The Johnstons Throw a Halloween Party | 7 Little Johnstons

The Johnstons Throw a Halloween Party | 7 Little Johnstons
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    So today is our Halloween party.
    We have a ton of stuff to do.
    We've got to decorate the outside of the house as Oz.
    We have to get in our Halloween costumes, do all of our makeup.
    It needs to cover your face.
    - Whole outside of your face. - Take off your glasses.
    This year, we wanted to, like, coordinate our costumes
    or have a theme.
    It's a little more challenging to find things that
    have at least seven characters.
    Can you go like this? - What?
    Stretch your nose.
    Stretch your nose, not open your mouth.
    Close your mouth. Eh.
    Since we're having the party and everything,
    we could carry the theme throughout the party,
    the seven of us would be the characters
    from "The Wizard of Oz."
    Ah, it smells so weird.
    Lo and behold, it's just so funny
    that Jonah is the Tin Man.
    And sometimes Jonah is so mean.
    He don't have no heart.
    I should've done this without a shirt on.
    Anna was the scarecrow.
    And sometimes the thing Anna does, you'd
    think she doesn't have a brain.
    I wish I was the Tin Man.
    Elizabeth should be the Lion.
    Elizabeth is the--
    no, that's Alex because he's scared of everything.
    I need help.
    Emma was Glinda the Good Witch--
    --which she's all about pink and all those girly things.
    You have some on your teeth.
    [LAUGHS] I know.
    It's everywhere.
    Elizabeth was Dorothy because she's
    just always happy go lucky--
    She's like the all around--
    The all around girl.
    We got to hurry.
    We have less than an hour!
    Here, come here, Alex.
    And we got to set up Oz Land.
    Every time Amber and I have a function, a lot of the times,
    we are down to the wire on getting things done.
    And this is nothing out of the ordinary.
    If I can't get this out, you in big trouble.
    You've got a tie.
    You need to go and get your tie.
    I have a tie, too?
    Trent was the wizard, which I'm thinking
    the wizard, like, thinks that he knows everything.
    And that's pretty much what Trent thinks.
    [EVIL LAUGH] And then I was the Wicked Witch,
    which could also be known as the Bitchy Witch, which
    is very much me sometimes.
    And some people just had a glove on that fit just right.
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