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Steps To Buying A House For The First Time

Steps To Buying A House For The First Time
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    welcome to Monday's is Miller and today we're going to talk about the first time
    buying a home that is and we're getting started right now
    hey welcome back my name is John Miller I am a realtor here at Keller Williams
    Louisville East here in Louisville Kentucky and I want to thank you for
    tuning into Monday of a Miller if this is your first time don't forget that
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    that we drop videos every Monday and today we're going to talk about buying
    the home for the very first time we're gonna talk about some of the key steps
    to get you started on that road to homeownership one of the first things
    that you're definitely going to need to start thinking about is downpayment an
    additional cost of purchase in the home the ideally number that you'll hear a
    lot is 20% and that is absolutely a number that you should shoot for but in
    a world that we live in today where inflation is skyrocketing home prices
    are going up and our job income is just not increasing at the same pace
    sometimes 20% is just not achievable but just know that there are options of 10%
    5% and even zero down options available to you but what I caution you to do is
    try to find a way to make yourself be able to save money before you make the
    step to purchase a home the next thing that you'll want to start doing after
    you'd conquered the ability to start saving some money for a down payment an
    additional cost that do come with home owning a home you're going to some want
    to start looking at your credit you're going to want to start looking at your
    credit history your credit score understanding what is causing it to go
    up and down and making sure you understand how you directly impact that
    the most critical step in the early stages of going into homeownership is
    starting to build out your team and what I mean by your team is I mean your real
    estate agent your lender your home inspector your insurance provider you
    need to start interviewing those folks for those roles because this is more
    than likely the biggest investment you'll ever have in your life you want
    to make sure you have a strong team behind you and guiding you the correct
    way caution point number one don't go all
    over the internet going on everyone's websites why do I tell you not to do
    that is because as soon as you do that your
    phone's gonna be ringing off the hook every day with the ton of them as you're
    going through the process of interviewing to build out your team get
    those individuals that you select their websites and stay there and favorite the
    homes there so that they have direct knowledge of what it is that you're
    interested in and what you're looking at so that you don't have that phone
    ringing and you're getting annoyed by all those calls all right and the last
    thing that I'm going to tell you to do at this early stage of homeownership is
    to go ahead and get pre-approved you see we've already talked in great detail
    about your down payment and your closing cost as well as understanding that you
    need to bring in more money than comes out what we've also talked about your
    credit score we've also talked about your credit history and how you
    personally dictate the ups and downs of that credit score and now that you've
    mastered both getting pre-approved should be easy-peasy on top of that the
    other thing I'm going to tell you to do is get with your Realtor to start
    knocking that list of potential homes down to the most actionable houses that
    make sense to you and your family because folks there are thousands of
    homes out there to potentially look at but ain't nobody looking at a thousand
    homes and if you are you're looking with a lot of different agents I can promise
    you that but a good agent is going to get with you understand what you wants
    needs and desires are and start knocking that thousands of homes down to ten to
    fifteen so that you're only looking at the homes that are truly gonna be a
    match for you and your family makes sense to me does it do you I think so
    alright guys that's what we talked about today those are the first stages of
    homeownership and the things that you need to get through it before you start
    owning a home today we talked about down payment and closing costs a little bit
    understand what that looks like understand 20% is not the only option
    and it may not be the right option for you we also talked about credit score
    understanding what that is how you dictate that and understanding that you
    ultimately are the reason it goes up and down we talked about building your team
    we talked about making sure you interview Realtors staying off all those
    websites just pick one interviewing lenders home inspectors insurance
    surveyors the whole gamut of folks that you're going to need behind you to make
    sure you make a very smart and fiscally sound decision for you and your family
    the last thing we talked about was go ahead and get pre-approved and start
    whittling down that list of homes so that you're only looking at the ones
    that make the most sense all right guys right before I let you go if you happen
    to like this video make sure you hit the subscribe button in that bill I wouldn't
    be hurt if you give me a like and put a comment down here about how much you
    loved it but outside of that guys I'll see you on Monday
    alright guys hey last thing last week I told you about what I was reading here
    it is right this is what I was reading I finished the book a few of you listen to
    me last week and put a few book suggestions in the comment box but this
    book is finished now I'm done I'm out so I need you to tell me what you're
    reading in regards to this book here here by Mark Miller which by the way
    solid last name if you didn't catch it many how leaders were made here leaders
    made here great book it's it's like the second book to uh what is it chess not
    checkers which I will probably be reading next I thought this book was a
    little slim on leadership talk um it really just talked about how to build a
    leadership culture within your organization so if you are in a
    leadership and kind of trying to find ways to cultivate leadership and your
    and your crew I wouldn't I wouldn't hesitate to pick this up it's a really
    quick read so good good points not anything outside of the norm but still
    good nonetheless so I'm gonna give mark one more chance to blow my mind on
    leadership stuff by reading checkers are assuming chess not checkers and see if
    maybe there's something there but nonetheless if you're in a leadership
    position still a good solid book easy read check it out
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