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Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans crashed out of Ninja Warrior UK and you can probably guess the joke h

Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans crashed out of Ninja Warrior UK and you can probably guess the joke h
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    Lee Latchford-Evans crashed out of Ninja Warrior UK (Picture: ITV) Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans had a bad day at the office on Ninja Warrior UK
     The singer took on the gruelling obstacle course as the show returned for a brand new series
     He was raring to go at the start but was eventually overpowered as he tried to make his way through the new look obstacle course
     At the Flying Squirrel stage, Lee gripped the handbars and tried his best to swing his way across
     But the Deeper Shade Of Blue singer couldn't quite launch himself far enough and his arms gave out, sending him splashing into the drink below
     Something going wrong for someone from Steps? There could only be one joke to make, really
     Other contestants backstage quoted a Steps classic and called Lee's early exit a 'tragedy'
     Even Lee himself got in on the fun, telling presenter Rochelle Humes: 'It was a tragedy
    I'll say it before you do.' Advertisement Advertisement  What a good sport! Lee struggled on the Flying Squirrel (Picture: ITV) He got in quickly with a Tragedy joke (Picture: ITV) The episode also saw Love Island star Dom Lever have a go, but he was left shouting in frustration after he failed to get past the Spinning Bridge
     Ninja Warrior has proved to be so tough, that so far no one has actually managed to complete the course
     Instead contestants who have reached the furthest point in the course have been crowned the winner, meaning the official title of Ninja Warrior UK is yet to be handed out
     The presenters, Rochelle, Ben Shephard and Chris Kamara, recently defended the course when asked if they pushed contestants too hard
    BRAND NEW #NinjaWarriorUK starts TOMORROW at 6:30 PM on @ITV and @WeAreSTV!  For the first time ever, our contestants will have to clear the ENTIRE COURSE to make it to the semi-finals
    But which obstacles will they be taking on? 👟🏋  — Ninja Warrior UK (@ninjawarrioruk) April 12, 2019  Ben explained that it was down to the contestants' state of mind
     He said: 'Sometimes [Chris] and I will be commentating and Rochelle will be out the back interviewing contestants, and a particular obstacle will be taking out a lot of contestants
     'We'll be going "this is too hard, no one will do it". Then someone will do it and it changes everything and it gets everybody through and it's a mindset thing
    '  Rochelle also revealed that she has had to deal with 'arrogant' contestants trying to flirt with her backstage
    Advertisement Advertisement  The presenter said she understands that confidence is needed to take on the tough obstacle course, but some contestants overstep the mark
     'Confidence is one thing. Arrogance is another,' she told and other press
     'We've seen before, a guy thinking, first of all that he can chat me up when he arrives! You know one of those guys who are like, "All these guys have got nothing on me", that kind
     'And you just think, "oh okay" and you're trying to be diplomatic and very neutral
    And then they splash!  Ninja Warrior UK airs Saturdays at 6.30pm on ITV.  MORE: YouTube star Lilly Singh is all of us as she fangirls when Backstreet Boys bring her onstage  MORE: Who is Georgia Steel's fraudster ex-boyfriend Medi Abalimba? Advertisement Advertisement
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