The 3 steps to telling stories for your brand - that actually help you grow

The 3 steps to telling stories for your brand - that actually help you grow
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    Hey there! Are you telling stories for your brand? Because if you're not, well
    there's this rising fascination all around us. Brand storytelling has been a
    buzzword for the last couple of years now. And a lot of small businesses are
    fascinated with the possibility for telling more stories for their brand, but
    they don't know how to do it, they don't know where to start, and they're assuming
    that it means making stuff up. I'm Dominic de Souza, Tribe
    Storyteller. What I'm looking to do is to help you start doing that. So about
    a year ago, I started blogging through this idea
    forming in my mind. There has to be a framework that small businesses can
    follow. Rinse and repeat. Anybody can do it, and even if you do it badly,
    you're gonna come out ahead. You're gonna be doing it better than your competition -
    who isn't doing it at all. So what is that that framework?
    What's the idea? It's to start with you. It starts with your story. It starts
    with getting clear about your brand. That's something that I've been very
    fortunate to do with a ton of the small businesses that I've been working with.
    And that's identifying their distinction. Identifying how they approach their business, and
    find out why they're wildly passionate about what they do. Find out why they
    will never deliver their service in another way, because it's so
    deeply personal to them. They're so inspired by it. Now, once you do that, once
    you've identified that, once that's clearly presented on your website, on
    your marketing materials, it's part of your messaging, you've
    clarified that, once you do that - your origin story - people can then understand
    why they should get engaged with you. Because you're not looking to engage
    with everybody. You're looking to engage with all the people who love what you
    love, who believe what you believe, and want to buy into what you're doing. So
    that's step one, your origin story. Step two is identifying your
    storytelling potential, how you're affecting other people, what are their
    stories? Because your tribe, the people who love what you're doing, each of them
    have their problems. Things that they can't fix or solve. And that's why
    they're hiring you to step in and help them do it. And with your support and
    with your help, their lives are now transformed. They're now able to
    transition from from point of pain into hopefully success, hopefully thriving.
    What is that story? How can you use those stories to help you find more people to
    build more credibility for your brand, to humanize your brand. So that's
    step two: start telling those stories. Step three is to then refine the stories
    that that you're telling to start finding the ones that best reflect you
    and your brand. And start reining it in. What you're doing is you're using
    your audience to help you find an audience that loves and believe what you
    love. So if you haven't seen them I've been really fortunate to be on a
    couple of podcasts (they're linked on my LinkedIn profile.) Have a have a quick
    listen. It's been amazing to be talking with a couple of people who are into
    sales and so on, like Jules White and Keri Roberts. They're validating
    this idea with me that small businesses, all over the place, are are hungry to
    start doing more storytelling because of the amazing impact that it has on their
    business, for their clients, and for their audience. So if you're not already doing
    it, and you're interested in getting it going,
    let's connect. I'd love to meet you. I'd love to start helping you discover your
    story, your storytelling potential, and start applying this framework
    for you and your business. So let's connect!
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