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Steps To Start Your Own Business

Steps To Start Your Own Business
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    So let me tell you some truths about starting a business. It's hard, it's lonely
    it's frustrating, it's a lot of process and it's gonna cost you more money than you think
    but the ability never to have to work for somebody else ever again
    it's so f*cking worth it
    Hey everybody, I'm Emeka and if you want to learn three things how to increase your income so you can
    take back your freedom so you can design your ultimate lifestyle go ahead smash
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    video all right so let's talk about building a business and this video is
    gonna be kind of more of a mind set on what you need to do what you need to
    prepare for while you're building your business I've been working with my
    online business for the last three years now it'll be three years in August and
    it is April 10th right now and I can tell you going through all the struggles
    all the BS everything that I've had to go through
    is I'd go through it all again plus more I just would because it's worth it so
    I'm gonna do this from the perspective that I can that's doing it around the
    family when I started the business will in one child at the time she was an
    inventor obviously I was married we have two kids
    now but this is gonna be different for you if you're doing it around your
    family first is like if you're single so I can only really share my experience
    with you and hopefully you can take something from that
    and apply it to whatever scenario your your you're with but drop me the
    comments below and let me know what is the biggest challenge you are facing
    right now starting your own business alright so I have what six points here
    that I'm I'm gonna run off and go through with you and these are just kind
    of looking back over the last two and a half three years of building my own
    businesses or some of the things that I think really helped me stay focused
    mentally when I faced challenges it reminded me of what I was doing and
    helped me overcome them and yeah so let's kind of just dive into it and the
    very first point it's sell yourself on what you want
    you know I specifically remember watching you know videos of people who I
    started following in the beginning watching them talk from their penthouse
    or you know whatever the case is drive the car or whoever you're following
    right now you're you're probably watching somebody and there's something
    about them that you admire that you're like oh man like I'd like that whether
    it's like you know maybe it's like the freedom that they have to kind of work
    and do their thing maybe that's just because they have a YouTube channel and
    like you think that's cool or maybe it's it's a car or they're traveling a lot or
    the house or whatever the case is you want to think okay that's cool I want
    that and that was one of the number one things that I kept telling myself over
    and over again and I sold myself on that it's like man if that person is doing it
    I can totally figure this thing out as well and that's how I sold myself on it
    now the second thing it's sell your spouse on what you're doing
    if you're by yourself you're single skip this point but this is so key because
    you know you know Mariana was a big support system and there were a ton of
    sacrifices we've kind of done some videos together and we've talked about
    some of the sacrifices we had to make but you know like I missed I missed
    family gatherings I missed pretty much as much church as I
    possibly was a lot to get out of and you know I missed a lot of a lot of stuff
    because I was filming videos because I was working on the business because I
    was giving us a future I was fighting for the family so to speak but I kept
    Mariana in the loop and you have to keep your spouse in the loop let them know
    what you're working towards how close you are with the progress you're making
    and now this is actually exactly sub-point I don't really talk about the
    challenges that I face you know I don't really tell Mariana about that stuff
    but I do talk about the all the positive things and everything because
    I want her to see the positive side of the business if that makes sense and I think it's
    important that your spouse sees the positive side of the business she
    doesn't have to see every hate you get or whatever the case is right I'm sure
    she knows there's hate and yeah she does but you know some of the weird things
    that go on and everything that come with having a channel and you know being in
    the position that I'm in of course she knows about that but it's like it's not
    something we talked about it's Russia of the rug or whatever the case is but
    going back to you have to sell your spouse on it because they're gonna have
    such an important part in picking up the slack like she's picked up all all the
    slack with you know taking care of the kids and yeah you know just you know
    telling her family why I'm not there or whatever the case is she's had to pick
    up all of that so you know I think that's just once you've sold yourself
    you have to your spouse and you know yeah so we're
    gonna do some more videos so make sure you check out those playlists you know
    if you want to kind of hear more from our spouse protects perspective side of
    things number three is accept these truths okay here here are the truths
    that you have to accept and these are the truths I actually wrote them down in
    my journal when I was starting the business because I was telling myself
    one it's gonna take longer than I'm expecting it to take it was true it's
    gonna be harder than I think that was true there's gonna be bigger challenges
    than you can imagine holy shit never could have seen those
    coming but it was true and it's gonna cost more up for capital than you
    prepare for I think that was true too uh it's probably like that's probably the
    lesser of all of those but all of those things you have to prepare for you know
    it's gonna be harder it's gonna take longer it's you're gonna face bigger
    challenges thing then you can really prepare for once you accept those
    upfront it's so much easier to deal with them in the actual time okay number four
    is be ready to fail and know how you're gonna handle it it's gonna happen it's
    not gonna last forever you know when I think about my business and I do a
    couple different things I I do Publishing and in different things on
    Amazon I have courses and products and things like that
    coaching consulting hey you know when I think about failing you know I guess I
    could relate it to books you know within the publishing side of the business you
    know investing here a couple hundred dollars into a book yeah a couple
    hundred like six seven hundred dollars in a book and then it flopping I mean
    just not taking off because this didn't work or whatever the case is and just
    understanding that yeah sometimes it's just not gonna work the way you want it
    and you know I remember the first three books that published they just didn't
    really take off they just didn't really get going it happens right and it's just
    knowing how to handle that and then just keep moving forward
    I don't really count mistakes as failures I'm talking like Matt oh yeah
    yeah I invested like $2,000 into this program and it just didn't work but it
    wasn't the program stall it was my fault I thought I could I could get it going
    but it required a lot more work than I initially applied for a thought for so I
    just had to cut it as loss of about two thousand dollars number 5 is commit for
    12 to 18 months commit for 12 to 18 months you can't start a business and
    expect it to get going in the next six months it'll like start moving in the
    next six months but it's not replacing your job in the next six months
    most likely sometimes but most likely it's not so commit for 12 to 18 months I
    used to say just commit this wall when I started I said twelve months I'm gonna
    give this everything I can if I'm not making money in twelve months yeah I go
    open a taco stand here in Mexico but
    luckily figured it out and I didn't have to start serving tacos I say eighteen
    months because one of my students it took him 18 months 16 to 18 months to
    finally get it going and but now he's doing close to $20,000 a month and if he
    had only given it 14 months and you know that would just that would suck right
    because then he wouldn't be he wouldn't be living life life he's living now so
    you got to give yourself a fair amount of time number six is never lose sight
    on what you're working the words this is the most important one never lose sight
    on what you're working towards this one of the reasons I go test-drive nice you
    know cars that I want to buy I've done videos in the Porsches that
    I've taken that around here in Mara and you know I do that because that reminds
    me of what I'm working towards the lifestyle I want you know
    Mariana loves watching those dream home or amazing home type of shows because
    you know in her mind she's she's picturing she's like she writes to us I
    know we have to have this up better and work this type of you know patio and and
    whatnot she's like building the dream house in her own mind type of thing and
    so she's watching those so she could see motivated right you know so whatever it
    is for you like if it's you know maybe you're big in the travel like you know
    get travel magazines all right throw the pictures up in the wall you know
    whatever the case is you know maybe if if it's like something you like you want
    to go to Greece then maybe start going to a Greek restaurant once a week and
    start eating out there once a week remind yourself what you're working
    towards that is the most powerful thing you can do you know on the whiteboard
    inside yeah I got I got the picture of the Range Rover right not aa
    picture it's like to the spec that I wanted it
    fun when you're going through and you're
    reminding yourself of what you're working towards be as real and as
    detailed as possible there's no sugarcoating this this is this is the
    most important thing you can be doing this is your life this is your goals
    these are your dreams you're talking about so you have to know exactly what
    it is that you want and I think once you realize exactly what it is that you want
    there is not a challenge there is not a person there's not a mountain that will
    stand in your way from allowing you to accomplish that you just have to know
    what you want and want it bad enough so in the end it is worth all headaches and
    everything that you have to go through because I know for myself I can give you
    know Maryanne and the family the lifestyle that they want though I saw
    that they deserve and you know and that's really what it's it's all about
    so yeah let me know what your less solace what it is that you're working
    towards what's the thing that's pulling you through some of the more challenging
    times that we all face as you know online entrepreneurs or whatever you
    want to call us here but yeah I'd love to know let's connect down below until
    next time everybody, I'm Emeka. Speak to you soon, take care
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