.
    Here you can update your bike software -
    - to the latest version -
    - which is recommended so the bike works as it should.
    There may be some bug fixes -
    - or modifications on the way.
    All the three components -
    - the motor, the switches and the display -
    - have their own software.
    In this case they seem to be the latest version.
    Let us then jump to customize menu.
    Choose drive unit -
    - i.e. the motor - the heart of the e-bike.
    As a recap - there are three support modes --
    - energy efficient Eco -
    - general purpose Trail mode -
    - and the highest level Boost.
    And the initial configuration -
    - which has traditionally been the only one -
    - is now renamed as Dynamic profile.
    You can see that the Boost is set High -
    - Trail is Low and Eco is Eco - you can not change that.
    But the Boost and Trail we can.
    Namely there is another profile Explorer.
    Now the Boost is dropped to Medium -
    - Trail is raised from Low to Medium -
    - and Eco is Eco as it was before.
    Even if the Boost and Trail are both Medium -
    - does not mean that the assistance level is the same -
    - the both modes have different scales.
    Boost Medium is higher than Trail Medium.
    You could use this profile -
    - if you have a fast trail where you could use -
    - more power in Trail mode -
    - and you do not need the maximum Boost.
    By this way you could have two modes -
    - to use all the time.
    At least for me the original Boost is so high -
    - that it is made only for the toughest situations.
    That could be one idea to use this Explorer mode.
    There is still one profile called Customize -
    - where we can choose the level of assistance -
    - both in Trail and Boost mode -
    - from three levels - low, medium and high.
    The settings you keep -
    - you just save them -
    - and they are saved into the bike -
    - and it works then according to those settings -
    - until we change them again with the app.
    Because this is so simple -
    - you could do this even during the day -
    - if you ride one trail and change to another type of trail -
    - you can customize your bike to respond differently -
    - on different types of trails.
    Shimano has an idea that -
    - with this customized profile -
    - you can make the ride more even with your friend -
    - by configuring the bikes with different settings.
    Interesting thought!
    Let us next choose display -
    - so we can choose the data which is shown.
    We can also switch between Imperial or Metric units -
    - but with this Display switchover -
    - you can select the data fields on or off -
    - for instance this cadence here.
    Then we just save the settings if we changed them.
    From the third choice in the menu Switch unit -
    - we can switch the functions of the switch buttons -
    - if we like for some reason.
    In case we have electronic Di2 shifting in the bike -
    - there would be more options in the menu.
    The same functions we have gone through in other videos.
    When our configuration session is complete -
    - choose disconnect Bluetooth -
    - the display looks again normal and that's it.
    That is how to configure Shimano Steps system!
    Thanks for watching!
    Press the thumb up if you found this interesting!
    See you next week - bye bye!
    There is some difference between Shimano and Bosch -
    - when it comes to these issues -
    - namely you cannot connect to Bosch e-bike system -
    - unless you have the Bosch diagnostic tool -
    - which is made for Bosch dealers -
    - and official service shops.
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