STEPS: Visual Learners!

STEPS: Visual Learners!
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    STEPS Presents Learning styles.
    For students, sometimes school can be a drag.
    but we know that you have strengths as a learner to help you with school and assignments.
    These strengths are known as a learning style.
    Meet Trevor.
    He likes to use colours and graphics to help visualize information.
    Trevor is a visual leaver.
    Visual learners learn best when the information is presented using mindmaps, wirtten instructions,
    maps charts, and other visual materials.
    Trevor learns best by seeing information visually.
    He keeps track of all his assignments and activity using a calender and assigns each
    subject and activity in a different colour.
    This helps him to stay organized and manage his time.
    Trevor loves reading books that have lots of charts and pictures because this helps
    him to understand the context and the meaning much better than just having a book with only
    When presenting a project, Trevor likes to use lots of different types of visuals. this
    allows him to express his thoughts and ideas to his teachers and classmates.
    Visual learners have great imaginations to connect a visual representation to the written
    So its important to remember that no matter how you learn, we all have strengths as learners
    that we use to help build success.
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